Moderate Moores walloped by socialist Stansbury in CD-1, teaches big lesson to GOP

On Tuesday, state Sen. Mark Moores (R-Bernalillo) lost decisively to socialist state Rep. Melanie Stansbury (R-Bernalillo) in the First District race to replace Deb Haaland after a lackluster campaign. Most news outlets reported the massive loss only about an hour after precincts closed.

Moores’ defeat proved that moderate Republicans chosen in a closed process by a couple of hundred people (instead of the entire electorate) cannot and will not win elections in New Mexico, at least with a limp message of supposed “bipartisanship” and the refusal even to utter “America First” or President Donald J. Trump’s name.

It also didn’t help that “insiders” (those who voted for Moores in the closed-door primary) knew full well that Moores voted for far-left Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s job-crushing “Green New Deal” and devastating trapping ban bills but still lent their support to him in the convention.

Melanie Stansbury is a radical’s radical—one of the most extreme far-left members of the New Mexico state House imaginable. She has voted to the extreme left on every single issue, from environmental bills to education initiatives and abortion, she has been on the fringe. Her comments toward displaced Navajo workers telling them to just “sell your art or your wool” would have resonated with moderate voters who are not okay with racism, no matter how casual it may appear.

But Moores didn’t even touch on a single one of those key issues that directly impact New Mexicans. All he could talk about was Stansbury’s support for the “BREATHE Act,” which lets incarcerated criminals back on the street and defunds police. While he was 100% correct on this issue, he was a one-issue candidate with no substance other than that he supposedly “stands tall” for New Mexico while not showing anything to back up his hollow and over-used rhetoric.

The only time he mentioned Melanie Stansbury’s support for eco-Marxist proposals was when he sent emails to supporters (who are already on his side) telling them that Stansbury backs the Green New Deal, even though Moores voted for that very thing—complete hypocrisy.

It is a shame that the GOP convention delegates let the guy out of the primary, to begin with, and with 2022 on the horizon (and a REAL primary in the works), “moderate” Republicans in the state House should watch their backs because TRUE Republicans are coming for their seats. And no amount of darkroom dealings can stop the Red Wave from sweeping across the state and wiping every RINO “Republican In Name Only” clean out of the state’s lower chamber.

Moderate, weak, and spineless Republicans who will say whatever they think they need to win an election do not win elections and only make people who are forced to vote for them in general elections look like fools. RINOs bring ZERO excitement, ZERO trust, and ZERO electability to the table. Moores’ blowout loss was an irresponsible waste of an opportunity for a GOP pickup. Hopefully, it will be a lesson for New Mexico that moderates lose and keep voters home.

Even with the massive fraud in New Mexico elections, Republicans who can build momentum can overcome the fraud to win. Just look at people in extremely competitive districts like Republican state Rep. Stefani Lord. She had a tough election fight, but she did not sway in the wind like a Moores. She stuck to her pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Trump convictions. Despite the closeness of her race, she annihilated a well-funded Democrat who now sits as the Chair of the Democrat Party of New Mexico, Jessica Velasquez. And Rep. Lord did not swing to the “middle” when she got to the House. She stuck to her convictions and voted against radical bills, even if many of the limp “Republicans” voted along with the Democrats and admitted defeat.

Strong Republicans win elections (even in competitive districts) and RINOs lose. Take those words to the bank in 2022 and prepare for a Red Wave come next November. It’s time to clean the swamp.

Moores lost in the final vote numbers by 24 points, garnering 36% to Stansbury’s 60%, a larger margin of failure than 2020 for the Republicans in the District.

A walk of faith is not a ‘super spreader,’ despite what the Archdiocese of Santa Fe says

This year, just as last year, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe bowed down to calls from the far-left demanding the cancellation of everything from church service to outdoor walks of faith, meant to be a pilgrimage–a sacrifice–to honor Jesus Christ’s ultimate payment for our sins on the Cross. Of course, they demanded these cancellations due to “COVID-19.”

In typical fashion, per usual with the Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe, which unfortunately remains mostly limp and actionless in the face of true struggle (such as fights against abortion and assisted suicide), decided to cancel the annual pilgrimage to El Santuario de Chimayó–“no doubt the most important Catholic pilgrimage center in the United States,” described as the “Lourdes of America.”

“Since the pandemic is still with us and we do not want to invite the spread of the Coronavirus via super spreader event like a pilgrimage with tens of thousands of people, the El Santuario de Chimayó will be closed on Good Friday,” the church wrote on its Facebook page. “We are sorry that it has to be this way, but we’re hoping next year will allow for a return to the beloved pilgrimage as in the past.”

Not only did the church forbid visiting the sacred site itself, the Archdiocese of Santa Fe “strongly discouraged” people from even walking to El Santuario de Chimayó and a similar trek to Tome Hill Park in Los Lunas

El Santuario de Chimayó is a venerable place of worship for centuries, with incredible stories of faith bringing forth healing. According to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe, “El Santuario has been a place of worship from the beginning – a place to pray, to thank, to ask, to meditate and to experience peace of mind as well as of body.” 

Here is an excerpt from the history of the church, per the Archdiocese:

One tradition recalls that during Holy Week on the night of Good Friday, Don Bernardo Abeyta, who was a member in good standing of the Hermandad de Nuestro Padre Jes6s el Nazareno (Penitentes) was performing the customary penances of the Society around the hills of El Potrero. Suddenly he saw a light springing from one of the slopes of the hills near the Santa Cruz River. Don Bernardo went to the spot and noticed that the shining light was coming from the ground. He started to dig with his bare hands, and there he found a Crucifix. He left it there and called the neighbors to come and venerate the precious finding. A group of men was sent to notify the priest, Fr. Sebastian Alvarez at Santa Cruz.

Upon hearing the extraordinary news, the priest and people set out for Chimayo. When they arrived at the place where the Crucifix was, Fr. Sebastian picked it up and carried it in a joyful procession back to the church. Once in the church, the Crucifix was placed in the niche of the main altar. The next morning, the Crucifix was gone, only to be found in its original location. A second procession was organized and the Crucifix was returned to Santa Cruz, but once again it disappeared, The same thing happened a third time. By then, everyone understood that El Sefior de Esquipulas wanted to remain in Chimayo, and so a small chapel was built.

So, if such spiritual healing and miracles have taken place here at El Santuario de Chimayó, then why now cower in fear, in a time when such miraculous healing and prayer by the Faithful are needed now more than ever? Especially pilgrimages which are done OUTSIDE IN THE FRESH AIR--the absolute safest place to be during a pandemic.

Despite the church being shuttered by the Archdiocese, New Mexicans searching for healing made and are making the journey to El Santuario De Chimayó anyway, many searching for healing. 

Danielle Lovato, who was interviewed with her husband by the Santa Fe New Mexican says, “I decided that in order for me to get through this journey in this chapter in my life that I need to get my faith as strong as it can be.” She continued, “And I did one treatment, and before that one treatment we walked from the exact same place — and my treatment went well.” 

“Lovato and her husband walked again Wednesday, the day before her second chemotherapy appointment. She said after a four-hour treatment Thursday she felt great and was able to play with her son, crediting it to her strong relationship with God,” reports the New Mexican

“I believe it’s the perfect time for people to reflect on God and how great [He] is,” said Lovato. “This pandemic was very scary, and here we are a year later and it’s all thanks be to God.”

Others from across New Mexico and the world have refused to shut down and be scared along with the so-called “leadership” of the Catholic Church in New Mexico. Despite what Archbishop Charles Wester or any other such man of the cloth may use to justify the hollow stance, the Faithful will keep on walking in their faith and in their actions to honor Jesus Christ, the savior of the world this Easter.

Red to green: No matter what ‘color’ your county is, never forget MLG locked you down

On Wednesday, many restaurants, shops, and other small businesses celebrated the shift from “red” (meaning nearly completely locked down) counties to less harsh yellow, turquoise, and green reopening statuses. With Wednesday’s announcement, not a single new Mexico county is in the “red.”

However, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) should not be thanked for these counties’ reopening plans. After all, MLG is the one who locked down the state to the harshest criteria in the nation throughout the pandemic, with sporadic reopening and then reclosing plans, which led to thousands of New Mexico small businesses going under–for good.

Lujan Grisham kept on changing the goalposts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, repeatedly refusing to ease restrictions despite her supposed plan.

During the heat of the pandemic, Lujan Grisham shuttered businesses and demanded citizens comply with her COVID-19 restrictions. However, once Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists began marching in the streets and burning down businesses, she applauded them despite their refusal to obey her restrictions on mass gatherings, with many maskless protesters. 

Instead of reprimanding these people, she applauded their efforts, which undoubtedly helped spread COVID-19 to more New Mexicans. “This is a violation of the mass gatherings, no doubt, but we’re just going to take a leap of faith in protecting protesters who have no other way, quite frankly. Right? There’s no other way to be seen, to be heard, to be respected, and to be clear about your message,” she said.

Before Lujan Grisham’s color-coded lockdown, New Mexicans were subjected to arbitrary “benchmarks,” which she and advisor Dr. David Scrase repeatedly changed on a dime. Then, citizens were subjected to Lujan Grisham’s red, yellow, and green system. Then, she changed her three-color system to a four-color system, adding “turquoise.” 

Now, with New Mexico’s neighboring states reopening, Scrace says, “I get the natural tendency to wonder why we can’t be like them.” However, New Mexico remains shuttered, even at the “green” and “turquoise” levels, New Mexicans are mandated to wear masks, observe “social distancing,” and avoid mass gatherings. 

The Governor is trying to normalize strict lockdowns as the norm in New Mexico. Even at the green level, our state is bleeding cash and losing people to other states where the government is not hostile to businesses merely trying to make ends meet.  

Never forget that Michelle Lujan Grisham locked New Mexico down and crippled countless small businesses in the process. Her hypocritical “leadership” through COVID-19 has caused mass confusion, is responsible for thousands of deaths (including suicides) and is the single person to blame for our state’s bleak economic outlook. Do I even have to mention her jewelry buying spree at a shuttered business and her $200 per pound Wagyu steak dinners on the backs of the taxpayers through the “discretionary” slush fund?

Never forget what she did to you during COVID-19, and if you still are thinking about voting for her, then you are as lost as she is. 

Gov. MLG wants New Mexicans to foot the bill for Democrats’ political ineptitude

On Saturday, the last day of the 2021 Legislative Session, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced she will be calling a special session after the Legislature (dominated heavily by Democrats in both chambers) failed to epic proportions in their empty promises of ramming through a recreational pot bill.

But despite the lopsided partisan composition in the Legislature and their ability to force through other crazy bills such as abortion up-to-birth and the “Civil Rights Act,” which will line Speaker Brian Egolf’s (D-Santa Fe) pockets with civil litigation going to his law firm on the backs of local communities, Democrats fell short on legalizing recreational marijuana.

Democrats had sixty days to get the job done with the help of defecting “Republicans” such as Sen. Cliff Pirtle (R-Chaves, Eddy, and Otero), who is a prominent proponent of legalizing weed. He even sponsored a proposal of his own to do it. 

The Democrats can only characterize the Governor calling a special session for her extreme agenda as one thing: a massive failure on their part to deliver. Despite suspending rules in both chambers on the last two weeks of the session, only allowing the public to testify on bills in 10-15 minute increments for both sides, and the lopsided majorities of Democrats to Republicans in committees and in the chambers themselves, Democrats failed, not just on pot, but on many other issues.

Democrats failed to ram through all gun-grabbing bills, couldn’t pass their 20+ cent per gallon gas tax on the poor, were unable to advance their anti-police tort claims act, didn’t pass their overhaul of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, failed at implementing “critical race theory” doctrine into state agencies, among so many other proposals. 

But bills that actively intend to create a culture of death, including assisted suicide via lethal drugs and abortion up-to-birth, were streamlined. 

For those who claim Democrats are champions for weed legalization, they failed year after year after year while they were in the majority and prioritized murdering babies and killing sick people over weed bills that they professed to be “revenue-generating” miracles for the state budget. 

Now, these same Democrats will force New Mexicans to foot the bill for a special session costing upwards of $50,000 per day because Democrats couldn’t even finish the job they claimed they cared so much about. Their failure is on their hands and their hands alone. New Mexicans should not be forced to fund this frivolous and self-serving special session. 

Remember: Democrats have been in power for most of 80 years in this state. They had chance after chance to do pretty much whatever they wanted with their oversized majorities for decades. 

Despite this year’s “Zoom” legislature where the public was barred from the People’s House with a chain-link fence and National Guardsmen fortifying the premises, Democrats still failed. Their failure is representative of their do-nothing, useless sad excuse for a party as a whole. 

I hope Republicans in the House and Senate give the Democrats holy hell in this special session and leave nothing off the table to resist Gov. Lujan Grisham and the radical Democrats’ pagan agenda. We must beat these people at their own game.

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Deb Haaland makes history: Becomes least qualified person to ever serve in cabinet

On Monday, The U.S. Senate shamefully confirmed Rep. Deb Haaland to head the U.S. Department of the Interior, dealing a crippling blow to the integrity of the country’s public lands, which will now be under the control of the radical anti-energy “Green New Deal”-loving extremist.

You have to give it to the Democrats, though. They did, indeed, make history with her confirmation, making her the least qualified candidate to ever reach a presidential cabinet position, not only with the support of every single one of their members but with four Republicans in Name Only (RINOs) lining up to support her, like sheep to the slaughter.

Despite vast swaths of Alaska under the control of the Department of the Interior and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) calling out Haaland for singling out The Last Frontier, she and spineless RINO Dan Sullivan (R-AK) joined Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Sen. Linsey Graham (R-SC) in supporting Haaland. The final vote was 51-40 with nine senators not voting.

To be crystal clear, Haaland has no accomplishments whatsoever to speak of other than being a walking, talking, breathing embodiment of the Peter Principle. The Peter Principle is merely a management concept about competent employees in a low role being promoted into positions for which they are incompetent (Congress and Interior in Haaland’s case).

If you did not watch Haaland’s confirmation hearings in the Senate Energy Committee, you didn’t miss much other than hours of painful lines of questioning demonstrating Haaland’s lack of knowledge of the Department of Interior and a lack of awareness of the department’s resources, which she will now be tasked with overseeing. She also demonstrated the lack of a coherent train of thought, using the sounds “uh” and “um” to fill every other gap while Haaland attempted to form a sentence. This can be demonstrated by the below clip, which is particularly painful to watch:

But then again, we must remember that this nomination comes from an illegitimate non-president whose allies weaponized election fraud to steal the 2020 election. Biden also can barely form a sentence and was likely advised to pick Haaland so he could meet a racist diversity quota in his administration while also claiming a “history-making” nomination.

Haaland tried and failed on multiple occasions to pass the bar after law school, then somehow became the Democrat Party of New Mexico chair, and then ran for Congress in the First Congressional District while hilariously claiming to be “fierce” in the process.

Then once elected, she hid from constituents, and when election time rolled around, she ducked debates for months until she finally was compelled to show to “remote” debates where she stumbled on her words again and again. She consistently lied about multiple issues and could not defend her radical agenda.

During a candidate debate in October, Haaland misled on multiple issues. She claimed she worked in “a bipartisan way” while in Congress, despite voting with socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 95% of the time, she called a leftist Black Lives Matter/Antifa mob committing arson and vandalism in Lafayette Square near the White House “peaceful,” she claimed she did not support Antifa, despite calling them “peaceful protestors,” saying she has never “missed a vote,” despite missing several, and falsely claiming President Trump called COVID-19 a “Democrat hoax,” which liberal fact-checkers have even admitted is incorrect. 

Now, Haaland, the least accomplished and most embarrassing cabinet pick of any administration in history will go on to lead the Department of the Interior, overseeing 480 million acres of public land, 700 million acres of subsurface minerals, and 1.7 billion acres of the outer continental shelf. She also has pledged to ban fracking, which will cripple states like New Mexico who rely heavily on the critical industry. We can only hope her incompetence keeps her from getting anything done because the less she does, the easier people, especially those who rely on these public lands, can sleep at night. 

Zoom committee hearings are a prime opportunity for leftist censorship: speak truth at your own risk

This legislative session is one like no other. The supposed public servants who were elected to “represent” us hide away from us and have erected a giant fence to keep the public out of the People’s House. 

New Mexicans were told the Legislature would be “more accessible” to the public or that the process has been “opened” in a way “that has never happened before,” according to Sen. Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe). 

But the opposite has happened. Before, when members of the public were allowed in the physical committee hearings, they actually could speak face-to-face with legislators and make their case. 

Previously, there were long lines of people allowed to give testimony in front of the committee if they so chose. Elected leaders had to face their constituents face-to-face and explain to them exactly why they are voting for or against a specific bill.

Now, if one of these so-called “public servants” doesn’t like what you have to say or doesn’t want to hear the multitude of “virtual” attendees testify, they can just press the mute button on you and silence your voice—or cut off debate at “fifteen minutes for each side” while giving leftists more time to testify.

Yesterday, while I attempted to testify in the House Judiciary Committee, I was silenced for merely trying to testify against a duplicative bill, H.B. 156, that already is on the books barring law enforcers from sexual contact with a person in custody—consensual or not. This anti-police bill does nothing to change state law and is clearly just another jab at law enforcement officials.

But in a previous hearing, one of the bill’s “expert witnesses,” Alexandria Taylor, dubbed any law enforcer who opposes the useless bill as a “rapist.” 

In the testimony I attempted to give to the committee, I did not mention Taylor by name, only saying, “this is nothing but a smear bill aiming to build public opinion against law enforcement by maligning them as ‘predators’ and ‘rapists’ These are some of the words proponents of this bill have used about law enforcers in prior hearings.” 

However, the radical left chair of the committee, Rep. Gail Chasey (D-Bernalillo), couldn’t stand anyone actually opposing this anti-police smear bill, and so she cut me off, claiming I was going after the bill sponsor’s “motives,” which is nothing of the sort. Then when I respectfully unmuted to finish my testimony, I was cut off again. 

This same occurrence happened earlier in this committee when I testified against S.B. 10, a radical abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill. At that time, I merely wondered why the bill’s sponsor, Sen. Linda Lopez, refused to debate her bill on the Senate floor. This benign comment also apparently triggered Chasey, and she clapped back at me in that committee.

In a condescending response to another New Mexican concerned with Chasey’s censorship, she wrote back, “I do not allow anyone to attack the motives of the sponsors of bills or members of the committee, just as I would not allow any members of the committee or of the public to attack another individual, regardless of that person’s position. You have been misinformed.” Her supposed rule has never before been instituted.

Some argue that the “virtual” legislature has made the process. But I argue that it has made it even more opaque. Frivolously cutting off members of the public was not possible before when the public had a chance to testify in-person. But now, with the click of a mouse, power-hungry chairmen and chairwomen can mute the public and shut them up if they disagree with their viewpoints. Speak the truth, no matter how respectful it is, at your own peril.

This legislative session has been a complete disgrace, with Democrats ramming through extreme bills no matter what the public thinks, the rules be damned. We must strive for open government and refuse to back down or let them silence our voices. This is the opposite of transparency. Freedom of speech is a critical tenet of our republic, and if we do not fight for it now, we will lose it forever. 

Gov. MLG once again tells New Mexicans, ‘Let them eat cake!’

Throughout the brief but destructive governorship of Michelle Lujan Grisham, New Mexico families have been devastated by ruthless lockdowns, destructive anti-energy policies destroying jobs each day, condescension from the governor and her staff, and most of all: hypocrisy.

Gov. Lujan Grisham has perfectly embodied what it means not to represent one’s constituents. At every turn, the Governor has either belittled New Mexicans or has made them suffer one way or another.

Before she was elected as governor, then-U.S. Rep. Lujan Grisham already foreshadowed her loathing for rural New Mexicans—namely ones who live in the beautiful rural town of Deming, New Mexico. While at a Santa Fe fundraiser, she said, “I met a woman in Deming. Her name is Gladys. So she’s not—she wasn’t born in New Mexico. But she chose New Mexico, and she chose Deming! I know… I didn’t mean that to be…” 

But despite the many calls warning of Lujan Grisham’s radicalism on everything from energy policy to abortion, she was sent to Santa Fe to serve as governor, leading New Mexico into one of the darkest ages our state has ever encountered. 

In her first few months, Lujan Grisham inflicted as much damage as possible during the 2019 Legislative Session, ramming through a radical universal background check bill for firearms, belittling New Mexico’s sheriffs, trying to pass an abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill, passing the Energy Transition Act—New Mexico’s “Green New Deal,” the creation of a new free daycare department, abolishing the “Right to Work,” raising the minimum wage, and much more.

Throughout her destructive reign, New Mexicans have received nothing but rancor from the Governor, as she and her staff have repeatedly branded New Mexicans as stupid, belittled our people across the state from Hobbs to Española, broken her COVID-19 mandates to buy luxury jewelry while New Mexicans starve, forced New Mexicans to stand in hours-long freezing bread lines over the holidays, among countless other cruel actions.

While New Mexicans were standing out in the cold, her office claimed they were just “Republican talking points,” adding that “The state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line, as you suggest.” That was not true.

The Governor singled out multiple small businesses across New Mexico, dealing $60,000 fines for alleged non-compliance with her orders. Lujan Grisham also went after larger businesses, including two O’Reilly Auto Parts stores she claimed were not complying, and slapping them with $80,000 and $250,000 fines. She even went after the Republican Party of New Mexico, slapping them with an order. But big box stores like Walmart (that gave her plenty of campaign cash) were allowed to stay open.

Now, the Governor’s already high-paid staff, including communications director Tripp Stelnicki who belittled a KOB 4 News reporter, got extravagant raises during the pandemic, where New Mexicans are losing their jobs and livelihoods. The governor’s office is not only unaffected by the Governor’s cruel shutdown—they are now celebrating from their ivory towers with raises upwards of $10,000 each. Over half of the Governor’s staff already make well over $100,000 annually, while the most entry-level position in her office, “Student Intern,” was budgeted for $36,000—which is $17,000+ more than someone making minimum wage in New Mexico. 

Here’s the breakdown of raises, per KOB 4:

Comm. Director Tripp Stelnicki ($18,600), Director of Boards and Commissions Melissa Salazar ($12,000), Chief of Staff Teresa Casados ($10,800), Chief of Staff Matt Garcia ($10,600), Cabinet Director Dominic Gabello ($10,600), Policy Advisor Diego Arencon ($10,000), Director of Cabinet Affairs Caroline Buerkle ($10,000) and Director of Legislative Affairs Victor Reyes ($7,500).

But the raises didn’t come without a thick layer of condescension from the ivory towers of the Governor’s Office. Press secretary Nora Sackett said, “Governor’s office staff play a critical role in the operation of the state’s executive branch and the governance of the state – all of which is amplified during a yearlong crisis.” This is just another “let the meat cake” sentiment to once again kick New Mexicans while they’re down.

Gov. Lujan Grisham’s continual hatred for everyday New Mexicans highlights the desperate need our state has for leaders who TRULY represent the people. For years, people like Lujan Grisham and many in the Legislature have sat around and enriched themselves while New Mexicans suffer. In 2022, if we ever are going to rid New Mexico of “the Grish” and her minions in the Legislature, we need new blood in the resistance to fight back against these swampy politicians’ disregard for New Mexico values and our people’s livelihoods. Keep up the fight and never relent! 

Ungrateful NM legislators complain about ‘not getting paid’ despite per diem, pensions

For years, New Mexico lawmakers have complained incessantly about being the only “citizen legislature” that does not receive an annual salary. Legislators from the Democrat Party and the extreme “moderate” wing of the Republican Party have repeatedly whined about it.

However, these elected leaders knew full-well when running for their place in the House or Senate that their positions were intended as a mostly voluntary position, one of service to the community and one meant not for self-enrichment, but for representation to one’s community.

But some legislators have fallen out-of-touch with the idea of the citizen legislature, such as Rep. Angelica Rubio (D-Doña Ana) who claimed in 2019 while sponsoring a bill to pay legislators a salary, that the current system has people “being left out of the system.”   

Recently, Sen. Bill Soules (D-Doña Ana), who has been in the New Mexico Senate since 2013, tweeted a picture of a dollar bill, writing, “#nmleg. ‘Another day another ………’. Oh wait.  That’s right.  The New Mexico Legislature is unpaid.  The only unpaid legislature in the country.” 

First-term Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez (D-Bernalillo), who is already looking for a promotion to a higher office (U.S. House of Representatives), is already complaining about the Legislature not paying members a traditional salary, chiming in on Soules’ conversation, writing, “Being unpaid and part-time makes this branch of government weak.” 

“Moderate” Rep. Alonzo Baldonado (R-Valencia), while defending Rep. Kelly Fajardo’s (R-Valencia) vote in favor of Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s “mini” Green New Deal, wrote, “For all of you out there that think making votes and not getting paid to do it is easy….I say you go do it.” In 2022, many conservative Republicans will do it, and hopefully, strong patriots who do not cower will run against Reps. Fajardo and Baldonado to bring true representation to the Legislature—actual servants of the people who will not complain about the job they knew full-well they were getting into. 

Multiple other “moderate” Republicans and leftist Democrats have complained about the pay strucutre of New Mexico legislators.

But despite all the misinformation from ungrateful supposed “public servants,” legislators in New Mexico do get reimbursed through a daily per diem for their work, which is $184 a day and 58 cents a mile. They also get a hefty pension for their service. After ten years, it amounts to $10,824.00. 

The point of New Mexico’s legislature is for it to work for New Mexicans—not the other way around. Just remember, senators and representatives in the U.S. Congress get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for not doing much at all. Having regular citizens who work jobs in the time they are not in the New Mexico Legislature (usually 10-11 months each year) serving as our representatives, brings them closer to the people they are supposed to represent, and makes them more accountable to their constituents.

Let us never forget that public servants are supposed to represent us. Those who are quick to complain about the trust we have placed in them or are putting their own well-being above that of New Mexicans should not be rewarded by getting another term in any elected office, much less a seat in the New Mexico House or Senate.

The battle has just begun. Stand up and fight like hell, patriots.

While American patriots marched from the White House to the U.S. Capitol to demand members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate vote not to certify a certainly fraudulent election, those supposed “leaders,” including Vice President Mike Pence and traitorous members of Congress defied the will of the people and certified an illegitimate election in favor of Joe Biden.

All the information about how protesters got inside the U.S. Capitol and who they truly are is still a mystery. However, some Americans’ actions–good and bad–will forever remain in the history books as a monumental start to what will be a battle for our nation.

This was the point in history beyond reconciliation. Americans finally saw those in public office who are fighters for the Constitution and those who are sellouts to the Washington, D.C. swamp. Only 147 brave public officials in Congress stood up and rejected the stolen election, while the rest revealed their true colors.

This battle for our nation will be long, hard-fought, and be the start of many more clashes between crooks who look to cling to their power and those who get up every day to fight for Americans across our country who only want goodness and rightness for what is left of our republic. 

As they have done for the past four years, the Radical Left–aided by the biased media machine and big tech oligarchs–will continue to try and discredit us, shame us, and tear us down for supporting our President. They will doxx us, they will try to break our families apart, get us fired from our jobs, spread rumors about us, and maybe most importantly, try to kill our spirit.

These attacks, aided by a spineless and hollow “Republican” establishment, will not cease. If anything, they will get louder, more emboldened, and increasingly violent. Many GOP “leaders” will cry out against us, but their self-centered manufactured outrage must not matter to us. The bloodshed of patriots will not matter to them as they defile and curdle the very identity of our nation.

But we, as New Mexicans and Americans, must never stop fighting for our values and against fraudulent elections that happen far too often in our state. The crooks have been taking over our government for decades, but if we do not fight back now, there won’t be a country left to save.

Take courage, my fellow patriots. The fight will be long and hard, but I will be fighting right alongside you every step of the way. The enemy’s voice may be loud, but ours is louder. Never, ever stop fighting for our Country. Do it for our children and our children’s children. Their future depends on our actions now. 

What you can do:

Stand up and fight like hell, patriots. 

Join a pro-Trump protest in your community, such as one that happens each Saturday in front of the New Mexico state Capitol in Santa Fe. 

Connect with your local Republican Party, and if the leaders of that local chapter are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only), organize other patriots to attend meetings and vote the establishment out in numbers.

Despite Democrat leaders locking the public out of the Capitol for the upcoming Legislative Session, show up anyway in numbers and demand they hear your voices. Scream and shout as loud as your voices can carry you. Do not stop writing your legislators’ offices and inundating their inboxes about bills and amendments until they can’t take it anymore. 

Ram down these legislators’ throats the demand for free and fair elections, without crooked operating systems tallying votes and late-night ballot dumps of fraudulent “absentee” ballots that have been sitting in closets and suitcases. Demand Voter ID, purging of illegitimate voters on the rolls, and ballot harvesting. 

Consider runs for public office in your communities. Take out RINO politicians who vote with Democrats, such as many of the state representatives and senators who currently sit in the Santa Fe Capitol. Find those who did not stand up and fight and demand they tell you why. Why did they cower in fear while New Mexicans suffer? Look up their freedom scores on places like the Rio Grande Foundation and the American Conservative Union. If they don’t represent your values, mount primary challenges to them and boot them the hell out of office. The same thing goes for every other elected office across our state. If they don’t fight for us, then fire them.

If we organize in numbers to take back our government one step at a time, we will. Never stop resisting tyranny and never stop looking toward the horizon at what we can do if we work together and finally take out the trash that has been rotting in the Santa Fe and Washington, D.C. swamps. I am with you, my fellow patriots. We must all stick together and remember that there a lot more of us than there are of them. Stop the steal.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Piñon Post

New Mexicans face an uphill battle in our state right now, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and the liberal state government’s disastrous response. These failed policies by those at the top have forced our people to stand outside in the cold for hours to purchase groceries and caused many to live in fear of the state government’s wrath if we dare defy the countless orders given from on high.

However, I know New Mexico. I know our people are tough and don’t take kindly to being pushed around and diminished. We work hard to put food on our tables and keep roofs over our heads, and our very existence in this state is at stake right now.

But if I know anything about New Mexico, it’s that we never give up. We keep on fighting for a brighter future for our state, and every time we get pushed down, we get right back up, dust ourselves off, and stay in the fight.

Despite a governor who has disrespected us and attempted to rip away our Constitutional rights, a Legislature plagued with radical leftists and many weak Republican defectors who side with Democrats on key issues, elections riddled with massive fraud, and well-funded far-left extremists who try and scare us into compliance with their radical agenda, we keep on fighting. Despite how bad it may get, we know we have God on our side, and we are indeed on the right side of history.

We keep on moving forward and getting back on our feet. Now is the time to assess the work we must do to preserve our freedoms and protect our state from radicalism, as everything hangs in the balance. We must educate, organize, and launch our resistance to tyranny, and we can do it — if we work together.

We want our children, elders, law enforcers, teachers, first responders, truckers, ranchers, farmers, oil workers, and everyone in-between to have a future that is as bright as our state. We are blessed with the most spectacular treasures, from White Sands, the Organ Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns, the Gila, and the Sacramento Mountains in southern New Mexico, to Shiprock, the Carson National Forest, Ghost Ranch, the Rio Grande Gorge, and so many other things of beauty. We are blessed to live here and to experience all that God has blessed us with.

This Thanksgiving, let us reflect on these gifts, and most importantly, thank God for the gift of family. Even though we may not all be able to gather around the same table this Thanksgiving, each and every one of you are members of the family, and we wish you all a wonderful holiday. 

We want the best possible opportunities for our loved ones, and as we look toward the future, we must always put the wellbeing of those we love at the forefront of what we do. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day rhetoric of the battle for our state, but today, let us give thanks for what we still have and all the dreams and goals we wish to achieve. We can do anything if we work together, and I am proud to be in the fight alongside each and every one of you to help save our state.

On behalf of me, all the contributors, and the readers of the Piñon Post, we wish you a happy Thanksgiving as we continue to work to deliver the truth to New Mexicans and inform our state about the issues that impact us every day. Thank you for the opportunity to continue working for you, and our movement is growing stronger each day. God bless you all as you gather in fellowship with your friends and family today. And may God bless the Great State of New Mexico.

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