MLG berates anti-maskers, says State Police will cite sheriffs ‘breaking ranks’ with her mandates

On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held a press conference, which escalated into more of a rant against people she claimed were causing the spread of COVID-19.

During the presser, she claimed New Mexicans were “breaking ranks,” with public officials questioning inaccuracies in her Health Department’s data while berating those leaders for claiming Lujan Grisham’s mask mandate is a way to “control or manipulate individuals in our state.” 

She insisted, “I need folks to not do that!” She went on to claim President Donal J. Trump “didn’t meet his responsibility” to force every American to wear a face mask, as the Governor has done.

Lujan Grisham then went on to compare random photographs from Taos and Hobbs, one showing a sunny, bright day in Taos, where people were wearing face masks as far as the eye could see. However, the other photograph Lujan Grisham showed was one of an unnamed establishment in Hobbs, which appeared to be a snitch photo submitted to her office picturing people eating inside and not wearing masks. 

She said the actions in the picture were “not allowable,” touting how her team had altered the snitch photo to add blue/purple masks onto the subjects. Lujan Grisham also claimed, “those workers” in the photo “are not wearing masks. You cannot tell, but I can tell,” she said in a paranoid tone. 

As well, she said, “I don’t think the individuals were trying to support a local business,” then claiming “we’re getting… those photos and many calls and many complaints, and we’re going out.” 

Other than threatening local law enforcers with fines and citations after her rant at the Hobbs business, Lujan Grisham then claimed, “Nobody wishes that restaurants have a situation where they have a situation where they are challenged to make it. Every business — every small business is worthy of New Mexico’s attention and support.” It may not appear that way, with the New Mexico Restaurant Associaton estimating that 20% of restaurants across the state will close forever.  

Lujan Grisham continued, saying, “And I know that New Mexicans also know we are also debating these issues in front of fact-finders — judges — statewide, and I believe in the independence and authority of judges. And we will adhere to whatever judicial action comes down any number of these. But we are citing. We are closing, and I will tell you this. For local law enforcement: where you are also — it’s bad enough that you won’t help us cite folks who aren’t wearing masks and organizations and businesses and restaurants following public health orders — if you are violating a public health order, there are civil and criminal tools at our disposal. And local law enforcement — including the sheriffs who have been posting photos of themselves eating returns — should expect to be cited as such and to be held accountable.” 

The statement seems a bit hypocritical that Lujan Grisham “beleive[s] in the independence and authority of judges,” when the New Mexico Restaurant Associaton’s lawsuit to allow in-person dining was met with radio silence from her office. Not only that, right after the Court sided with the Association, Lujan Grisham had the New Mexico Supreme Court fast-track the case — shutting down the lower Court’s ruling within hours. Is that what Lujan Grisham claims is being respectful toward the “independence” of judges? 

As well, Lujan Grisham’s targeting of Sheriffs, claiming her State Police will have to turn on fellow law enforcers and cite them, undermines the duly-elected sheriffs and local law enforcement operations trying to uphold the written law — not necessarily Lujan Grisham’s edicts. But Lujan added insult to injury, and said, “shout out to the State Police” for putting the hammer down and prioritizing her mandates as gospel. She continued, “We don’t want to do it — New Mexicans are making us do it. And so are out-of-staters who are being cited.” 

But despite the bad optics of the forcible masking, she claims the militant tactics have “increased mask-wearing” while berating Texas and Arizona, which she claimed were not wearing as many masks as New Mexico. 

At the end of her press conference, Lujan Grisham said “New Mexicans are traveling out-of-state. They are not adhering to a 14-day quarantine — and you’re not supposed to be going out! Why are you going out of state? Vacations, family gatherings, unnecessary, unrequired business travel — I can see you at the airports, I can see it on Facebook. Our modelers and folks who look at that aggregate data, we know about it and we can see it coming up in contact tracing. You are taking the virus to other places, you are bringing that virus back. You are being unfair to New Mexico’s economy. Worse, you are putting new Mexicans in the hospital and some of them are losing their lives. Unacceptable.” 

.@GovMLG presser reel 2/3: MLG claims she supports “independence and authority of judges” despite having NM Supreme Court overrule local judge MLG claims State Police will cite Sheriffs and local Law Enforcers MLG says militant mask enforcement increases mask-wearing
.@GovMLG presser reel 3/3: MLG goes on a rant against New Mexicans leaving the state, citing her tracking of peoples’ phones to know where they are coming from and going to.

New Mexicans’ latest scolding by the Governor proves that there is no telling what the Governor will do to take control and usurp power from local law enforcers, as well as shame small businesses and citizens she deems as threats to her political plans. 

On Friday. Lujan Grisham claimed she had a “heartbreakingly hard” decision to stave off opening New Mexico’s public schools, despite not seeming remorseful or heartbroken in the slightest in her Thursday press conference. 


27 thoughts on “MLG berates anti-maskers, says State Police will cite sheriffs ‘breaking ranks’ with her mandates”

  1. What a total crock. I saw the video and you could dub her gestures and use the sound bytes of practically any dictator in history (Hitler, Mao, Mussolini etc..) that we have seen in the last 100 years.

    She is a complete nag and has lost all control. Her PED secretary is in PA while we are supposed to get kids into school. Many people are hurting and she just keeps getting paid.

    Don’t be surprised if she tries keeping her edicts going well into next year. Until we as a group finally push back, the suffering will continue.

    1. Right on the money… she is already not getting re-elected, but this is just her making sure everyone knows this is her kill.

    2. So many people I spoke to feels the same exact way. She’s going to hold New Mexico hostage until she sees fit. So sad, that one can abuse her position. but yet she tries to put the forces against knee another. Shame on her

    3. If you are so concerned about travelers in and out of the state, then why are you bringing sick covid’s from other states to be cared for by NM hospitals?

  2. She is Satan follower and people of New Mexico are being killed by her. They are killing themself from depression. She needs to be taken out of office. Turning law enforcement against each other.
    You watch when President Trump wins we need to clean up New Mexico. Take these Satan followers out on a rail.

  3. Just another commie whore playing commie whore games. I know, I’ve dealt with these Useful Idiots before, during the Cold War.

  4. The sheriff is the highest ranking public servant in the county. They have jurisdiction and authority over everyone else. They can arrest the traitorous mayor of alb, and the state police for enforcing unconstitutional mandates which are not even laws, as well as gruesome. No one can give themselves authority the constitution does not allow. Now she announces she is spying on people without a warrant? That is also treason and a violation of her oath.

    This is a constitutional republic, not a dictatorship,. The people decide, not our servants, and our servants cannot presume to be above the law.

    Her insanity would be laughable but ignorant people gave her power she should have never received. The only power she should have is over a broom and a mop.

    People need to contact their sheriffs and tell them their complaints and demand she and the rest of her cartel be arrested asap, before they do any more damage. People need to learn from this and realize it was their apathy and lack of action that allowed this piece of filth to occupy a position she was never qualified for. Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment provide for such a catastrophe. She has already vacated her office thru her egregious criminal actions of denying the people their inherent rights guaranteed by our founding documents. She is a filthy commie and you know what they say about commies… She will never open up the state, she likes holding you hostage. The dept of health is a fraud and perpetrating fraud and racketeering, by reporting deaths as covid when they are not. They have not scientifically isolated this organism and proved via koch’s postulates that it causes anything. Masks are part of occult ritual and there are NO studies done showing they do anything but harm the wearer.

    1. Melcolm L Peralta

      Well said! Most of the sheriffs are not on the side of this dictator Governor, but they are not going after the state police who are handing out unconstitutional citations. The oath that all police officers take to go into law enforcement needs to be adhered to! Who, and how, do we the people hold them to following the oath they took??

  5. You know what MLG (you sully the governorship and are not worthy) I fought for this country to protect my and my fellow citizens our freedom and I will be damned if I will let you take any away from me or my friends. So let’s see how long you can keep me in jail for not wearing a mask. Because I will not give you a penny of my hard earned money

  6. Why do people worship her and claim she makes them safe? That is just sick. She has no power to make anyone safe. She is not God.
    The governor position is not supposed to make anyone safe. She is supposed to obey her oath and the limited delegated authority granted to her to protect the people’s God given rights to make their own decisions. If you don’t own your own body, then you are just a slave.

    Still waiting for real science and real data about this organism that does not exist. Show us gruesome, Koch’s postulates that prove there is a specific organism that causes a specific set of symptoms.
    You will never do that, because you can not. You count on the idiots who support you and believe anything you say. It is disgraceful the people who work for the state do not care about their fellow citizens who lost their jobs, while they still get paid. You state employees will not get paid if there is no tax base left to pay you… You selfish arrogant jerks. You only support her because you are getting bribed to do so. What is being done is psychological warfare. Torture and coercion are being implemented against the people. Look up amazing polly on u tube to find out more.

    I do not hear anyone talking about science. As I have said before, the tests are fraudulent, many of them contaminated. The PCR test is not for diagnostic purposes because it is not a simple positive/negative test. They can turn the fluorescence up or down like they did during the hiv wars that Fauci ran. The antibody test just shows you may have antibodies for some type of flu or cold. It is not specific either.

  7. I saw this speech. Her demeanor was that of an absolutely insane, insecure, self-esteemless, hormonal woman entirely disconnected from reality. Lord help us.

  8. The state police are NOT your GESTAPO mlg – a Sheriff can only be arrested by a U.S. Marshall. So how about you shut your pie hole and butt out of our business. You’re pushing the dimmokkkrap line in a blatant attempt to catch Gropin’Joe’s eye, hoping to step up to be his v.p. then on to be Her Thighness, queen mlg. It’s not going to happen so STFU and TRY to do the job you were allegedly elected to do – yeah, all those extra ballots from Mesquite came in handy for you and Ms. Small- damned fraudulent hackers.! The only reason you ran out of d.c. is you were afraid you were going to be indicted with that Pakistani spy ring, you sure dodged a bullet there didn’t you?

  9. Oh –the almighty snot-nosed squatter is upset and making demands– oh ye peasants how dare ye.. Moochie shut up and sit down! NM will make a come back AND you will NOT be a part of the picture!

  10. Albert H. Hussman

    Will somebody start a petition to remove her from office? For abuse of power & overstepping her authority. And destroying many businesses in the state. And ruining many peoples’ lives with her dictatorial mandates. They are not laws. Just declaring an emergency doesn’t make it a law. People have their Constitutional rights superseding her illegal orders. She supposedly cares about saving lives but it’s just a ploy to continue this lockdown as long as possible in an attempt to destroy the economy, blaming it on the Republicans , and getting back in power to pursue their radical agenda. Please, somebody start the process!

  11. I laughed when I read this line in Sovereign AG’s post:

    “Her insanity would be laughable but ignorant people gave her power she should have never received. The only power she should have is over a broom and a mop.”

    That’s a great comment!

  12. When is there going to be a march on the round house in Santa Fe to demand MLG resign from office. She is nothing but a liberal mouthpiece for the Democratic party that has failed so badly in the past. All they do now is to try to destroy President Trump for all the good things he is doing and exposing all of the crime done the eight years under Obama.

    I say it is time to march on the round house and demand MLG’s resignation !

  13. Albert H. Hussman

    I hope your suggestion takes hold & somebody influential starts the ball rolling!
    See my comment posted this morning 7/28.

    Thanks Franko.

  14. The People should stand behind their sheriff as they are the executive law holders in the state. They, along with the criminal complaints of each business owner, person, etc of the state, can arrest and remove any public official from office RIGHT NOW. Sections 3 & 4 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution provide remedy to the People.
    Michelle Gruesome and the rest of the state employees do not have ANY AUTHORITY for their actions thus far. They posses neither a surety bond, nor an oath on public record. You can do the research yourself. Without the proper and lawful credentials required by the state and national Constitutions, all actions, laws, executive orders are NULL AND VOID. From the Governor down to the Mayor.
    Their actions thus far are criminal and they need to be tried in court as criminals.

  15. Was Biden quarantined for 14 days when she opened up a restaurant to host a dinner party for him??? Can she be cited when she travels to the 4 Corners area to hangout at Navajo Lake with an Aztec Business owner, and shouldn’t he be cited too? She needs to practice what she preaches/demands. If businesses are shut down, she shouldn’t get paid until all businesses are open 100%……no restrictions.
    When was she granted authority to stalk and spy on New Mexicans?? Can I get an attorney and sue her for infringing on my constitutional rights???

  16. I absolutely hate the F word but I feel like telling her to F off!! Heil Grisham is what she wants but she ain’t getting it from my family.


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