Scornful MLG mocks critics of her face mask mandate

On Sunday, a scornful Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham took to Twitter to criticize New Mexicans questioning her strict face mask mandate.

Her tweet read:

“You: ‘Masks don’t do anything’

Medical and scientific experts and professionals:

‘If 80 percent of us adopt a simple homemade face mask, we could reduce #COVID19 deaths by 17-45 percent over two months.’

Wearing masks saves lives. #MaskUp

Lujan Grisham’s face mask requirement began on May 15th, “requir[ing] everyone to cover their faces in public, with exceptions for eating, drinking and exercise.”

“If New Mexicans don’t help us as we ease restrictions, we’ll see cases rise, and as they rise, we’ll have to shut down again. That’s the only tool I have,’’ Lujan Grisham said in a statement. “If I can’t get New Mexicans to protect vulnerable populations, to protect our seniors and children and minority populations and homeless populations and essential workers and health care workers and first responders and so many more, I will do whatever it takes to protect them. But you can help me. And if we all do this together, we can keep easing restrictions in a safe manner and go on living in a COVID-19 world.”

Sunday’s tweet came after multiple leaders in New Mexico criticized her strict face mask mandate. Eddy County’s Sheriff Mark Cage said, “This is America. Make your own decisions, make your own informed decisions as an adult. If I am not wearing a mask and you feel that you could be comprised by being around me not wearing a mask, then you have the right to move away from me.” 

House Minority Leader Rep. Jim Townsend (R-Artesia), said Lujan Grisham could be overstepping her authority by mandating everyone wear face masks. “That’s troublesome. There’s a number of other entities that challenge whether it’s a proven method,” he said.

On Sunday, hundreds of New Mexicans gathered in Truth or Consequences at the New Hope Revival Church to openly defy the Governor’s previous cease and desist order given to the Church for holding services despite her order. The Church was previously deputized by Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton, but received the citation from the State Police regardless.

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Sunday tweet appears to be her best attempt at strong-arming citizens into complying with her latest mask mandate. Many citizens from across the state are refusing to comply.

This is a developing story.


8 thoughts on “Scornful MLG mocks critics of her face mask mandate”

  1. Bryan Pennington

    Regardless of what New Mexicans do, she is going to continue to nickle and dime us every two weeks. ALL under the guise of safety. Next, she’ll likely try what Oklahoma has proposed….mandatory Inoculation for all with checkpoints like the ones used for DWI to check your papers or chip. Don’t have shots? FORCE will be used.

  2. It’s my body and it’s my choice not to wear a she cant make me do whatever I do want to do plus I have medical problems and wearing a mask makes it hard for me to unless shes trying to kill me,I’m not wearing a mask..I haven’t worn this whole time and don’t plan on wearing one now..if the lord plans on me getting the virus then I will get it but if he doesn’t want me to have it well then I wont get it

  3. If you’re forcing all to wear a mask in public what about how you’re not forcing all to wear gloves? Wearing a mask as ppl do in public & no gloves, regardless, ppl are picking up the virus by TOUCHING the same Door Knobs, Handles, foods & taking it back to their car to other stores to their homes. Some ppl has resportory issues on breathing and should not wear a mask to prevent suffication. Ppl can shop without being on each others neck ! More than anything people should be wearing throw away gloves, and throw away in trash can soon as they walk out of the stores, not reusing them. Ppl are reusing same mask and that does not prevent picking up the viris!

  4. Masks do not work, it is for bacteria which is 1000x larger than a virus. A virus cannot be seen without a powerful microscope so you think a mask is going to stop a virus??? Please stop being delusional over this, A virus can penetrate the brain barrier. Bacteria enter the central nervous system following a direct interaction with the luminal side of the cerebral endothelium, which constitutes the blood-brain barrier. To breach the barriers protecting the brain, extracellular pathogens must cross a monolayer of tight junction-expressing endothelial or epithelial cells.

  5. Her comment about the 80% comes from a policy paper developed for Finland where they used observational data (Asian countries and mask adoption) and …. a model. They modeled it. The policy paper can be found here.

    Scrase has mentioned this several times in their news conferences as a “study”. Misleading as this infers a clinical study, which it wasn’t. All she and Scrase did was read either the Vanity Fair article or the Forbes article that copied the Vanity Fair conclusions. Very misleading.

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