NM leaders respond with outrage after MLG bans church services on eve of Easter

On Saturday evening, the eve of the Easter holiday, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced she is banning all religious gatherings of five people or more.

Despite many church services already canceling their Easter gatherings, Lujan Grisham rescinded her previous exception for religious services, writing, “absolutely clear that mass gatherings of any type are not permitted in houses of worship.”

“We know that you want to practice your faith, as you should. But this year we must remember that home is holy. The best thing you can do for your community is to stay there,” she continued.

But many New Mexico leaders did not take kindly to the Governor’s unilateral decision to ban people from practicing their faith on Easter, citing that her limit of only five people gathering would cripple churches planning on streaming live online services which would require more than five people to put together.

House Republican Whip Rep. Rod Montoya wrote in a statement, “Governor, despite what you think, these services are essential! To make this decision the day before Easter is egregious.  I am advising churches across our state to continue to produce and offer online services going forward; this order today cannot and will not stand.”

Rep. David Gallegos wrote on Facebook on Saturday, “With just a few hours to go before Easter Sunday, the Governor’s office sent out an emergency executive order adding churches and places of worship to her list of banned mass gatherings. It’s impossible for churches to produce services they can film or livestream with 5 people or less in a room. Doing this the day before Easter is just the wrong thing to do. We need to stand up to the Governor. She has gone too far.” 

Although church services are now banned on a state level by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, abortion clinics are allowed to stay open, despite health concerns.


9 thoughts on “NM leaders respond with outrage after MLG bans church services on eve of Easter”

  1. MGL has pretty much sealed her fate in so many ways. In one single crisis, she has managed to infuriate gun owners, the faithful and the pro-lifers. This means that all she has now is the support of left voters of New Mexico. She has managed to turn the State of New Mexico over to Republicans. Well done Michelle, Well done Michelle, indeed.

  2. But yet Muslims. Aren’t bsnd from gatherings and there not fallowing social distancing. Ruels and they have there. Rammadam. What’s wrong with that

  3. Outrage? Sure they sit at their laptops whining and crying and posting memes while real activists try to get them to show up and protest but they are afraid to because they think that they might lose something, sorry folks you have already lost it all, so enjoy your 3rd world banana republic while I sue. and try to incite those who don’t see what they have already and are losing to do something that will work. https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/president-of-albuquerque-tea-party-files-lawsuit-claims-governors-orders-are-a-violation-of-civil-rights/5685425/ if you want to do more than whine, go to info@abqteaparty.com and let us know.

  4. Abortions are elective surgeries not essential. Abortion clinic supplies can be used in our local hospitals with the shortage of PPE equipment and surgical masks.

    People are important especially those who do not know how to handle this uncertainty to self-destructive habits.

    Releasing Prisoners are a poor choice made to hurt our communities. Prioners were already in ace for quarantine. Why infect the New Mexicans who are taking measures to avoid contracting the virus.

    House of Worship is essential for the lost and the hurting,

    1. Yes, that is pure crap. they can do what they want, maybe even be a major cause in spreading the virus, but our lousy pussy whipped congressmen/representatives are so scared of pissing off the muslims they do not include them in the bans. Screw them kick them out of the country if they don’t want to abide by all the rules including those requiring no worship, no gatherings, stay in your homes. period.

    2. They would rather kill an innocent child to keep the leftists happy than to care about a living human innocent being. Abortion is murder. period.

  5. How convenient the exemption served the Islamic religion, Lailat Al miraj, March 27th, but was revocted for the Christians, Easter.

    The Israʾ and Miʿraj are the two parts of a Night Journey that, according to Islam, the Islamic prophet Muhammad took during a single night around the year 621. Within Islam it signifies both a physical and spiritual journey.

  6. The Federalist has published an article today on how the COVID crisis exposes who the petty dictators are. Lujan-Grisham is the poster girl for tin-pot dictatorship. By the way, AG Barr has stated that no governor has the constitutional right to shut down places of worship or worship services.

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