Planned Parenthood NM giving Gov. MLG award for signing abortion up-to-birth bill

On Monday, it was announced by Planned Parenthood New Mexico that they will be giving Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham an award for her efforts to ram through extremist abortion up-to-birth and infanticide measures in the Legislature, specifically S.B. 10. The bill rips all conscience protections for health care workers, all health protections for women, leaving infants in the womb defenseless.

After the Governor signed the extreme abortion law, she said, she was “honored” to sign it, calling it “profound.” 

“Anyone who seeks to violate bodily integrity, or to criminalize womanhood, is in the business of dehumanization. New Mexico is not in that business – not any more,” she wrote.

Because of the Governor’s commitment to anti-life policies, Planned Parenthood is giving Lujan Grisham the “Changing Lives Award” at the “Breakfast of Champions” event, according to an email announcement. The award is meant to go “to a person who embodies the importance of Planned Parenthood in New Mexico’s (PPNM) work providing sexual and reproductive health care services, education, and advocacy.” 

She will receive the award on May 14 during a virtual event featuring Jamia Wilson, an “activist, feminist, storyteller, media maker, and natural-born thought leader” who has been chosen as the Executive Editor of Random House, a book publisher. She is also a former Planned Parenthood worker.

Tickets are being offered anywhere from $50 to $10,000 to support the anti-life abortion business with sponsorships including the “Bellow,” “Yell,” “Howl,” “Shout,” “Roar,” and “Platinum” levels.

Gov. Lujan Grisham also signed an extreme assisted suicide bill that will let patients take a medically unproven “cocktail” of lethal drugs if they have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with only a 48-hour waiting period to obtain the poison. The Governor has been noted as one of the most anti-life governors in the United States.


5 thoughts on “Planned Parenthood NM giving Gov. MLG award for signing abortion up-to-birth bill”

  1. Thus is murder. There are people that can’t have kids please give these babies a chance for life. If they have a heartbeat its a human being. I think whoever does this God will not forgive this.

  2. I previously wrote her and told her she will stand before God and answer for every baby that was executed by her signature – she does not care

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