After killing over 40% of NM small businesses, MLG celebrates ‘Small Business Saturday’

On Saturday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham celebrated the “Small Business Saturday” tax holiday, in which Americans saved the tax when shopping on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. 

“It’s #SmallBusinessSaturday, and in New Mexico that means a tax holiday for shoppers! Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and it’s more important than ever to to #shopsmall and #buylocal. Save money and support a New Mexico small business today!” wrote the embattled Governor. 

The holiday was first created by American Express, which partnered with the non-profit National Trust for Historic Preservation, Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, and Roslindale Village Main Street in 2010. 

However, in New Mexico, Lujan Grisham is responsible for killing at least 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses with her harsh lockdowns and mandates that forced many small businesses into failure. Her lockdowns included a months-long blackout of what she claimed to be “non-essential” businesses, forcing them to stop opening their doors. 

As well, her clampdown on small businesses included allowing Big Box stores to open while mom-and-pop groceries and convenience stores were shuttered. Restaurants and hotels may have been the hardest hit, with out-of-state travel being prohibited with forced testing at hotels and restaurants either completely closed or allowing only outdoor dining, with businesses especially hit hard over the 2020 winter. 

During the holidays, Lujan Grisham forced New Mexicans to stand in cold breadlines to buy food and basic goods, with elderly, disabled, and children forced to face the cold while the Governor feasted on taxpayer-funded $200/lb Wagyu steaks and skirted her pandemic orders to buy luxury jewelry.

The few businesses and religious organizations that defied Lujan Grisham were plunged into even further financial ruin with fines of up to $60,000 and State Police ordered to shut businesses down.

At the time that the Governor was killing jobs and it was revealed 40% of New Mexico small businesses had died, the owner of Nob Hill bar Happy Accidents in Albuquerque told KRQE 13 News, “My industry means everything to me.” She said, “Knowing independent businesses are suffering kills us.”

While ruling during the pandemic, Lujan Grisham constantly bashed people across the state, even publicly shaming people in places like Española and Hobbs who she saw did not wear masks driving or eating at a restaurant.

However, now Lujan Grisham would like New Mexicans to forget how she treated citizens and how she continues to belittle with an election right around the corner in November 2022. But it is unlikely that New Mexicans will forget what happened to them, especially in the heat of the pandemic, with countless small businesses dying forever. 


8 thoughts on “After killing over 40% of NM small businesses, MLG celebrates ‘Small Business Saturday’”

  1. This woman hasn’t told the truth since she took office…and i hope New Miexicans are not stupid enough to give her a second term

  2. I can only hope one day she will be brought to justice for her actions. Make no mistake about it this is treason to deny citizens their God given constitutional rights.

  3. You New Mexicans must purge this serial groping scourge. She’s nuked your state for absolutely NO REASON whatsoever. It’s time for NM to turn full red.

  4. Biden threatening lock downs again. MLG will screw us over and do as he says. Get ready New Mexico, we are going to be a communist state. Hope leftist morons love starving to death. They wanted this, here it comes. MLG is pure evil. Democraps want to force their power on us. Lockdowns are how they do it.

  5. She’s not lying, she’s just stupid. Too stupid to be a governor. No study shows masks do anything, they are just Linus security blankets. Hope the voters of NM wake up and boot her out.

  6. I love the “Linus security blanket” reference! People have become “brave” because they are in disguise.
    Larry Marker in southern NM has been trying to fight her tyranny for a while however the NM supreme court has been fighting for MLG instead of doing their jobs and upholding our NM constitution. We need to oust and persecute the terrorists and communists that have been running our state. We just need lawyers that will stand with “WE The People”

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