Do not applaud MLG throwing crumbs to the peasantry

Scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Michelle Lujan Grisham believes she is so generous, so magnanimous, and oh so kind to us peasants who live under her rule. 

After raiding the permanent fund for her extremist socialist policies, crippling the oil and gas industry at the knees with the passage of her “Green New Deal,” shuttering 40% of New Mexico small businesses with her pandemic orders, forcing New Mexicans to stand in breadlines over the holidays last year, and the constant abuse she has delved out to New Mexicans from Española to Hobbs, now she is ready to throw us some crumbs.

Crumbs that come in the form of one of the most insignificant, insulting “tax cuts” that would make Marie Antoinette faint. 

Michelle Lujan Grisham wants to give us New Mexicans a whole 0.25% decrease in gross receipts tax. That means our already mammoth 5.125% tax rate would fall to 4.875% if passed by the Legislature.

A vote against this bill is cheap and easy political fodder to claim Republicans who oppose it “voted against tax cuts,” even though the Lujan Grisham regime has raised taxes far above 0.25% with her policies. Have you checked your gas bill recently? Yeah, it’s bad.

And it being an election year, Lujan Grisham thinks she can steal another term as governor by throwing crumbs at you and me. Pardon my French, but as the old saying goes, “don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining.” 

MLG must think we are all a bunch of idiots who will simply ignore her payments of $150,000 to an ex-staffer who claims she groped his crotch. She thinks these crumbs will make us forget she munched on $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, whiskey, and fine wine while New Mexicans waited in bone-chilling temperatures outside the local Walmart to get bread and milk. 

Lujan Grisham thinks New Mexicans will simply forget her belittling of citizens over supposed lack of mask-wearing, her mocking of people living in Deming, her displacement of elderly folks living in nursing homes during the pandemic, her mishandling of $250 million in federal funds that suddenly went “missing” from the Department of Workforce Solutions, and the countless scandals Lujan Grisham has racked up.

The Governor’s insulting supposed “tax cut” she wants to throw at us New Mexicans as some idiotic form of “charity” shows she truly thinks we are some of the dumbest, easily manipulatable people on Earth. If she really wanted to boost economic development, maybe she shouldn’t displace oil workers with her evil policies, such as those who live in the Navajo Nation and in southern New Mexico in the oil patch.

If MLG was truly serious about helping hurting families in New Mexico, DO AWAY WITH THE GROSS RECEIPTS TAX ALTOGETHER! 

At least for me, I refuse to forget MLG’s years of abuse, and I will be doing everything I can, from my local neighborhood meeting to the voting booth, to kick her to the curb, whether she wants to throw crumbs at me or not. What about you?

5 thoughts on “Do not applaud MLG throwing crumbs to the peasantry”

  1. Great article John…but you and I both know that she won’t go anymore on the reducing taxes…of any kind…she, just as you said…thinks we are all idiots. We are not and hopefully she will find that out when she runs for re election and gets booted out…..hopefully owing us all money for the things she did to New Mexico.

  2. John: You are wrong ! That is not French, it is good ole American slang ! But, I do agree with you ! Bye-Bye MLG You sure do not have my vote !

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