MLG’s reopening rainbow magically turns turquoise just in time for her re-election launch

Like clockwork, as embattled Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham plans to announce her candidacy for re-election, all is supposedly on track according to her reopening rainbow. All 33 of New Mexico’s counties are now in the turquoise level, which just so happens to correspond with her re-election launch scheduled for Thursday.

After the Governor’s year-long lockdown, which decimated countless businesses and drove thousands of New Mexicans into poverty, she now is asking New Mexicans to send her to the Governor’s mansion for another term.

Her controversy-driven tenure as governor has been marked with scandal after scandal after scandal. From forcing through the most far-left extreme bills through the Legislature to paying off sexual accusers and her own daughter with campaign cash, and then “misplacing” $250 million in Workforce Solutions money, she has weakened her chance of reelection day after day. 

She repeatedly skirted her pandemic rules to buy luxury jewelry, used taxpayer funds for fine wine and $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, berated local communities for not following her edicts, forced New Mexicans to stand in cold bread lines to get food and basic goods, fined churches and businesses tens of thousands of dollars for alleged non-compliance, removed the National Guard from the border and denied an immigration crisis, fired and hired cabinet secretaries on a dime, gave her staff hefty raises while New Mexicans lost everything, and now is giving away $10 million of New Mexicans’ dollars through a “lottery” to bribe people to take the experimental virus inoculation.

Now, Lujan Grisham claims “We’ve already accomplished so much to move New Mexico forward during the pandemic and beyond – but our work together isn’t done.” Despite all she has done to New Mexico, she apparently is not through with her agenda, which has left tens of thousands without options. 

She will be holding a re-election kickoff at the Albuquerque Museum at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday and conservatives are prepared to protest the announcement en masse for her grievous actions during the pandemic and her discrimination against New Mexicans over the vaccine. 

More information on the counter-protest to the Governor’s announcement can be found here.


2 thoughts on “MLG’s reopening rainbow magically turns turquoise just in time for her re-election launch”

  1. I may not remember all the things MLG has said but I remember the way she made me feel and my feelings are not such that I would ever vote for her again.
    But, NM is full of like minded people who will vote for her again I’m sure.
    Why do so many people hate themselves enough to elect someone who thinks so little of them?

  2. Jezebel is running for re-election NM. Wake up, look around and see the damage she has done to New Mexico. She is horrendous for this state. She’s proven herself to be a liar, cheat and Soros/Pelosi clone. Four more years and NM will become a stench as she lines up with Newsom (WEALTHY) and the other WEALTHY public servants (SELECTED) into office who don’t care about the constitution, our rights or our lives. Since when do adults need the government to tell them what is best for them?? Only the blind lead the blind. I choose to govern myself. That is my God given right.

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