Gov. MLG refuses to comment on KOB 4 approval poll showing her failure on crime, economy

On Wednesday, the liberal television news outlet KOB 4 released approval polls done by SurveyUSA regarding embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and multiple issues relating to her tenure.

According to the poll, 50% approve of her performance while 32% disapprove and 18% were unsure. 

She did especially well in Doña Ana County and with adults ages 50-64. According to the report, the Governor “scored low with conservatives, people making more than $80,000 and Hispanics.” 

With her handling of the economy, 42% of New Mexicans disapprove, 49% approved, while 9% were unsure. 

However, on public safety, she fails in the poll. Regarding crime, 44% of New Mexicans disapprove while only 40% approve. In regard to policing issues, Lujan Grisham fails again, garnering only 40% approval while 43% disapprove.

The poll asked respondents what the most important issues for them were, and the economy (25%) and crime (18%) scored highest among all categories, showing that these disparities in her approval regarding the issues will hurt her in 2022. UNM political science professor Lonna Atkeson said, “the low public safety scores are a vulnerable spot for the governor’s re-election bid.” 

The governor refused to comment on the low scores for the economy and crime, with KOB’s Chris Ramirez writing on Twitter, “Tonight, @KOB4 is revealing @GovMLG‘s approval ratings at 10pm. You won’t hear from her though.  She wasn’t interested in talking about what her constituency thinks about her. For the record, @GovMLG has declined every interview request I’ve made this year.”

See the full results of the poll here.


5 thoughts on “Gov. MLG refuses to comment on KOB 4 approval poll showing her failure on crime, economy”

  1. I find it hard to believe her numbers were actually that high. I guess thinking is not required answer the phone and answer a survey. Makes sense, thinking not required to drive a motorized vehicle in NM.

    1. I was just thinking the same thing & I live in Dona Ana county. Lots of ignoramus’s here. People are either clueless & pay no attention to what is going on in New Mexico & the entire country or they’ve had too much fluoride their entire lives. Maybe they’ll wake up when we’re all living in a communist country!

  2. Really am surprised that her approval ratings were that high for any reason. Even in a democratic state, when nationally were ranked at the bottom in almost every demographic, (especially since the pandemic) how can ANYONE give her a positive approval rating??

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