Tucker Carlson rails against ‘deeply mediocre, dumb’ Gov. Lujan Grisham

Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser appeared alongside embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on CNN on Wednesday, where they discussed Lujan Grisham inviting the mayor to the Democrat Governors Association despite D.C. being constitutionally barred from being a state. 

Also discussed was Bowser’s extreme ban on dancing at weddings, with an order saying, “dancing and standing receptions are not allowed.” Bowser defended her ban on dancing, saying she was “absolutely considering opening more activity.” 

Lujan Grisham applauded Bowser for the ban, saying in New Mexico, “if you’re socially distanced, and you’re wearing a mask, and you meet the other requirements with our level of vaccinations,” people are allowed to dance. She added, “I want to give the mayor, uh — it takes courage to be really clear about what constitutes high-risk activities and behaviors.” 

Tucker Carlson of Fox News railed against the measure, calling it “stupid and crazy” while dubbing Bowser an “ayatollah” in determining whether people could dance at weddings.

Carlson blasted Lujan Grisham as “deeply mediocre” and “dumb” for applauding Bowser’s buffoonery. 



23 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson rails against ‘deeply mediocre, dumb’ Gov. Lujan Grisham”

  1. With representative like Grisham, you don’t need to keep asking yourself why New Mexico is last in all the good things and first and second in all the bad things of society; including criminal activity. New Mexico keeps voting Democrat and with a Democrat Legislature, nothing but higher taxes, social welfare, is the norm.

      1. Patricia Brannan

        I want to thank Tucker for including New Mexico in his coverage. Our California style governor is ruining our beautiful state and so many sources ignore the trauma she and her obedient minions have forced us to indure.

    1. I don’t believe New Mexicans are voting ‘blue’. All hail the Power of Dominion Voting Systems. I am waiting patiently for a nationwide audit of the 2020 election fraud. I believe they will find evidence going back to at least 2018(her election to office of Governor) being fraudulent as well. Have faith!

  2. Douglas Farris

    Cabrona Patrona puta Lujan-Gresham is so lame. She uses her state funds for booze and food… 10s of thousands of dollars

  3. I wish more news outlets would highlight our governor and how bad she is for this state. It makes me so mad when I hear talk show hosts or reporters always use NY, CA, IL and MI as examples, yet NM is just as bad with the corrupt leadership and terrible policies and being at the bottom of practically everything. It’s like we don’t even exist as a state in this country and it’s a shame. If NM corrupt leadership was highlighted more by the higher-ups in media outlets and talk radio maybe things could slowly change – “slowly” being the operative word because nothing moves fast in this state.

  4. Go to Florida, get married on the beach, NO MASKS and no incredibly dumb and evil politicians yanking your chains.

    If you comply with this non-sense….you are no better than these lunatic politicians and you are in fact supporting their BS.

  5. So our health secretary is on record as saying they don’t look at what other states are doing or have done. But isn’t that science?

    She’s had interviews with the washington post and nbc news where she claims we are doing great and a leader in this fight. The data shows we are utterly average. Economic ruin for what? Why isn’t anyone fact checking her? You can’t just say we’re doing awesome and that she is giving us that $600 extra stimulus as if it’s her money. That’s tax payer money. Yet she wants the credit.

    Since the beginning we were one of two states to shut down booze stores, and the only state to close grocery stores. She barely got called out for her grocery store closures.

    She continually gets thrown softballs and is dealt with by the local media with soft hands. From the jewelry store episode, to the raises for her staff, to her staffer getting covid (why is a custodian working in a home during a pandemic? Doesn’t seem so essential). The list of bad deeds goes on and on.

  6. “if you’re socially distanced, and you’re wearing a mask, and you meet the other requirements with our level of vaccinations,” people are allowed to dance. “”. I don’t need this rotten ponsona’s permission to this this or anything for that matter. Carlson was generous in his description of how stupid and corrupt this ponsona really is. What a freaking disgrace and eyesore this pig 🐖 really is!!!

    1. Christopher John White

      This is America it’s time to start being Americans. These government officials work for us we need to fire the whole damm lot of them # quit telling me what to do

  7. Too many people are on welfare and work for the state. She just rewarded them with their compliance and gave all gov workers a big fat raise…. This is where her suppport comes from. These people do not care about their neighbors who are struggling and are not on the dole. We certainly do not need all these idiot bureaucrats that steal from their neighbors and do not contribute anything worthwhile.

    This is why nm is such a disaster. Government was never intended to be an employer or sugar daddy and both of these things need to be removed asap or things will only get worse. The lowest common denominator is ruling over us with violence and threats of violence and that is unacceptable. These public servants have violated their oath and have no jurisdiction or authority to do what they are doing.
    contact them and tell them they need to step down for treason against the people.

  8. Listening to MLG speak like she is some sort of Royal Ruler is like nails on a chalk board. I am so glad Tucker got her. I will not b asking my elected governor anytime soon if I can dance or anything else. Today I did all my shopping mask-less and made eye contact, smiled and said hi to all. This is enough already. Anyone wanting a vaccine go grab it. We gave over a year to this charade game. Enough already.

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