MLG gives conflicting advice about gathering in groups

During Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s Thursday press conference, she announced new regressive restrictions on New Mexicans, this time banning indoor dining at restaurants, banning contact sports for kids going back to school in the Fall, forcing people working out to wear face masks (both at in-person facilities and outdoors, and banning out-of-state visitors from state parks. 

During the press conference, she blamed New Mexicans for a recent spike in cases, which Human Services Secretary David Scrase claims shot up 79% in a recent 16-day period. Lujan Grisham said, “Unfortunately, our state’s dramatically rising case numbers reflect that those behavior modifications and precautions have either not been taken seriously or taken up by enough people.” 

The Governor continued, “Too many of us are still congregating in groups, taking risks with our own lives and endangering the health of our family members, our neighbors and our state.” 

However, some of the Governor’s advice seemed to conflict, particularly that about gathering in groups. Lujan Grisham said, “Please wear facemasks. Please don’t gather in large groups without them,” while later tweeting “Wear a mask. Stay home. Do not gather in groups. Take the risk seriously” 

So, which piece of advice are New Mexicans expected to follow? Are they supposed to not gather in groups, or are they supposed to gather in large groups but only if they have a face mask? The Governor’s advice appears all over the place.

The new restrictions come as new cases of COVID-19 appear to be affecting younger populations more, Secretary Scrase saying that dults in their 20s are an increasing share of the infections. 

Coincidentally, protesters, which Michelle Lujan Grisham applauded for protesting for “racial justice,” some in violent means, are still taking to the streets in protest. Just this week, KRQE 13 reported on a Black Lives Matter protest in uptown Albuquerque. But Lujan Grisham vehemently rejects the notion that these protests are spreading the virus, despite indicators showing otherwise.

According to Pew Research, 41% of those who recently attended a protest focused on race were younger than 30. Nationwide, only 19% of people are in this age group, so statistically, they were overrepresented by over 100% at protests. It just so happens that people contracting COVID-19 are in their 20s and 30s, which lights up directly with the spike in recent cases. However, Lujan Grisham denies it being a factor in the spread of coronavirus. And with the Governor’s conflicting advice, it may give protesters and rioters justification for taking to the streets in protest.

Full details about Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s latest restrictions can be found in the press release from her office linked here.


4 thoughts on “MLG gives conflicting advice about gathering in groups”

  1. Why has she not answered, legally speaking, for defying her own order when she had a jewelry store open while with stay at home orders. I am looking into that conduct as she cannot seem to rationalize that she employed of the constituents of NM and subject to proper conduct as the Governor. She is not above the law and certainly no better than anyone else. There is THE GOVERNMENTAL CONDUCT ACT NMSA 1978, Chapter 10, Article 16
    that I am referring to first;. She needs to be held accountable.

    1. Well, I’m a protestor too, and I Protest the mask, and I protest anything that restricts my health and well-being! I protest any force of control over my being, my choices, my desires, my ideas, my voice, all in all, restricting any part of my natural born God given rights and freedom given to each and every one of us of every color! MLG NEEDS TO RESIGN! she reinforces violence against,the law abiding citizens, reinforces in-equal,treatment and confinement, criminal behavior, hell…SHE REINFORCES TYRANNY! None,of these,sitting liberal politicians should remain in ofc til the end of thier term, they need outing NOW! Bit then, this is just my own opinion…

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