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Smear campaign launched against GOP lt. governor candidate Ant Thornton

On Thursday, mailers began appearing in mailboxes of Republican voters across the state smearing Anthony “Ant” Thornton as a “RINO,” short for “Republican In Name Only,” based on minor donations to the Obama 2008 campaign back before he left the Democrat Party. 

The piece inaccurately describes Thornton as a “Barack Obama-Joe Biden supporting liberal,” despite Thornton being active in the conservative Tea Party movement in the early 2010s and a strong supporter of the Republican Party. He has donated generously to Republican campaigns in the state in the past, including to state Rep. Stefani Lord (R-Sandia Park), one of the most conservative members of the state Legislature. 

Thornton, a former Democrat turned Conservative Republican, has been very open about his past experience walking away from the Democrat Party and registering as a Republican over a decade ago. 

Thornton, a Ph.D., and retired aerospace engineer is running for Lt. Governor against Peggy Muller-Aragon, a more moderate candidate, according to — a leading conservative voting resource affiliated with the American Family Association Action. 

The entity responsible for the hit piece against Thornton calls itself “Americans for Strong Leadership.” Its website consists of a landing page with no contact information and a donation button that doesn’t work. 

According to the New Mexico Campaign Finance System (CFIS), which is run by the Secretary of State’s office, “Americans for Strong Leadership” is a political expenditure committee registered to an employee of a consulting firm based in Kentucky called RunSwitch PR. RunSwitch PR is known for being a consulting firm used by Mitch McConnell. 

The founding Partner of RunSwitch PR is a man named Scott Jennings, whose resume heavily consists of his work as a consultant and advisor for Mitch McConnell. He was also once the Executive Director for Bush-Cheney New Mexico back in 2004. He is a CNN contributor, who has praised the strategies of Republicans who have opposed President Donald J. Trump.

It is curious that a firm headed by a notable Bush-era operative, who has made comments distancing himself from Trump, is now attacking conservative Republican Ant Thornton on decades-old minor donations.  

Other America First candidates in New Mexico this cycle who have gone up against “Swamp”-backed candidates have seen similar independent expenditures made by “moderates” to try and defeat them.

Voters may question why these Swamp operatives are attacking candidates like Thornton. The only reasonable answer is that candidates like him are a threat to the establishment in some way, shape, or form.

Biden’s ‘trans’ HHS official visits ABQ to promote ‘environmental justice,’ abortion

Apparently, the Joe Biden administration’s top priorities are “environmental justice” and “equity,” with his Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Dr. “Rachel” Levine making a stop in New Mexico to talk about those priorities with local leaders, including far-left Democrat Mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller. Levine, a biological man who identifies as a “transgender woman” oversees the “Office of Climate Change and Health Equity.”

Levine, while speaking to a group at Wilson Middle School, appeared to blame the recent fires in New Mexico on fires (not forest mismanagement and controlled burns during high winds). 

Levine said, “We kept thinking of these health impacts as an existential crisis, which somehow implies that it’s something in the future. But as you are seeing this right now – we are seeing the impacts of climate change right now. And you’re seeing it right now in New Mexico, and in Albuquerque, with the heat emergencies that you’re talking about, with the fires and the smoke.”

“Heat is a problem in the middle of New York City, in Seattle, Washington, and in Albuquerque. … What are the commonalities? What are the differences? What did they all learn? And how can we serve to pollinate … those ideas across the country, ” Levine said in an interview with the Albuquerque Journal.

On Twitter, Keller posted, “It was a pleasure to have Admiral Rachel Levine of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services visit our city. As we keep witnessing the impacts of climate change on public health, it is vital that we strong federal partners who can support in us in navigating these issues.”

In a tweet by Levine, the Biden official wrote, “A very eye-opening visit today to Wilson Middle School to learn about how their garden tries to reduce the heat island effect and improve air quality in one of Albuquerque’s most densely populated neighborhoods.

Local relief is key to climate response and #environmentaljustice.”

Also while visiting New Mexico, Levine talked about abortion with KOB4, telling the television channel, “It is absolutely critical for New Mexico to continue to allow the full range of reproductive health services that women need, including abortion services.”Levine added regarding Roe. v. Wade likely being overturned, “If the decision follows the outline of the draft, then it’s going to severely impact women’s reproductive health rights and the ability to receive the full range of services in many states,” Levine said. “To be able to provide those services for women in New Mexico, and for many other states, they need to look to expand those services. We’ll work to support them.”

It is unclear the purpose of the trip other than to promote Biden’s radical pro-abortion agenda, but the cost of the trip is sure to have fallen on the American taxpayers.

MLG used taxpayer money for reelection party at Governor’s Mansion: Report

According to a report from the Santa Fe New Mexican, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham used taxpayer dollars to fund a political event at the Governor’s Mansion promoting her reelection efforts.

“Documents obtained under a public records request show New Mexicans for Michelle, the governor’s campaign committee, issued the state a $1,837 check in December to pay for expenses stemming from a Democratic Governors Association party hosted by Lujan Grisham in Santa Fe,” the New Mexican reported.

The report continued, “Expenses reimbursed by the campaign include an $890 purchase from Colorado Party Rentals for 100 12-inch ivory-gold chargers, 100 10-inch ivory-gold dinner plates and stainless steel forks, knives and teaspoons.”

Despite the Governor’s contingency fund barring her from using it to purchase alcohol and the State Auditor’s Office finding previous violations, public documents show that Lujan Grisham made at least eight purchases of alcohol, including liquor, wine, and beer.

Previous reviews of the Governor’s spending show she has spent lavishly on $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, wine and beer, and even personal dry cleaning with taxpayer funds. This is just the most recent abuse of power committed by Lujan Grisham.

But her campaign spokeswoman, Kendall Whitmer, claimed, “The campaign transparently and expeditiously reimbursed the state for an event hosted by the Governor as chair of the Democratic Governors Association.”

 “The largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history rages, but instead of the Governor being able to focus solely on the emergency response, Michelle Lujan Grisham faces yet another ethical scandal,” said Republican Governors Association spokesman Will Reinert. “Whether ‘crotch grabs’ or taxpayer money spent on luxury items, voters remain tired of the constant string of scandals coming out of Governor Lujan Grisham’s office and must demand new leadership who can focus solely on turning the state around.”

NM Dems quickly politicize Texas school massacre, demand gun grabs

On Tuesday, a gunman attacked Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas after posting on social media he had killed his grandmother and was coming to attack a school. The murderer ended up killing 19 children and two faculty members.

Despite the horrific nature of the schooting and the families of the victims having no time to process, much less grieve, Democrats nationwide descended upon a new anti-gun push, immediately blaming the firearm used to kill the victims and demanding it happen now.

Joe Biden said in a press conference Tuesday, “We as a nation have to ask when in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby.” 

At a Wednesday press conference with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, failed presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke who is running for Texas governor, yelled at the Governor and demanded gun bans.

On Tuesday, far-left Gov Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico wrote on her government Twitter account, “As elected officials, we must do everything in our power to reduce the number of firearms and deadly weapons on our streets to make sure that everyone in this country can live in peace and free of fear.”

On Wednesday on her campaign Twitter account, Lujan Grisham added, “It’s our responsibility as elected officials to do everything we can to reduce the number of deadly weapons on our streets. In New Mexico, we took action to keep guns out of the wrong hands and I will continue to champion common sense proposals to reduce gun violence.” 

First-term U.S. Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (D-NM-03) wrote on Twitter Wednesday, “We must turn our pain into action. The House has passed life saving gun safety legislation to expand background checks and close the Charleston loophole- it’s time for the Senate to do the same.” 

Fellow Democrat Rep. Melanie Stansbury of New Mexico’s First Congressional District got even more political, demanding an end to the U.S. Senate filibuster to pass radical gun-grabbing legislation. She wrote, “We must stop #GunViolence now. Full stop. Congress must act and #AbolishtheFilibuster.” 

U.S. Sen. Ben Ray Luján wrote on Twitter, “After each mass shooting, the GOP distracts from the real issue & points to mental health. We’re no worse in mental health rates than any other nation. 90% of the country want background checks & 85% want red-flag laws. Right now we need to abolish the filibuster & pass H.R. 8.”

Sen. Martin Heinrich piled on, “We’ve known for far too long the devastating toll that gun violence has taken on American communities.” 

State-level leaders added on even more extreme measures, including state Rep. Liz Thomson who shared a tweet bashing law-abiding gun owners and demanding bans on “assault weapons,” which do not exist.

State Rep. Javier Martinez, the Democrats’ New Mexico House majority leader, wrote that Republicans “will hide behind the ‘don’t play politics’ charade while the next bloody tragedy is probably already underway. I’m glad @BetoORourke called the BS out. I will not sacrifice my children or anyone else’s for someone’s inexplicable protection of guns over people.”

Before many of the families affected by the tragic Texas massacre even heard the news of their loved ones being brutally slaughtered, Democrats weaponized the death of these innocent children and school administrators for political gain — all to ban guns, which has been one of their top legislative priorities.

Fmr. Trump cabinet member endorses John Block for state representative

On Tuesday, former acting Director of National Intelligence and Ambassador to Germany Richard “Ric” Grenell endorsed John Block in his race for New Mexico House District 51.

Amb. Grenell wrote the following:

“John is a proven conservative who fits the mold that President Trump forged with his America First movement. He has the Christian values, experience, and passion to serve New Mexico’s 51st House District well. John will be a strong fighter for the people of Alamogordo in Santa Fe, and I know he will never back down against the Radical Left. John is the best choice for state representative, and he has my full support.”

John Block responded to Grenell’s endorsement, writing, “I am honored and blessed to have the endorsement of Ambassador Grenell. He knows our campaign is the only true America First bid for this seat, and that speaks volumes about how strong our grassroots campaign is. It’s no wonder our campaign is the only bid in this district to receive a Trump official’s endorsement. Together, we will reclaim House District 51 from the Santa Fe Swamp and return a champion of the people to the Roundhouse.”

Ambassador Grenell served in the Trump administration from his U.S. Senate confirmation in 2018 to 2021. As acting Director of National Intelligence, Grenell oversaw the United States Intelligence Community.

The Block campaign told the Piñon Post that Amb. Grenell will have a virtual Q&A and discussion for Block on Tuesday, May 31 at 6:00 p.m. MT, which can be attended by donating $75 to John Block’s campaign for NM House District 51. The link to sign up is here. Invitations with virtual meeting links will be sent to attendees ahead of the event.

Dem lawmaker who constantly spews hatred demands GOP ‘drop lies and hate’

On Sunday, far-left state Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo) posted an op-ed penned by her party’s leadership, including retiring New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf and Democrat House Leader Javier Martinez. The op-ed bashed Republican gubernatorial candidates for focusing on the crime seeping through the border and the teaching of the racist Critical Race Theory in schools.

One portion of the opinion piece read, “In the Republican primary for the governor’s race, the candidates keep trying to outdo each other with lies about dangerous ‘illegals’ entering our country, or insisting learning our history and how it impacts us today is harmful to our kids.”

“Behind these lies about the supposed dangers of immigration or learning history, Republican candidates send coded messages to New Mexico voters – claiming falsely that new arrivals to New Mexico are a threat and that minority groups are to blame for all that ails society,” added the far-left lawmakers, apparently attempting to scare off GOP supporters by making false claims of racism. 

Thomson shared the post, writing on Twitter, “What my colleagues said! Drop lies and hate, focus on solutions for better future.”

However, Thomson has been a longtime hater of those she disagrees with, even spreading lies, anti-police propaganda, and mocking New Mexicans who had questions about the pandemic virus shot. 

Last November, Thomson fully backed banning guns from the state Capitol, calling law-abiding gun owners “gun-toting extremists” while sharing a cartoon comparing police officers to the Ku Klux Klan. ​​She also bashed anyone opposing Critical Race Theory ideas as “racist.”

In December, Thomson shared a post reading, “When you say ‘Let’s go, Brandon,’ you might as well advertise yourself as a nearly politically illiterate, unoriginal, cult-following fool who wandered willingly behind the flock of the loudest voices around you into hating a man that you don’t actually know anything about.”

The post continued that Trump was a “flagrant piece of s**t.”

Thomson wrote, “This is spot on.”

​​During the recent special legislative session dedicated to redistricting, Thomson responded to her fellow legislators who said the maps being proposed were partisan and gerrymandered, which they were. She said, “You get what you get, and you don’t throw a fit.” 

The far-left lawmaker on the most extreme fringe of the Democrat Party has long been known for her nasty and personal attacks against fellow New Mexicans, demeaning them as “uneducated” for asking questions about the virus jab and claiming in one rant, “Anyone who continues to back the orange traitor (apparently referring to President Donald Trump) after the terrorist attack, is forever branded with a scarlet S for seditionist.” 

She also called concerned parents asking questions about the jab for their kids “low iq voters.” Then, Thomson snitched on fellow citizens to the attorney general regarding pandemic mandates.

However, she now claims to want to “drop lies and hate” despite her long history of not only sharing hateful content but lying and besmirching those she disagrees with.

Deb Haaland gets wrecked over oil leasing failures during Senate hearing

This week, Biden’s Interior Secretary Deb Haaland appeared before a U.S. Senate committee, where she crashed and burned in attempts to answer straightforward questions by Republican and Democrat senators.

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana asked Haaland, “Is it more environmentally friendly to develop and produce oil and gas” in the U.S. or in foreign countries, like Venezuela? 

Haaland attempted to shift the question about “workers,” but Cassidy pressed her to respond to the question with a straightforward answer. 

She replied, “I’m not an economist.”

In multiple instances, when answering questions, Haaland’s staffers wrote notes to her to help her struggle through her testimony.

Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) asked her, “On June the 30th, there is a release of a proposal. There will be a comment period and everything else on offshore. When is the earliest we could actually start leasing?” 

Haaland struggled, with lots of “uhs” and “ums.” She added, “I don’t have… I mean, I don’t think there’s an actual deadline.” 

Lankford responded, “That’s the concern, actually, that all of us have. Is that there’s actually no deadline. That the proposal to talk about it is coming on the date that it should be done and taht this is going to stretch out to the next two or three years of talking about it. And so, we’re trying to figure out when’s the deadline to actually start leasing.”

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) asked, “Does [Biden] want to continue the oil and gas leasing moratorium?” adding, “Would you advise [Biden] to reinstate the oil and gas leasing moratorium?” 

“There was a pause; there wasn’t a moratorium. There isn’t a moratorium now,” said Haaland.

Lee responded, “Just last week, the Department [of the Interior] canceled three scheduled auctions that would have opened up space in Alaska’s Cook Inlet and the Gulf of Mexico for energy production. Now, a couple of interesting things about this. Gina McCarthy, the White House Climate Advisor, told a CBS reporter that an offshore lease sale had been canceled. She did so before the cancellation was even made public. Did you authorize Ms. McCarthy to make that statement?”

Haaland responded, “I don’t believe that I spoke with Ms. McCarthy that day.”

Lee added, “Just last month, Ms. Mccarthy also told MSNBC that … Biden remains absolutely committed to not moving forward with additional drilling on public lands. Do you agree with Ms. McCarthy as to that statement, yes or no?”

She responded, “Senator, I am working to lead the Department of the Interior…” 

Lee jumped in, “I get that, but do you agree with that statement or not?”

“I don’t know,” said Haaland. 

“Your answer is that you don’t know. Perfectly legitimate answer, I suppose, but troubling in some ways. Now, with respect to the Cook Inlet lease, which was canceled, your department at the Department of the Interior cited a ‘lack of industry interest’ in that lease. Now, it seems to me that industry interest cannot be reasonably gauged or gauged at all until the extent or the value of the actual bids are made clear. So, does this mean you’re going to force companies to tip their hand, show their cards every time they want to pursue a leasing opportunity?”

Haaland added, “Well, I think it’s our job to make sure that we are reaching out to companies that we’re gauging their interest by speaking with them,” adding, “If there is no interest, then it doesn’t make sense to move forward.”

Lee went on to ask about leases in other areas. “In January, a federal judge invalidated Lease Sale 257 based on … the Department of the Interior doing insufficient environmental analysis. Now, you chose not to appeal that decision, so none of those leases will be awarded or drilled. As I look at this, and as a longtime appellate lawyer, I suspect that [there are] likely one of two expectations for this: Either you were happy with the result, you liked the result, or alternatively, you knew the environmental work your department had done on this was sloppy. So, which was it?”

She responded, “Well, what I could say about that is that our solicitors consult with the Department of Justice on these issues, and they make the determination on whether an appeal should take place.”

Lee concluded, “We have a department that is determined to not allow oil and gas leasing. They’ve hiked royalties. They have taken things out of eligibility for leasing. This is coming to a great expense to the American people, who are paying dearly for it. The American people deserve better.”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), the chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, said, “The Department of the Interior just put out a statement, and the statement basically says that ‘a proposed program is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development.’ This is y’alls office. So it looks like you’re going to shut everything down. Did you all know you put this out?” 

Haaland responded, “I am sorry. I am sitting in this hearing, and not…” 

“My God, somebody… this shuts it down. It shows what your intent is.” He added, “Basically it says, Sec. Haaland provides updates on [the] offshore leasing program during Senate testimony. During testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Sec. of the Interior Deb Haaland confirmed that despite delays in implementation from the previous administration, the Interior Department will release the proposed program, the next step in the five-year offshore energy planning process by June 30, 2022, which is the expiration of the current program. A proposed program is not a decision to issue specific leases or to authorize any drilling or development.  So they’re going to do the proposal, but it doesn’t guarantee they are going to do any leasing at all.” 

Haaland responded, “I believe what that is saying is that it’s the plan that’s coming out.” 

Manchin clapped back, “I think What you’re prefacing it by saying after you’re acknowledging the plan. You’ll have a plan by June 30th. But you went further to say that doesn’t mean that you’re issuing any specific leases. If you have a plan, you should have; I mean, we’ve never done this. This is history. We’ve never done that before, not issue leases if you put a plan out. The plan has always been a long-term five-year plan to lease. 

Haaland said, “I don’t believe that is saying that we’re not going to do any of those things. I think it is saying that we’re putting the plan out…” 

Manchin added, “The time is not right. You all have taken as long as you possibly could” to put out the plan on oil and gas leases. 

Under the guise of saving lizard, eco-left group seeks to kill NM oil & gas industry

In another lawsuit filed by the Enviro-Marxist dark money group, the “Center for Biological Diversity” (CBD), it hopes to stop oil and gas production in the Permian Basin to protect the “dunes sagebrush lizard.” 

“The lizard lives in a very small area of West Texas and southeastern New Mexico overlaying a part of the Permian Basin, which over the last decade has been one of world’s fastest-growing oil and gas extraction areas,” the group wrote in a press release Thursday.

“The 2.5-inch-long dunes sagebrush lizard has the second-smallest range of any lizard in North America. The lizards inhabit a rare ecosystem where they hunt insects and spiders in wind-blown dunes. They burrow into the sand beneath low-lying shinnery oak shrubs for protection from extreme temperatures.”

CBD claims in a new lawsuit that the U.S. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is “stalling in making a decision on whether to grant Endangered Species Act protections to the dunes sagebrush lizard.”

“More than 95% of the original shinnery oak dunes ecosystem has been destroyed by oil and gas extraction and other development, as well as herbicide spraying to support livestock grazing. Much of the lizards’ remaining habitat is fragmented, preventing them from finding mates beyond those already living close by. The lizard is further imperiled by burgeoning sand-mining operations in the area — a secondary impact of the oil and gas industry, which uses the sand for fracking,” claimed the group, without citing any sources for their assertions.

The group cites “climate change” as the cause of the supposed habitat issues, exacerbated by oil and gas.  

“Dunes sagebrush lizards are perfectly adapted to their shinnery oak dune habitats, but they won’t survive the oil and gas industry without protection,” said Michael Robinson, a senior conservation advocate at the Center. “Climate change isn’t just caused by burning fossil fuels. It’s also driven by the destruction of carbon-storing natural habitats like those needed by the lizard. This destruction in turn is the main cause of the extinction crisis and thus the oil and gas industry’s destruction of the natural world is a double whammy.”

The Center for Biological Diversity is known for its sweeping lawsuits, which have attempted to harm the oil and gas industry, as well as the cattle industry.

Last year, CBD filed lawsuits aiming to “protect” the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse in the Lincoln National Forest (LNF), which would have effectively banned ranchers from grazing due to claims the elusive mouse, which no one has actually seen in the LNF, is “endangered.”

Time will tell if CBD’s lawsuit to halt oil and gas production in the Permian is successful under the guise of protecting the dunes sagebrush lizard will be a success. If so, it could have a devastating impact on the New Mexico and West Texas economies.

In many instances, these lawsuits by groups to save species such as the Mexican spotted owl have stopped logging and forest maintenance, which have caused or worsened fires and fire danger in New Mexico’s forests. The group also sued the Trump administration over construction of the border wall

CBD has radical enviro-Marxist views, including support for human population control, with measures such as male sterilization. According to Influence Watch:

CBD’s Population and Sustainability Program asserts a “link between human population growth and the wildlife extinction crisis” and that “we can still save wildlife, by choosing to stop hogging the planet.” CBD asserts having just one child “increases your carbon legacy by 20 times what you could save over a lifetime of recycling, switching to low-voltage light bulbs and driving a hybrid car — combined.”

The program claims to have distributed more than a half-million “endangered species condoms” – prophylactics packaged in wrappers with colorful images of wildlife. The condom packages have been emblazoned with contraceptive slogans linking human reproduction to animal endangerment (i.e.: “Wrap with care, save the polar bear”), with each related to narratives explaining the supposed connection between danger to the particular species and the birth of new babies. 

CBD also encourages male sterilization. During the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament (“March Madness”), the Population and Sustainability newsletter encouraged male fans to “get a team of players together — if you have like-minded friends” to undergo group vasectomy surgeries. “March Madness is upon us,” began the message. “And as all the number one seeds prepare for the tournament, it’s time to think about whether you want your own seeds to advance.” Playing along, according to CBD, “means you can help give wildlife like your favorite mascots, from wildcats to horned frogs, a better shot at surviving past the playoffs.”

In a July 2018 edition of the same newsletter, CBD denounced then-U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as “Trump’s Dangerous Supreme Court Pick” due to Kavanaugh’s alleged “track record of ruling against access to abortion” which CBD stated is “a critical part of reproductive freedom and protecting women’s health.” The missive ended with a call-to-action encouraging readers to ask their U.S. Senators to vote down the Kavanaugh appointment. 

ABQ taxpayers now forced to fund Planned Parenthood abortion business

At the Albuquerque City Council’s Monday meeting, councilors voted 6-3 to add $250,000 to the City’s budget to fund the Planned Parenthood of New Mexico abortion business, according to a press release from the Council.

The measure was proposed by newly elected City Councilor Tammy Fiebelkorn, a far-leftist who was endorsed by many pro-abortion politicians, including Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller.

According to a release after the meeting, Fiebelkorn claimed pro-lifers are “extremists” who are “attacking” the right to kill one’s baby through abortion.

Ironically, Fiebelkorn claimed the $250,000 in taxpayer money is “vital.” She wrote, “I’m proud to have sponsored this amendment to provide vital support for Planned Parenthood.”

“Anti-women extremists have used aggression and intimidation towards Planned Parenthood clinics, staff, and patients resulting in increased costs, delays in treatment, and additional counseling and education needs,” Fiebelkorn claimed. “These funds support our local Planned Parenthood clinic to ensure that all Albuquerque women have access to family planning, abortion, and other reproductive health services.” 

The City’s final budget passed 7-2, with Councilors Dan Lewis and Renee Grout voting against it. 

The amendment to give money to Planned Parenthood passed with the support of two Republican city councilors: Brook Bassan of District 4 and Trudy Jones of District 8.

Following the news, the pro-life Society of St. Sebastian wrote, “Sadly, the City Council of Albuquerque, NM has given $250K to Planned Parenthood of New Mexico. This is a misuse of public funds since funds are meant to build the community, not destroy humanity.”

Paul Gessing of the Rio Grande Foundation commented about the vote on Twitter, “No matter your position on abortion, Albuquerque taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to fund Planned Parenthood. Sad (and certainly questionable from anti-donation perspective) that a majority on Council voted for this new subsidy.”

Leger Fernandez triggered after being called out for pro-abortion radicalism

Over the weekend, pro-abortion Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez (NM-03) sent out a fundraising email complaining that the Piñon Post had run a story labeling her support for abortion up-to-birth as “radicalism.” She labeled us as the “right-wing media.”

In the email, Leger Fernandez wrote, “I wish I could say I was surprised, but right-wing media has decided to attack me yet again — this time in an article about the email I sent the other day, asking you to support abortion access in New Mexico. They are calling my support for reproductive freedom ‘radicalism’ and are attacking me for being a champion for reproductive rights and access.”

It is unclear why Leger Fernandez calls killing a child in the womb “reproductive freedom” because the ending of a child’s life before birth is the opposite of reproduction, while there is also no “freedom” for the child.

Leger Fernandez then doubled down on her support for extremist abortion up-to-birth policies, writing, “Let me be clear.” She added, “I will never stop standing up for a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her body and her health — without government interference. In New Mexico, we know that these important decisions belong with our familias, our faith, and our medical providers — and we are dedicated to preserving access to care for New Mexicans and any patient who needs it.”

She then praised pro-abortion protesters gathering across New Mexico to celebrate killing babies through abortions. “Yesterday, New Mexicans joined thousands across the country in marching and rallying for abortion access,” she wrote. “New Mexicans won’t back down — and neither will I. But in order to hold my seat and keep fighting for women and families, I need your help.”

Many national polls time and time again show that Americans support pro-life policies, with a new Rasmussen poll even finding that 48% of Americans support Roe v. Wade being overturned while only 45% oppose it. Read more about 11 other polls showing Americans back pro-life positions.

Despite vast public opinion being against Leger Fernandez’s abortion up-to-birth stance, she is banking on pro-abortion radicalism as a campaign issue. Her district was recently rated from a D+14 down to a D+5 due to Democrat gerrymandering, which means Republicans have a good shot of winning the Third Congressional District, especially in the current political climate. 

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