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Report: MLG-endorsed NM House candidate and ‘CNN hero’ appears to have past as porn actor

According to a report done by a prominent investigative firm, Democrat Roger Montoya, running for an open seat in the 40th District of the New Mexico House of Representatives, has apparently appeared in multiple pornographic gay films, something he has made no mention of in any public media or any other place.

In 2019 Montoya was chosen by CNN as a “CNN Hero” for his role in the performing arts, where the network highlighted his longtime battle with AIDS, writing, “by the late 1980s, he was HIV-positive.” 

Montoya is a favorite of many top-level Democrat politicians in New Mexico. He has the endorsements of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, and has received over $2,500 from “MLG PAC,” Lujan Grisham’s political action committee. He has received campaign funds and endorsements from the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood Votes New Mexico and the environmental group the Sierra Club. In 2019, Gov. Lujan Grisham appointed Montoya to the Human Rights Commission at the Department of Workforce Solutions following the CNN award.

The investigative report found that Montoya appears to have had unprotected sex in multiple gay films titled “Hot Male Mechanics,” “Spring Training,” “The Lumber Yard,” “Falcon Bareback,” and “Hot Chili Peppers 2” going by the name “Joe Savage” or “Eric Martinez.” One source notes, “Joe Savage has concentrated on working with Distribpix / Video-X-Pix, Falcon Studios, and Midnight Video.” These all appear to be pornographic production companies.

The report by the investigator reads:

I then used open media sources to obtain photographs of Roger Montoya. … All the photographs were then put on the same spreadsheet for comparisons. All the photographs show similar facial features. Although there is a 35-year difference, there are cues noticed in the ears, specifically the ear lobes. The eyebrows and chin structure are also similar.

The report concluded that it was the opinion of two investigators that the “similarities in the photographs are a good match that Roger Montoya and Joe Savage are one in the same.” 

Confirmed picture of Roger Montoya from a family photograph (right). Judging by the clothing style, it is from the late 1970s. Publicity photo for one of Joe Savage’s movies (right) for comparison.

An independent investigation by the Piñon Post of the provided photographs by the investigator matched these photographs to those posted on the website “Gay Santa Fe,” which did a piece on Montoya after the “CNN Heroes” story. 

The story included photographs of Montoya dancing, as well as a headshot from around the time he may have appeared in pornographic movies, which was approximately around the year 1985, according to Joe Savage’s profile on IMDB

The body type of the head/body shot from the “Joe Savage” pornography profile on “Hot Movies,” provided by the investigator, appears to be similar to that of the Gay Santa Fe photograph showing Montoya dancing. 

Screenshot of Savage obtained by investigators from one of his pornographic films (left), Montoya from Gay Santa Fe article (right).
The closeup photograph from the Gay Santa Fe piece (right) reveals how similar Joe Savage/Eric Martinez and Roger Montoya appear, even approximately 35 years after the photograph was taken. 

To further validate the similarities between both men, Piñon Post took the photographs from the Joe Savage profile and searched them in the “PimEyes” online search platform, which matches visually similar images up with others on the internet. One of the search results that came up matched the 1980s photograph to a much more recent one of Roger Montoya from a website called “Living Juicy,” as well as other graphic images from Joe Savage’s pornographic films. Note: graphic search results have been blurred out.

The Piñon Post reached out to Mr. Montoya for comment via telephone and email correspondence on multiple occasions, but did not hear back and could not leave a message due to his voicemail inbox being full. If Montoya does care to comment, this report will be updated. Montoya is running against Republican Justin Salazar-Torres for the 40th District New Mexico House seat.

Note: No direct links to Joe Savage’s/Eric Martinez’s pornographic videos are embedded in this article, due to their graphic nature. Photographs and headshots of Joe Savage/Eric Martinez are copyright of “Falcon Studios.”

For the first time in a decade, NM GOP is running TV ads, looking to spend up to $500k

On Tuesday, the Republican Party of New Mexico announced that it will be spending $225,000 in television advertisements, with a goal of $500,000 throughout the election. The ads will be featuring many New Mexicans who left the Democrat Party, in an ad titled “Save New Mexico 2020.” 

“What made me want to change from the Democrat Party was I started realizing how far they were from the Catholic JFK Democrats,” one woman says in the ad.

“The Democratic Party has changed. They no longer support our land, our rights, our freedom,” says another.

Isabella Solis of Las Cruces, who is running for state representative against incumbent Democrat Joanne Ferrary, said, “In New Mexico, we have had well over ninety years of Democrats running our state, and we are still last in everything, from our education system to our economy.” 

“I don’t want this country to become a socialist country,” says another woman in the ad.

The ad closes saying “Vote Republican and save New Mexico.” 

Check out the full spot here:

The powerful one-minute ad will be launched “ad digitally on social media and across New Mexico to make sure we reach as many voters as possible,” says the NM GOP.

“Every day, more and more New Mexicans are walking away from the Democrat Party. We need to double down on our efforts to save New Mexico. With your help, we can continue to spread our message and take our state back,” says the Party.

The Republican Party is seeking donations to keep the ad on the airwaves to hit their $500,000 goal, and people can chip in by contributing here

NY Times promotes anti-Hispanic hate group, dubs violent killer Popé a ‘visionary shaman’

On Monday, the New York Times released a slanted article glorifying the horrific and bloody 1680 Pueblo Revolt led by the bloody genocidal maniac, also known as Popé. The report, in an attempt to be “fair,” only cited one dissenting opinion, whereas all other quotes came from pro-Popé voices, including those of “The Red Nation.”

The Red Nation is an anti-Hispanic hate group that has closely aligned with anti-Semitic terrorist groups, specifically Lebanon-based Hezbollah. The group’s bigotry is evident through its recent pro-Palestine parade on the “Global Day of Rage,” sponsored by Al-Awda, a fringe anti-Semitic group which the Anti-Defamation League has called out for bigotry. Its founders compare Jews to Nazis. 

The Red Nation’s founder wrote in a hateful now-deleted blog post, “the ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Spanish American’ racial identity was a fiction created to make New Mexico appear ‘white enough’ to join the U.S. since both identities privileged a European or Spanish heritage even if the population was mixed or descended from detribalized peoples. New Mexico’s statehood was delayed until 1912 because white Anglos felt the territory did not possess a white majority, so a new ‘race’ of whites had to be created.”

In the New York Times article, the writer refers to Popé, who brutally slaughtered 401 people, including 21 of the state’s 33 Catholic priests during the Revolt of 1680, as a “visionary shaman,” while blasting Spanish settlers. The piece also claims that Santa Fe was not reconquested peacefully, despite no bloodshed in the reconquest in 1692. 

Quoting Justine Teba of The Red Nation, which as well as supportive of bigotry toward Hispanics, also is a Marxist organization, she says “We have multiple tribes coming together to get rid of statues celebrating our genocide.” Instead of statues of Spanish settlers, Teba wants to erect statues of Popé, despite his inhumane treatment of Spaniards. 

What the Times article fails to mention is that Don Diego de Vargas in his reconquest of New Mexico, was asked by Indigenous tribes for help, and Spaniards had a copasetic relationship with them, San Felipe Pueblo being one of his most fervent allies. 

The piece glorifies the tagging and destruction of historic monuments tied to both Spanish and Indigenous cultures, and instead of characterizing them as destructive, illegal acts upon public property, the author of the article simply notes the vandalism as “emblazoning” the walls of places in Santa Fe and Taos with 1680.

The Red Nation and another group, the “Three Sisters Collective” celebrated the vandalism of public property, writing on Facebook, “With regard to the graffiti written on the obelisk, although uncomfortable for some, the vandalism of this object pales in comparison to hate crimes against Indigenous, Black and Brown people.”

A recent Albuquerque Journal poll shows that support for removing Spanish statues is at an all-time low, with 53% of respondents opposed to removing these historical statues and landmarks. Only 27% of respondents were in support of the unpopular measure. The New York Times did not mention this.

Now, the New York Times appears to be doing the bidding of a few radical Marxist groups aiming not only to cause racial division but to overtake society by any means necessary to push their hateful anti-Hispanic agenda through. 

“Revolution is here… and if you’re not part of it, you’re gonna get swept aside.” – The Red Nation

Law-and-order Herrell clear winner over soft-on-crime, anti-Trump Torres Small in CD-2 TV debate

On Sunday night, both Republican New Mexico Rep. Yvette Herrell and Democrat U.S. Rep Xochitl Torres Small came together remotely for the first televised Second Congressional District debate on KOAT 7, where the candidates revealed a stark difference between themselves and their visions for the sprawling Southern New Mexico district. 

Torres Small came off as a party-line Democrat despite her spouting the continuous phrase that she “worked with President Trump,” while she voted to impeach him twice. Herrell made sure to bring up Torres Small’s vote to impeach the President that she claimed to work with, and she went on the defense. 

She repeated the debunked Ukraine conspiracy theory that the impeachment charges stemmed from, claiming, “I felt like our national security was at risk when there was a potential that the President was using his office for political gain and misusing military support to do so.” President Trump was acquitted by the U.S. Senate and exonerated by the Department of Justice of any wrongdoing from the Democrats’ flimsy accusations. 

When it came to the Second Amendment, Herrell strongly supported gun ownership without any red tape from the government bureaucracy. “I will not support any ban, in fact, I would not support any legislation that would have an impact on our Second Amendment,” said Herrell.

In contrast, Torres Small touted her vote to ban the private transfer of firearms and criminalize people under 21 from owning handguns through her support of a “Universal Background Check Bill,” H.R. 8. She said, “There shouldn’t be loopholes when it comes to our legislation either. There’s no shortcuts; that’s why I did support comprehensive background checks.” 

The rural Second Congressional District has many gun owners, and Torres Small’s vote to take those away should not bode well for her as she moves forward on the campaign trail.

Regarding defunding the police, Torres Small claimed that the American system of law-and-order is one of “systemic” racism, throwing law enforcers under the bus. In stark contrast, Herrell stood proudly by law enforcers, saying “We need to be talking about defending the police, not defunding them.” 

Torres Small also admitted to be voting for Joe Biden, despite refusing to speak publicly about her vote for president, especially with her role as a public figure. 

Herrell came off as in-tune with the needs of the district and as a champion of rural New Mexico, while Torres Small’s support for Joe Biden, Ukraine conspiracy theories, and anti-gun policies showed her as a weaker and more DC-influenced politician who can be bought and swayed, as evident with her 95% Nancy Pelosi voting record, according to ProPublica. Herrell came off as the clear winner and the best choice for the people of CD-2.

Watch the whole debate here:

MLG claims GOP trying to ‘rob the soul of our state’ by working to defeat Ben Ray Luján

Ben Ray Luján is spooked out of his wits at the prospect of Republicans; specifically, his GOP opponent Mark Ronchetti winning the open U.S. Senate seat and other races across the nation. In a rare move, Luján had Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (who may or may not be his cousin) sign an email for him asking for donations. 

Lujan Grisham wrote in the email: 

I’m proud to be the governor of New Mexico every day.

But right now, I need your urgent help to protect it. Here’s why:

— First, Trump barged into New Mexico, held a massive rally, and pledged to turn us red.

— Then, Republicans launched hundreds of thousands in attack ads to take Ben Ray down.

— Now, alarming new polls show Republicans are just SINGLE digits from overtaking him.

We cannot allow Trump and his Republicans to flood New Mexico with cash and rob the soul of our state for their political gain.

Will you rush $10 before the 72-hour deadline to ensure Ben Ray WINS this Senate race?

The move by Lujan Grisham to sign email copy for Luján may mean Republicans truly have a shot at taking the Senate seat, with the Left freaking out, at least through email correspondence, with doom and gloom rhetoric claiming the President of the United States (including New Mexico) “barged” into the state (despite it being in the United States), among other heated lines.

Particularly noteworthy is Lujan Grisham’s plea that Trump and his Republican friends are “robbing” the “soul” of our state for political gain when in reality, Lujan Grisham and Luján have been on the forefront of anti-New Mexico policies that are harming New Mexico and the economy.

Some such policies that are noteworthy include their obsession with legalizing abortion up-to-birth and infanticide in New Mexico. Lujan Grisham pushed hard for a bill to strip protections in state statute for unborn infants, which the Democrat Legislature overwhelmingly rejected. Luján refused to sign onto a bipartisan bill called the “Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act,” which would have given basic medical care to babies born through a failed abortion, which his fellow New Mexico Democrat representatives Deb Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small also refused to sign onto. 

Lujan Grisham also passed New Mexico’s “mini” Green New Deal, aiming to wipe out all state oil production. At the same time, Luján has endorsed the actual Green New Deal championed by New York socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Lujan Grisham signed a bill stripping counties’ “Right to Work” ordinances away, forcing people to join bureaucratic unions that eat away at workers’ paychecks, as well as bills to raise working families’ taxes. She also supports taxing seniors’ Social Security checks, which folks have paid into their entire working lives. 

Now, as President Trump has signaled he may be coming to New Mexico soon, Lujan Grisham and her (cousin?) are running scared, flinging any heated rhetoric at all at the wall, hoping something, anything sticks.

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Liberal media fixates on handful of pro-BLM UNM students, ignores giant #newmexit rally at Capitol

On Saturday, patriots from all across New Mexico came together in Santa Fe for a unifying pro-Trump “#newmexit” freedom rally, where speakers included the #newmexit movement’s founders, candidates, and other groups.

There were hundreds of patriots attending to support exiting from the Democrat Party and to rally the troops ahead of Election Day. According to one report, attendees numbered 900-950 people in total. 

The description on the Facebook event reads, “Celebrate New Mexicans exiting the Democrat party. New Mexico has been in blue bondage for over 85 years, and now it’s time to turn NM Red. Great speakers, music and a chance to register to vote or change your party.”

The event then turned from a political rally to a worship and prayer “revival” service called the “NM Return,” which featured music and prayer for New Mexico and the nation. 

Despite the massive crowds attracted to the hybrid event, the media instead chose to fixate on a handful of whiny college students at the University of New Mexico sitting on the quad and supporting the far-left racist “Black Lives Matter” movement, which is closely tied with Marxism and self-hatred for people who are not Black.


Below are screenshots of both KOAT 7 and KOB 4 fixating on the Black Lives Matter UNM rally, while not even mentioning the giant patriotic rally in Santa Fe.

Trump says his team is ‘working hard in New Mexico’ and that he ‘will be there soon’

On Friday, President Trump shot off a morning tweet to the people of New Mexico, touting his work to protect the Second Amendment and his building of the wall on New Mexico’s southern border with Mexico.

The President wrote, “Working hard in New Mexico. I built the Wall (security) and will totally protect your Second Amendment (The Dems want to obliterate it!). Will be there soon!” 

The tweet possibly signals that the President or his team will come to the state to rally the troops in a “peaceful protest,” or possibly he will send a surrogate of his campaign to the state, such as his son Don Jr., who previously came to New Mexico for a Latinos for Trump event.

In recent weeks, the Trump team in New Mexico has been holding massive events, notably the “Women for Trump” bus tour, which has been getting large crowds, and the Trump Victory team has been knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors across the state, looking for a Republican win in November.

Deb Haaland blasts Trump as a ‘dictator’ while telling followers ‘I refuse to lose my power’

On Wednesday, far-left Democrat Rep. Deb Haaland (NM-1) took to Twitter to blast President Trump for calling for fair elections. The President has repeatedly spoken about all mail-in elections being prone to voter fraud, which has proven to be true.

Haaland called the President a “dictator,” saying only despotic leaders in countries “where elections are predetermined” speak as he has. However, Haaland’s party has embraced socialism, which is the ideology running through many failed states, notably Cuba and Venezuela, which are lush with natural resources. Yet, their undemocratic socialist dictators have turned them into some of the poorest places on Earth.

Haaland did not stop there. In a statement that likely only a dictator would make, she wrote, “I refuse to lose my power,” urging all of her followers to sign up to vote. 

Haaland’s Republican opponent Michelle Garcia Holmes responded, writing on her Facebook wall, “Earlier today Deb started out her tweet with these words. Last I checked Congress is the ‘People’s House.’ She’s why we have to get the POWER back to the people!”

Haaland votes 95% of the time with socialist Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), 96% of the time with Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and 96% of the time with Rashida Tlaib (D-MI). She has been a far-left champion of the Democrat Party’s most fringe policies and called a violent Antifa mob of domestic terrorists “peaceful protesters.” 

CA’s Gov. Newsom signs order banning gas-powered car sales by 2035—NM could be next

On Wednesday, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he would bar the sale of new gas-powered vehicles starting in 2035 via executive order. 

“Transportation represents more than 50% of California’s greenhouse gas emissions, Newsom said on Wednesday before signing the executive order,” reports the Washington Examiner

“Newsom said the move to bar internal combustion engines is an economic opportunity for California, which alone has 34 manufacturers of electric cars.” 

The extreme move means California’s residents will be faced with an imminent mandate to buy electric cars, which could hurt working families who cannot afford to invest in such expensive technology.

Newsom’s executive action could very well be mimicked by New Mexico, as Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has followed suit with California on multiple energy-based issues, such as signing New Mexico’s “Energy Transition Act,” which will ban all oil production by 2045. 

According to a 2019 review by Power The Future, “Governor Lujan Grisham traveled an estimated 6,000 miles by car and took 15 flights across the country from May through July while utilizing fossil fuel-based transportation. This despite her promise to ‘promote the purchase and use of electric vehicles in our state, in order to help make it a center of that growing industry.’” The numbers are likely to be much higher today, as the Governor has tried to build a national presence to find a spot in the Joe Biden administration if he were to win the Presidency in November. 

In September 2019, Lujan Grisham unilaterally decided to increase the cost of cars with increased emissions standards with vehicles in the 2022 model year, which is expected to increase the average fuel economy to 52 mpg, according to the Albuquerque Journal.  

“To combat climate change, to keep New Mexico’s citizens safe, to protect the air we all breathe, it’s essential we adopt more stringent clean car standards that increase fuel economy and reduce emissions,” she said at the time. 

Power The Future’s notes that the move is predicted that car prices will rise an average of $2,700 thanks to the “regressive green agenda” set forth by the Governor.

Power The Future’s Larry Behrens wrote regarding Newsom’s executive order, “Governor Lujan Grisham has never heard of a radical California idea she didn’t like, and this one is no different. Late last year, the Governor took fossil fuel-powered transportation to New York City to sign her own extreme vehicle emissions edict. When they were asked about it, the Governor’s office worked hard to hide the fact her actions were a carbon-copy of California’s.”

“If the Governor wants to copy California and lecture New Mexican’s about what to drive, she might want to first look at the gas-mileage of her own massive SUV.”

Due to California’s left-wing energy policies, they have experienced widespread energy blackouts across the state, which has resulted in a loss of life and threatening wildfires.

It is not immediately known if the Governor is to follow suit with California and sign an executive order of her own. However, electing a pro-energy majority in the state Legislature is critical in 2020 to counteract the imbalance of anti-oil and gas rhetoric coming from the Governor and her allies in the state House and Senate.

Violent leftists continue savagery as they deface GOP signs, campaign offices across the state

Over the past few weeks, as tensions have risen due to the imminent November 3rd election, leftists have begun their perennial election year savagery, attacking, stealing, and defacing Republican political signs and campaign offices across the state. 

As Piñon Post reported earlier in September, Republicans have faced an onslaught of destructive behavior toward their political signs this election cycle, more so than in previous years, as the GOP looks to re-elect President Donald J. Trump, elect a Republican delegation to the state’s three seats in the U.S. House of Representatives and one to an open U.S. Senate seat, and flip the state Legislature back to Republican hands.

The Republican Party of New Mexico issued a press release condemning the recent wave of violence toward their political signs and offices, with Chairman Steve Pearce writing, “All of these crimes are acts of hate, a message has that no place in our society at any time. Earlier this year vandals defaced our Albuquerque Headquarters, but the DA failed to prosecute the suspect. This kind of criminal behavior must stop and these vandals must be punished.” 

The acts of vandalism include Trump/Pence signs tagged with swastikas and the word “Biden,” referring to the Democrat nominee for President, and the phrase “Black Lives Matter,” referring to the violent leftist political movement which has unofficially partnered with Antifa and other left-wing groups to cause havoc in American cities and burn down neighborhoods in the name of “social justice.” One sign had the acronym “A.C.A.B” scribbled on it, presumably meaning “All Cops Are Bastards,” according to the release.

At Juan Tabo and Montgomery Boulevard in Albuquerque, a man took a machete to a Trump/Pence sign, violently chopping at the sign. At the northeast corner of Academy and Eubank, a large sign was stolen. The video has since garnered over 140,000 views on one Twitter post sharing the video.

As reported on earlier, other campaigns have faced the wrath of these intolerant leftists, but possibly none more than state House of Representatives candidate Isabella Solis, who has posted repeatedly about her signs being defaced with hateful messages such as “F*ck Trump” or the signs being ripped into shreds. Solis is running against far-left Rep. Joanne Ferrary, a militant pro-abortion advocate. 

Solis wrote in a Facebook post, “Our political process is rooted in our freedom to choose. Please don’t limit anyone’s expression of choice or the freedom of speech we all enjoy. This should not be what the community is about. We are running based on integrity and the change that Dona Ana County needs and we will not be deterred. Destroying these signs is a felony.” 

In one post from the Republican Party of San Juan County, they showed similar vandalism in their area, with Trump/Pence signs tagged and other Republican signs vandalized. In one rare act of vandalism on a Democrat sign, the vandal appears to have mistaken Democrat Ben Ray Luján’s sign as a Republican sign and written “F*ck Trump” on it. 

This is unfortunately not likely the last Piñon Post article on the Democrat intolerance toward opposing political campaigns before the election, however, it may be an indication that leftists are scared for a November loss and are trying to tank GOP campaigns up and down the ticket, by hook or by crook. 

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