The Piñon Post was created by conservative reporter John Block to bring New Mexico the highest-quality independent news and conservative opinion on politics and current events. 

The name is meant to embody the piñon trees that make up a big part of our heritage as New Mexicans and the communities, such as Piñon in the Sacramento Mountains that mean so much to us.



John is a native New Mexican who is fighting tooth and nail for conservative causes in our state, including work at the New Mexico House of Representatives, advocating on behalf of the oil and gas industry, and volunteering for President Donald Trump’s 2015-16 campaign. He served as the manager of one of President Trump’s largest independent allies, The Committee to Defend the President during the 2020 election cycle.

Throughout his work in New Mexico politics, John has fought and won against out-of-state special interests and radical legislation such as 2019’s abortion up-to-birth bill and 2021’s gas tax at the New Mexico Legislature.

Through the Piñon Post, John is helping bring true representation to conservatives in the Land of Enchantment by exposing corruption and advocating for commonsense conservative ideals.

In 2022, John was elected as a state representative for New Mexico’s 51st House District in Alamogordo. 

John has a B.A. in business administration as well as an M.B.A. from Eastern New Mexico University.


To send a news tip or submit an op-ed, please send an email to News@PinonPost.com

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