Embattled Gov. Lujan Grisham sends out paranoid email bashing ‘Trump loyalists’

On Monday, embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, in another desperate move, sent out an email to donors requesting campaign cash. 

She wrote to her donors, “In spite of all the good we’ve done together, some in New Mexico are looking to stifle our voices and endanger our democracy.” She erroneously cited that she cut taxes for “working families” and touted her passage of recreational marijuana, which she also erroneously claimed will “bring new jobs” to the state.

“Let’s face it: Donald Trump has friends running for office in our state – and these are the same kind of far-right extremists that attacked our democratic institutions on Jan. 6,” she claimed.

“To keep our state safe from Trump loyalists, we need to spread our message of hope and elect Democrats up and down the ballot – so I need your help to make critical investments in these early days of my campaign.” 

Ironically, in the first paragraph of her email, she wrote that she is “taking the high road” and that she wants “all New Mexicans have the opportunity to provide a better life for their children.” It appears that by writing “all” New Mexicans, she does not mean President Donald Trump supporters, or “loyalists” as she calls them.

Despite her claims in the article, Lujan Grisham’s administration pushed for raising taxes, including a 20+ cent gas tax on the poor, which every single Democrat state senator voted for. In the Governor’s H.B. 291, which she signed, it actually increased taxes on New Mexicans, including many small business owners.

During the pandemic, Lujan Grisham’s lockdowns resulted in the killing of 40% of small businesses in the state and New Mexico remains at the second-highest unemployed state.


3 thoughts on “Embattled Gov. Lujan Grisham sends out paranoid email bashing ‘Trump loyalists’”

  1. Sounds liike you tiny tyrant….looking to stifle our voices and endanger our democracy.” ……who put the legislature on zoom where nobody had the right to make comment or ask question…..you stifle the voices telling us the benefits chloroquine…ivermetin..vit D3..zinc..etc …only pushing the untested gene therapy shot….and bribery of people to take it

    Endanger our democracy?……..we lost it with your unscientific lockdown and forcing us to wear those masks….proven they dont work for virus……to inflate your ego…….remember…when you point your finger….3 fingers are pointing right back at you…

  2. Ronnie Sisneros

    When Lujan was elected Governor of New Mexico I never believed she would support, promote all of these horrible things she has done. She has proven to be nothing but a puppet for liberal fools while totally forgetting about the people she is supposed to represent. What a horrible Governor she has been for New Mexico. This Chicano is voting for Rebecca Dow for Governor of New Mexico.

  3. Read Revolver News and you will see what really happened on 1/6. We should be sending troops to the Border Gov. But wait you want the illegals here and so does Keller

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