MLG’s comms. director says resistance to Governor just exists in ‘angsty corners of social media’

On Monday, the Santa Fe New Mexican released an interview with one-term Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, which included an interview trying to downplay her COVID-19 response, which has decimated countless New Mexico businesses and livelihoods.

During the interview, Lujan Grisham admitted how her strict mandates would hurt her at the polls, with the New Mexican writing that “there will be parents of school-age children who may never vote for her again because of classroom closures.” 

“ ‘Be mad at the pandemic,’ is what I tell everyone,” said Lujan Grisham, adding that “it’s not political.” 

She reflected on her decisions during the pandemic and said, “The very first important decision on March 11 is that we’re going to ask businesses to shutter and people to stay home, and we’re going to get ready to close schools.” 

However, her only regret she said is that she wasn’t able to influence Republican members in the National Governor’s Association to shut down their states as she did. “That’s something I really pride myself on, that I can bring people of different parties and different perspectives together, and I couldn’t do it at the federal level,” she added.

She also bemoaned her inability to convince Tribal governments to also follow her economy-killing mandates, saying “And I still have, you know, moments where I just feel poorly that I was unable to get other policymakers on the same page.”

Tripp Stelnicki, the Governor’s communications director who has repeatedly been an enemy of the common New Mexican, said that he feels confident about the “internal polling” done on the governor’s performance, saying she gets “high marks” from New Mexicans.

“That might run counter to the perception you get from angsty corners of social media, but I think New Mexicans overwhelmingly recognize that a crisis calls for decisive leadership and a willingness to make tough and sometimes unpopular decisions,” he said. He added, “You can’t make assumptions in politics, but we feel pretty good about public support.” 

It appears the Governor’s spokesman has just downplayed the countless New Mexicans who have been decimated by the Governor’s lockdown as simply living in “angsty corners of social media.” He previously downplayed the hours-long breadlines at stores due to the Governor’s lockdown as a “minor inconvenience” while claiming Republicans who oppose Lujan Grisham’s dictates are members of a “death cult.” He also belittled a local television news reporter for asking basic questions.

Now, the Governor is trying to gin up support as the state remains in lockdown, comparing the state’s current position to that of the Great Recession of 2008. Lujan Grisham said, “I don’t want anyone … to assume that we are in the same productive economic position that we were in at the end of ’19. But I think New Mexicans should not expect New Mexico to languish like we did in the last recession.” 

However, the Governor’s disdain for New Mexicans during her weekly press conferences doesn’t appear to merely be stemming from “angsty corners of social media.” Here are some of her worst:

Gov. Lujan Grisham mask shames Españolans at press conference: “by I didn’t see a single mask, not one. Not in a parking lot, not in a grocery store that we passed, not at a convenience store, not at a gas station, not by someone in a car, not hanging on a rearview mirror…”
.@GovMLG presser reel 2/3: MLG claims she supports “independence and authority of judges” despite having NM Supreme Court overrule local judge MLG claims State Police will cite Sheriffs and local Law Enforcers MLG says militant mask enforcement increases mask-wearing
.@GovMLG presser reel 3/3: MLG goes on a rant against New Mexicans leaving the state, citing her tracking of peoples’ phones to know where they are coming from and going to.
⁩ shames New Mexicans for attending a loved one’s funeral, tells them to say goodbye to them over FaceTime

18 thoughts on “MLG’s comms. director says resistance to Governor just exists in ‘angsty corners of social media’”

  1. Stuck in my corner of social media

    Outstanding article, John Block! We will not forget what MLG and her administration have done and continue to do to us.

  2. Governor Grisham is seriously deceived. I am a lifelong democrat; it is democrats like her who have alienated me from the Democratic Party. The harm her white-privilege lock down has done to the poor and minorities and struggling business owners is heartbreaking to witness. She has taken dictatorial authority over the affairs of people in a way I never dreamed an elected US official would do. I am so done with the likes of her. She is without a heart.

    1. Dear DBP,
      This is not a “white-privilege” lock down – it’s an equal opportunity disaster for all New Mexicans. People of ALL colors live here; we need to stop this identity politics it’s hurting everyone. Most people don’t think of others in terms of their color, when so-called “minorities” do, we place ourselves into the minority box we have been trying to escape all these years fighting for equality. PEOPLE, New Mexicans, hate this tyranny! We hate the economic, psychiatric, educational and physical doom it has created and it needs to stop. MLG is not a US official thank God, she is a State official and hopefully soon, she will not be – if we can straighten out our dysfunctional elections. NM doesn’t check IDs at the polls, we use Dominion software, we don’t check mail-in signatures and if we freely allow Republican poll watchers I’d be surprised. This State is a patron-run cartel government and until we the people stop voting for power-drunk politicians like MLG and Ben Ray Lujan and Deb Haaland (not qualified) and Xochitil Torres Small BECAUSE they DON’T have white skin which is completely RACIST, we are going to continue to be last.

    2. Debra Rae Steinman

      “Seriously ‘deceived’ ” I don’t think so. I think this woman knows exactly what she is doing.

      She enjoys the power, the decimation, and the pain that is derived from her outlandish mandates.

      1. Wrote an 8 page report on my SARS-COV2 review and approaches successful in clinical trials completed in May. She recieved it sent to her office in August and hand delivered again in October. No acknowledgement ever. Got one however from the same report sent to POTUS. Go to and see my pdf file on their front page. If you want all the footnoted references and tables contact me.

  3. The only internal polling that takes place is in the mind of soy boy stelinski and lying sackett of propaganda. john Block, you are indeed correct that this train wreck of a governor is indeed a one term disaster. Too many lives has she ruined. Now conversely, if you need to see as good a governor as has handled this Planned-demic, look no further than Governor Noem of South Dakota. She never shut down her state, and “governed” within the parameters of her state’s constitution. She laid out the dangers and let her constituents make their personal and business decisions based on the data. She’s indeed a real leader. And beautiful….

    1. Totally agree with you BS Detector as I think most of us do. She is going to be one term Gestapo Grisham!! Love Governor Noem and how she has handled her state! She is beautiful and smart! Bless you all and Merry Christmas in spite of them trying to ruin it!

    2. Yes, BS, I was going to post a tale of two cities parody using Kristi and gruesome. You beat me to it. Gov Noem handled this beautifully and is beautiful and treated her citizens as adults who are not idiot children. Gruesome is ugly as an ogre and should go back under her rock. She has destroyed countless lives with her grift and racketeering of this fake scamdemic. Families have been ravaged with suicides, and all kinds of horrible things that should have never taken place if she had obeyed her oath.

      She has no constitutional authority to mandate anything. I wish people would stop wearing their filthy muzzles and touching them and then touching stuff (which if this virus is so deadly, where are the hazardous waste receptacles for all of them) and obeying these bread lines. We all just need to organize and go in a store like normal people. We need a large group to do so. We should do this daily, everywhere.

      The lockdowns end when the people pull their heads out of their rears and realize they have been played.

      1. I call the masks Commie Masks now because they symbolically demonstrate people are willing to submit to this invasion of Communism. We are already under full attack and these glaze-eyed citizens don’t even realize it!!!

  4. Gov. MLGrinch should just keep on listening to her spokesperson. She’s in really good hands. I’m gonna stay angsty though, here in my little social media corner of NM. How can investors not express their anxieties over the haphazard policies dictated from on high. I’ll invest in Texas instead.

  5. For those that don’t know the Luhan’s started every single thing Republican in New Mexico. From the Republican Party to all Republican committees. While we’re talking about the Luhan’s history let me add, that they also have been slave traders since the time of the Spanish,and some things never change. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing when they want to be, and other times they are sheep and wolves clothing. They’re funding comes from the cartels deep State CIA and the CCP, and of course the puppet George Soros.

  6. I would like to see a survey of who works for the state and or is funded by the state, such as unm, vs who is independent. Then ask both groups if they favor her and her commie dictates, or if they favor a real Republic.

    The problem is the entitlement and the heartlessness of those who work for the state, which is a majority, which are getting bribes basically to enforce these horrible policies. That they do not care about others and how desperate they have become is worse than gruesome. She could only get away with this because the people allow it and go along with it.

    The dept of health should be flooded with requests regarding the cycles the pcr tests are set at. These tests are bogus. Just look up Kary Mullis and listen to what he says about grifter fauci and the test, which is not a test, it was never designed to be a test. Ask them about the gold standard and Kochs postulates, and prove this virus even exists and has been purified isolated per kochs. All medical personnel going along with this should be jailed for gross violations against the people, creating fear, malpractice and racketeering.

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