Resurfaced photos raise questions about Gov. Lujan Grisham’s ties to Communist China

Photographs of former U.S. Rep.-turned Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham meeting with Chinese officials are calling into question the politician’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party and what exactly she spoke about with these Chinese diplomats. 

In August of 2017–eight months after announcing her run for New Mexico’s governorship –Lujan Grisham was spotted at a photo-op at the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing. It appears she was the only U.S. representative on the trip, and she posed multiple times with China’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zheng Zeguang. For reference, other photographs of world leaders posing at the same location can be found here.

It is unclear why Lujan Grisham met with the Chinese foreign diplomat or why New Mexico media was dead silent on the gubernatorial candidate’s foreign trip to the nation. 

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote of the meeting, “On August 14, 2017, Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang met with visiting member of House of Representatives Michelle Lujan Grisham of the US Congress and her delegation. Both sides exchanged views on China-US relations and topics of common interest.” 

Zheng Zeguang, a member of the Chinese Communist Party, has been a harsh critic of President Donald Trump and the freedom of the people of Hong Kong. He opposed President Donald Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong Autonomy Act on July 15, 2020, and demanded the U.S. ambassador to China “correct the mistake.” 

According to the Congressional Research Service, “The [Chinese] Foreign Ministry does not publicly disclose the full membership of its Communist Party Committee. Zheng Zeguang is the only top Foreign Ministry official whose public biography discloses membership of the Ministry Party Committee.” 

In April 2019, four months after assuming the governorship, Lujan Grisham posted about a meeting she had, apparently in Albuquerque, New Mexico at Sandia Resort and Casino, with Chinese Consul General, Ambassador Zhang Ping. It appears she even gave the ambassador a New Mexico pin, which he wore in a photo with her.

On Twitter, she wrote, “I was glad to have a productive conversation with the Chinese Consul General, Ambassador Zhang, on the importance of trade and building international economic partnerships between China and New Mexico.” It is unclear what exactly the Governor promised the Chinese, or what “economic partnership” she had brokered.

According to reports, Zhang Ping “voiced concern about the ‘America First,’ zero-sum game approach of the Trump administration.” Not only that, Ping praised communist Chinese Dictator Chairman Xi Jinping, while also praising socialism:

He lavishly praised Chairman Xi, calling him a “great leader with great vision that will lead the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation” then underlining that China will take a different path than the US—socialism with Chinese characteristics. Ironically, while Zhang drew the clearest ideological lines, he spent a lot of time accusing the US and claiming it was the Americans who had a “cold-war mentality” and a “zero-sum game” view of the world. 

The “different path” Ping refers to is “a deep belief in” and “faithful practice” of “Communism and socialism with Chinese characteristics.”

The close ties between Gov. Lujan Grisham and Chinese officials beg questions as to why she has been so close to the foreign nation and also why she has refused to blame China for concealing the deadly COVID-19 virus before it broke out into the world. The enemy nation covered up the pandemic to hoard medical supplies, as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security later found out. 

Former U.S. Senate candidate Elisa Martinez wrote on Twitter in response to the newly resurfaced photographs, “Perhaps they funded her campaign for Governor while maintaining ‘relations and topics of common interest.’” 

According to multiple reports, other Democrat and anti-Trump governors also met with Chinese leaders with “direct ties” to the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese influence may have been present in Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s COVID-19 response, as her silence on Chinese responsibility is deafening.

As well, she has not said a word publicly about protesters in Hong Kong protesting for freedom from the oppressive Chinese government, which is responsible for countless human rights abuses, not to mention re-education camps for Uyghurs and others. Lujan Grisham’s alleged cousin, Rep. Ben Ray Luján has spoken out about China’s human rights abuses while Lujan Grisham has remained silent.


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  3. Well we can now see clearly where her philosophy ,her tyrannical behavior and her total disregard for the constitution of the United States comes from. It’s no wonder why NM is fast becoming a dystopian nightmare with some of the strictest lockdowns in the US and total destruction of the economy. Along with other communist governor’s they will completely destroy this country as their communist masters have ordered.

  4. Wonder if shes on that about to be released list of ccp members. As far as im cocerned she is an illegitimate governor and likely a traitor to our country.

  5. Grisham has shown her true colors as a traitor to the United States and New Mexico. She has inflated the consequences of the psy- op virus in order to scare the less intelligent and main stream media addicts that pollute the urban centers of our state. I doubt she was elected lawfully but if she was it would only show that their are a majority of imbeciles in this state. The covid lunacy can not be logically accepted by a logical and even minimally educated person. No one with any respect for the constitution and with even basic scientific knowledge would ever wear a stupid mask or worry about anyone dying from this joke virus unless they were already severely compromised by another serious disease or condition. I can’t understand so many urban New Mexicans bending to the whims of this despotic pudgy dwarf. If we really want our state back we will need to take it. Is any one else had enough yet?

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