GOP makes sweeping gains in local NM elections, MLG-endorsed candidates crushed

On Tuesday, voters of New Mexico came out to the polls as a referendum on the far-left, taking control of local school board, city council and commission, mayoral, judicial, and other offices, while defeating extreme bond issues.

In Albuquerque, massive gains were made at the current 6-3 Democrat City Council and APS Board, with leftist Michelle Lujan Grisham-endorsed Councilor Lan Sena being defeated by conservative Democrat Louie Sanchez. (not the same Louie Sanchez running as a Republican for governor). Lujan Grisham-endorsed Cynthia Borrego, who currently is the councilor for District 5 was defeated by Dan Lewis, a former city councilor, flipping that seat conservative. Two conservatives are facing runoff elections in Districts 7 and 9, with Lori Robertson and Renee Grout giving citizens an opportunity for a change of power on the City Council.

Conservative Chrystal Tapia-Romero crushed her opponents to become the new school board member for District 5 with 53% of the vote. Conservative Courtney Jackson led her opponents in District 7 with 48% of the vote. Conservative Danielle Marie Gonzales led Planned Parenthood-endorsed Jinx Baskerville 42% to 39%. 

Embattled Democrat Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller won a sizeable victory, which will not require a runoff election, as his two challengers from the right split up the conservative vote — handing a win to Keller. 

The gross receipts tax bond in Albuquerque for a $50,000,000 taxpayer-funded soccer stadium crashed and burned, with 65% of voters resoundingly rejecting the measure, another win in the city.  

Michelle Lujan Grisham’s endorsed candidate for mayor of Aztec, Victor Snover, was soundly defeated, with Colby King defeating Snover 68% to 21%, and another candidate, Joe Hubbard garnering 11%. 

In Alamogordo, extreme far-left mayoral candidate Nadia Sikes was defeated by conservative Susan Payne by a margin of 64% to Sikes’ 36%. Alamogordo School Board Member Angie Cadwallader won a decisive reelection victory, with 74% of the vote share. 

In deep-blue Santa Fe, conservative Lee Garcia won a shocking victory, ousting incumbent liberal City Councilor Roman Abeyta, taking a commanding 53% lead over the incumbent. 

In Lovington, conservatives won both school board races by a landslide, with conservative Andrea Lynn Gonzales winning 79% of the vote in District 4 and Bradley Bishop winning 81% of the vote in District 5.

These along with other wins across the state are showing a growing conservative momentum on the horizon for the 2022 election, with scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on the ballot and the New Mexico House of Representatives ripe for Republicans to flip. On Wednesday, Lujan Grisham sent out a fundraising ask on her social media, admitting the defeat of many of her candidates. She wrote, “Last night taught us one thing. We can’t take anything for granted and the road to 2022 starts now.”

Nationwide, places like Virginia saw a red wave, with Republican Glenn Youngkin clinching the governorship in the state, with Republican Winsom Sears winning the lieutenant governorship, and Jason Miyares winning the attorney general race. Republicans also took back Virginia’s House of Delegates. In deep-blue New Jersey, Republican Jack Ciattarelli could win the governorship from incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, with the race still close to call.


5 thoughts on “GOP makes sweeping gains in local NM elections, MLG-endorsed candidates crushed”

    1. Mark Ronchetti stands where you ‘tell’ him to stand. He’s a RINO, pretending to be a conservative. But, with the RNC Rino Elite he will be the one to get the nomination to run and to be defeated by the lowest rated candidate from the left.

      If he weren’t a ‘plant’ to ensure a Lujan win in the senate; there’s no way he would have gotten his old job back.

      Just saying.

  1. Once again – just a reminder – let’s look for GOOD Conservative candidates for these races!! Eddy Aragon? What were they thinking?? Surely they will look for someone ELECTABLE next time! We should all be looking! People with strong convictions that won’t be rattled by the awful and biased media.

    1. Most of you folks aren’t involved in local politics – the whole party in BC was ok with Manny running. Look at his first donors, it’s BCGOP of all kinds, liberal, moderate, Trump MAGA folks – everyone was giving money to Manny because he could beat Keller. Look at the donors for Manny, it was the entire BCGOP, from MAGA to liberals and rinos. We were all focused on the school board and smaller seats because we knew without focusing on the mayor, we could win those. And then here comes Eddy seeing all of that and he declares – not because ‘for the first time a republican isn’t running’ but because he knew that after losing everything he had run for, finally it would force the state party to support him. No one wants to support this guy, he lives in his studio, he has no experience. But, now he was going to get noticed. Notice all of his campaign info – him, on top of all of the other candidates who had been running for months and raising money, showing up at ward events. Then there is him, on top of them, saying ‘vote straight R’, him trying to show up at other candidates events asking for money. This was always, always, always about Eddy and his need to be liked, and if you live in Albuquerque – when the crime is insane in a year and we are back to precovid and the homeless are overrunning your house, don’t blame Keller – blame Eddy. We should have gotten Keller out but Eddy put himself before the community. F him.

  2. Many Gonzales “right side”. I don’t think so, he’s good buddy with MLG. He and Eddie may have split the right leaning voters but only cause many of those anti Killer Keller voters failed to research Manny!

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