MLG claims she took the ‘high road’ after calling protesters ‘lizard people’

On Friday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent out an email to supporters trying to play the victim and erroneously claiming the protesters she called “lizard people” during her announcement speech tried to “threaten” her. Videos from the event prove otherwise, with people like Democrat former Lt. Gov. Diane Denish, an avid Lujan Grisham supporter, getting aggressive with protesters.

“I’ve been able to start off my reelection campaign strong – even in the face of harsh pushback. During my reelection speech last week, I was interrupted by a group of disruptive and abusive protesters who threatened me, our supporters, and journalists covering the event. But I was undeterred because I know thousands of strong, caring grassroots supporters like you have my back,” she claimed.

She went even further, telling her supporters in the email, “I’ll never be silenced by opponents aiming to disrupt democracy, and I’ll never stop fighting for New Mexico families. I know that our campaign represents real New Mexico values of fairness, equality for all and hard work. Together – we’re taking the high road, and we’re going to win fair and square.” 

It is unclear what Lujan Grisham means by taking the “high road” since she branded anti-MLG protesters as “Qanon lizard people” at the event. 

Lujan Grisham also claimed she would never be “silenced,” but she canceled an event in Española in fear of lizard people protesters. That cancellation came after she told supporters she would not be “intimidated.” That proved to be a lie as well. 



6 thoughts on “MLG claims she took the ‘high road’ after calling protesters ‘lizard people’”

  1. Hasn’t she been scolding us for a year now?

    And as always, facts come out that she’s do as I say, not as I do.

    So typical.
    She also told nbc news and the Washington post that New Mexico is the forefront leader in the covid fight. In reality, we are 13th worst in deaths per capita. As the most closed down state in the world, we have very little to show for it.

  2. She has wrecked our economy and destroyed businesses for a disease that has a 98% survival rate. Even though the entire state has now met her color scheme, we’re still not at 100% open. Wake up NM!!

  3. She has it in the bag. She doesnt need to campaign. She perpetrated suffering upon New Mexicans and they want more and thank her for the suffering. Enough said.

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