Gov. Lujan Grisham killed 40% of New Mexico small businesses with her lockdowns

According to the “Economic Recovery Dashboard” on the New Mexico Tourism Department website, embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s harsh lockdown during the pandemic resulted in an economic catastrophe, including the closure of 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses, a devastating figure.

The figures show that in the food service and accommodations industry, nearly 60% of small businesses in that sector have been killed by Lujan Grisham’s lockdowns. 

My industry means everything to me,” Kate Gerwin, the owner of the Nob Hill bar Happy Accidents in Albuquerque, told KRQE 13 News. “Knowing independent businesses are suffering kills us.”

But with the Governor’s slow reopening, even though she claims it is now at 100%, mask mandates are still in place and restrictions remain in certain areas.

During the pandemic, the Governor locked the state down completely, which crippled countless small businesses across the board. The few businesses and religious organizations that defied Lujan Grisham were plunged into even further financial ruin with fines of up to $60,000 and State Police ordered to shut businesses down.

While ruling during the pandemic, Lujan Grisham constantly bashed people across the state, even publicly shaming people in places like Española and Hobbs who she saw did not wear masks driving or eating at a restaurant.

During the holidays, Lujan Grisham forced New Mexicans to stand in cold breadlines to buy food and basic goods, with elderly, disabled, and children forced to face the cold while the Governor feasted on taxpayer-funded $200/lb Wagyu steaks and skirted her pandemic orders to buy luxury jewelry.

New Mexicans are now continuing to face the consequences of Lujan Grisham’s harsh orders, many paying with the destruction of their livelihoods, including the 40% of small businesses gone forever. 

5 thoughts on “Gov. Lujan Grisham killed 40% of New Mexico small businesses with her lockdowns”

    1. Yes, we know who to blame … registered Democrats who continue to vote the straight party ticket, from top to bottom. We could also throw in our liberal media elites for their complicity in the lockdown.

  1. She followed AOC’s instructions to the letter. Remember the tweet that AOC sent out May 2020? To summarize, closing down a few businesses were worth it to ensure President Trump didn’t stay in office.
    These Dem cult members are pushing the NWO agenda. Testing our willingness to be silenced and suppressed. Let’s all remember this when it comes to voting in 2022.
    BTW, New Mexico also used Dominion machines. A rigged election happened right here just like AZ. We should have some resolution by the time we vote for a new governor. I can’t wait for MLG’s prosecution.

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