NM high court rules against harmed businesses, claims Gov. MLG’s lockdown was ‘reasonable’

On Monday, it was reported that the 100% Democrat-controlled New Mexico Supreme Court, which has many Gov. Lujan Grisham-appointed judges, including Shannon Bacon and David Thomson, ruled that businesses harmed by Gov. Lujan Grisham’s pandemic lockdowns “are not entitled to compensation from the state to recoup their losses,” according to Dan Boyd of the Albuquerque Journal. 

“Occupancy limits and closure of certain categories of businesses, while certainly harsh in their economic effects, are directly tied to the reasonable purpose of limiting the public’s exposure to the potentially life-threatening and communicable disease, and thus can be deemed ‘reasonably necessary,’” the Court wrote in an opinion by Justice C. Shannon Bacon.

After the announcement, New Mexicans angered by hte decision took to Twitter to voice their frustrations.

One commenter wrote, “The Supreme court of NM again shows it is a rubber stamp for @GovMLG.  That should be your headline. Or maybe NM Supreme Court supports the governor’s ongoing efforts to kill small businesses in NM.”

Elisa Martinez, a past U.S. Senate candidate and pro-life activist with New Mexico Alliance for Life wrote, “NM Sup. Court perpetuates [Gov. MLG’s] UNCHECKED UNILATERAL authority: 1) create a 14 month “emergency” 2) shutter 40% of small businesses, transferring wealth to large corporations 3) spend $10 MILLION taxpayer dollars in a vaccine sweepstakes 4) endless scandal 5) ETC.” 

The Court mulled the case in January but had not made a ruling until now.


7 thoughts on “NM high court rules against harmed businesses, claims Gov. MLG’s lockdown was ‘reasonable’”

  1. Didn’t our health secretary under oath say that they don’t look at what other states are doing (for successes or failures)? That they have their own legal experts (who may have zero health experience) basically running the show? That’s what I got out of what Collins was saying when she was deposed a few months ago. Zero accountability reigns supreme in this state.

  2. The scam continues. I figured on the corruption the minute I read 100% Democrat controlled Supreme Court. The courts are indeed just rubber stamps for an administration that cares nothing for the citizens of this State. Already at the bottom of everything good and at the top for everything bad , one wonders how much further these corrupt politicians can wreck this place before it becomes irredeemable. ( they may take it as a challenge) even though rock bottom is nowhere else to go but up after we elect people that care about the citizenry.

  3. We’re 13th worst in deaths per capita. And on top of that, top 3 in unemployment. Science doesn’t lie but it has to fit your agenda apparently. Many states never shut down or had economic ruin and their deaths are better than us. That’s science! We can now say what MLG did was detrimental to/for all New Mexicans. There’s no disputing that.

    But what many of these businesses wanted was a seat at the table. They wanted to know the guidelines and end game. Many businesses under the basic green to red system NEVER had an opportunity to be open ever. Only recently did they bring back close contact recreation. For more than a year though, many places had zero opportunity to open. Of course it’s convenient they change the order and colors and then say, yeah you can open. It wasn’t like that for 13 months though. You can’t oppress the situation and then change the rules and act like everything is fine.

  4. Outlaw Preacher

    The NM Supreme Court is nothing more than a kangaroo court filled with Marxists that enable our corrupt, marxist governor to do whatever she pleases.

  5. Yet, they have never contained the virus. The virus does not exist. Please, prove this theory wrong. Because the state cannot prove this theory wrong but that was not the stance of the lawsuit. Too bad.

  6. Florida just hosted the largest concert since the pandemic began because FLORIDA CHOSE FREEDOM OVER FAUCISM. We need a Gov like DeSantis . My polling location confirmed we have dominion machines connected to the internet. We need a full forensic audit .

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