MLG to state employees: Beware of ‘extreme risk’ associated with ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving

On Monday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham sent a letter to employees of the State of New Mexico, urging them not to gather on Thanksgiving with their families. The letter comes as the Governor has closed down “non-essential” businesses during her latest shutdown and limited “big box stores” and groceries from having more than 75 people per store, forcing people to stand in the November cold for essential items and food ahead of the holiday.

The Governor’s letter read, “This is not a normal holiday season. I know we all wish it wasn’t that way. But it is. Gathering for Thanksgiving this year in the traditional manner poses an extreme risk to the health and safety of your loved ones, your friends and yourself.” She added, “the virus is at large. And it is deadly. I am asking you to please take precautions to protect yourself your loved ones and others.”

The letter continued:

I know it’s hard—really. hard. I know we’re all so tired of this. I am too. I want to hug my family more than anything in the world. We all do. But it’s just not worth the risk right now. We can replace Thanksgiving dinner, but we cannot replace one another. 

So I am asking you to please stay home this holiday and to limit your celebrations to the people who live in your home. If you’re worried about hurting a loved one’s feelings by telling them you’re taking these precautions, I understand. But taking these precautions is the best way to show you care right now. 

Previously during a COVID-19 briefing, Lujan Grisham warned against hugging loved ones, instructing New Mexicans, “no hugging,” and “do not get close to household members.” 

In another briefing where the Governor announced a two-week lockdown over the Thanksgiving holiday, she shamed mourners for attending funerals, and at another press conference, she instructed New Mexicans to wear masks inside their own homes. She also instructed Thanksgiving gatherings to be fewer than five people, which she later admitted as unenforceable.

The letter from Lujan Grisham to state employees shows her latest attempt at trying to restrict peoples’ freedoms during the holidays, despite COVID-19’s 96% survival rate


4 thoughts on “MLG to state employees: Beware of ‘extreme risk’ associated with ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving”

  1. Our tyrannical Governor killing our elderly not from Covid but due to Covid. Why won’t she be stopped? Our suicide rate, domestic violence rate, our rate of children being taken from their homes are through the roof. Over 300 small businesses have been shut down forever. Look at Florida, or Sweden. This is wrong. New Mexico is not ok. These lockdowns don’t work. Obviously so, because we’ve never been off being locked down. There’s no science behind it. New Mexico is not ok.

  2. she uses the china virus for any excuse, and it’s funny the virus hates holidays but likes riots. to stop a tyrant peacefully just stop doing what she demands. ignore her. she is just a little noisy lady probably weaker than most she can’t do anything if everyone ignores her.

  3. Clamping the whole state in lockdown doesn’t bother her. She will continue to do whatever she pleases. This morning it was reported she has clamped the whole state in lockdown except for Los Alamos, but after reporting this the news commentator chirped, “the good news is, restaurants will still be able to offer limited outdoor dining!” Yep, it’s 16 degrees outside. Enjoy your breakfast.

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