MLG poses with prostitute ‘Jello shot girl’ and eats ‘Cupcake Fetish’ treats

On June 30, the last day of what the liberals have co-opted as “Pride” month, scandal-ridden Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham made eyebrow-raising posts on her social media accounts, where she posed with and fawned over a self-described prostitute “Jello shot girl” drag queen called “Bunni Benton Cruse,” who formerly attempted to have the Bernalillo County Commission appoint him to a state House seat vacated by U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury (D-NM-01).

In one photo, Lujan Grisham poses with people wearing rainbow shirts and Planned Parenthood shirts at “Cake Fetish,” a gourmet cake bakery in Albuquerque.

“It’s the summer of #Pride! Today we stopped by @cakefetishABQ to pick up some rainbow-colored cupcakes so we could drop them off at some local LGBTQ+ businesses. Happy #Pride M’Power & Prisma Hair Studio,” the Governor wrote. 

In a subsequent post, Lujan Grisham posed with Cruse, still fully masked, showing her hugging the prostitute and presenting him with a “Progress Pride” flag wrapped as a flag similar to that of a “Flag Presentation Protocol” at a Military member’s funeral. 

The Governor wrote, “Today I presented an LGBTQ+ flag to my friend Bunnie Benton Cruse. We could not have tackled COVID-19 without Bunnie’s help at the Department of Health. Bunnie and TGRCNM have long been a lifeline for members of our LGBTQ+ community. Thank you, Bunnie, for all you do!” 

As you can see in the above photograph, the face masks worn in the previous post appear to be just for show, as some of the participants of the photo had taken off their masks, and it does not appear that they were actively eating or drinking.

Cruse made headlines in 2019 when a public, taxpayer-funded library hosted a “Drag Queen Story Time” event where he and another drag queen read to young children. 

According to Cruse’s Facebook page at the time, he worked as a “Jello Shot Girl” at the gay bar Effex Albuquerque, and as the “Head Stripper” at “Shake N Bake.”

According to the New Mexico Political Report, the news arm of far-left ProgressNow NM:

“Benton Cruse has a conviction for sex work, which she is open about. She said that when she was young, another trans person told her there were three paths available to her in life: bartending, hair dressing or sex work.

She said she has done all three.

“I’m not ashamed for anything I’ve done to survive as a trans woman. It was survival sex work,” she said.

“Along the way, our trans elders fought for us to be bartenders and hairstylists. Now a trans person can be a lawyer or a doctor, you can be in elected office,” she said.

Cruse, who openly has a “conviction” for prostitution, would not be the first controversial figure to have sought public office. State Rep. Roger Montoya (D-Colfax, Mora, Rio Arriba & San Miguel), who was endorsed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham in 2020, was a porn actor before running for his state legislative seat. 


4 thoughts on “MLG poses with prostitute ‘Jello shot girl’ and eats ‘Cupcake Fetish’ treats”

  1. I work in an industry that does business with State of NM. My experience has been that no agency can promote one business over another, and is considered a procurement violation and people can lose their job over something like that.
    Although its obvious that the head minion MLG is above the law and and does not follow protocol.
    Also that 6K bondo job does not do her any justice, so she should continue wearing a mask to spare us the cringe factor.

  2. Her two twitters that run side by side and nearly the same info, is that a conflict of interest? Is she running that on tax payers time/dime?

  3. Have mercy on us lord

    She’s truly a reprobate given over to a reprobate mind. God flooded the world with water in the days of Noah but this time he’ll burn this world with fire. One of the first signs of his judgment is that he withholds the rain, ……….,,,, 2 Peter 3:12 | Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?

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