Liberal media outlets blast ABQ churches for holding Christmas services

Over the weekend, liberal media outlet KREQ News 13 blasted Calvary and Legacy churches in Albuquerque for holding Christmas Eve services, claiming attendees wearing “few face masks and little, to no, social distancing.” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is currently only allowing 25% capacity at churches in New Mexico, which the outlet alleges was broken by the two churches.

KRQE News showed footage from the church services, writing, “Because Bernalillo County is still in the red zone, that means places of worship are only allowed to hold services at 25-percent of their maximum capacity. While it appears both churches far exceeded that limit, it’s unclear just how many people attended.” 

It should be noted that the entire state is in the supposed “red zone,” as marked by Gov. Lujan Grisham’s restrictive “red to green” program. 

KRQE gave a platform to an individual allegedly named Cassius Money who was not identified with any particular group or affiliation, who said, “To see so many people in one room, disregarding any health measure any precautions, it felt disrespectful to my community.”

Legacy Church replied to KRQE News 13 with the following statement: 

“We have taken the pandemic seriously from the start, and have prudent measures in place. But when governments exceed their constitutional authority and contradict what we are called on by God to do, we answer first to His authority.”

On Monday, KOAT 7 News and the Albuquerque Journal picked up on the story, emphasizing how the churches may be subjected to $5,000 fines for disobeying the Governor’s orders.

Legacy Church previously lost a federal lawsuit petitioning for a higher occupancy rate than 25%, however, a George W. Bush-appointed judge denied it. Other churches from across the state have been fighting for their First Amendment rights, including Truth or Consequences’ New Hope Revival Church, where over Easter, Gov. Lujan Grisham sent State Police to serve a cease and desist order to the pastor, Dr. Caleb Cooper. The move came after Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton deputized the church. Piñon Post exclusively reported on the incident, while the liberal mainstream media did not.


9 thoughts on “Liberal media outlets blast ABQ churches for holding Christmas services”

  1. God comes before man let the news speak of it no one will keep us from serving the real God the governor isn’t God I will always honor God first that just shows that the churches that bow down to man will dissolve in time I hope that people start to see this the news media is a joke channel 13 channel 4 channel 7 all fake news media anyway they get off on lining to people scaring the public fake news for fake people watch epoch oan or newsmax real news real people !!!

      No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord , and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord .
      Isaiah 54:17 KJV

  2. KRQE is just another propaganda arm for Comrade Grisham’s regime. As for the church we attend we allow 100 percent capacity and worship as prescribed in Scripture because God is our only authority on how and when to worship.

  3. I love that Legacy and Calvary had big crowds on Christmas Eve! That is great! If “Peaceful Protests” are fine, then worshipping God is certainly fine! No church should bow down to government oppression of their First Amendment Rights!! No one forces anyone to attend, and people are urged to watch online if they are concerned or are High Risk, I watched online because I have COPD and am 73 yo.

  4. Since SCOTUS has already ruled church shutdowns and limits were unconstitutional in the cases against New York and California then by precedent it’s unconstitutional in all 50 states.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Roy, you are absolutely right. Under Article IV, Sections 1 & 2 of the national Constitution, judicial decisions made in one state, affect all people in other states. Contact your reps and tell them they must per their oath, stop this tyranny asap.

      Everyone who is being attacked by this p o s woman acting as governor and her goons needs to add this to their statement. Only the legislature can create law, and these laws must be constitutionally compliant or they are null, void and without effect.

      No one may be denied their God given rights guaranteed by our founding documents, which include the articles of confederation as well as the declaration. All public servants have taken an oath and can not perjure their oath, or they invoke the self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. and must step down immediately and forfeit all salaries pensions etc. They can then be sued personally and prosecuted. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. This is the greatest racketeering scheme yet by the medical cartel.

  5. I stopped watching local news about 3 months ago due to this biased reporting. If the 1st amendment is going to be violated concerning freedom of religion then it should stand that
    the local press should not have protection under the 1st as well. These scum sucking fake news organizations are disgusting.

  6. They claim that churches are super-spreaders but big box stores aren’t. You’re just as likely to catch the virus at Wal Mart or Target than a church service. And don’t give me the answer that everyone is wearing masks at these stores and grocery stores. If you believe that then you haven’t been to a big box store. I’ve seen people wear their masks to get in the doors and then take the mask off once inside or the employees wearing their masks below their nose or chins. Heck, I’ve been in convenience stores where the employees aren’t wearing a mask at all as well as their customers.

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