After claiming she will not be ‘intimidated,’ Gov. MLG cancels event in fear of ‘lizard people’

To say embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign reelection bid has had a rocky start is an understatement. After a tumultuous, scandal-ridden tenure as chief executive, Lujan Grisham is facing swaths of protesters at her campaign events.

During her reelection announcement event, Lujan Grisham and other speakers were drowned out by anti-MLG protesters fed up with the governor’s handling of the pandemic and her abuses of power while serving in her role. The protesters were regular, everyday New Mexicans, including retired teachers and nurses, who were using their free time to make their voices heard. 

Frustrated by the protesters, Lujan Grisham bashed them as “QAnon lizard people,” a sentiment comparable to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables,” Joe Biden’s “chumps,” or Peter Strzok’s “ignorant hillbillies” comments. 

While running for election in 2018, Lujan Grisham made similar comments toward rural New Mexicans, bashing people who live in Deming. She said, “I met a woman in Deming. Her name is Gladys. So she’s not—she wasn’t born in New Mexico. But she chose New Mexico, and she chose Deming! I know… I didn’t mean that to be…” 

Now, after all of this, New Mexicans are fighting back against Lujan Grisham, not just at her re-election speech, but everywhere, including all her stops on the campaign trail. Protesters showed up at the Governor’s Friday event in Taos to protest.

At her very short reelection speech, the Governor said, “We’re going to do what we do best. We’re going to protect New Mexico, and no amount of noise will deter, intimidate or create a vacuum in leadership that makes a difference for every single New Mexican this day and every day. Can’t be done. Can’t be done.”

There was also another event scheduled at the Santa Claran in Española — an area of the state she bashed — but it was canceled due to “security concerns,” which means that despite Lujan Grisham’s comment that she will not be “intimidated,” she was. 

Lujan Grisham’s spokeswoman Kendall Witmer said, “These protesters berated supporters with violent and racist language and stalked and intimidated press and event staff.” All of these statements are untrue, per photographs and videos taken at the reelection announcement venue. 

Lujan Grisham faces a tough reelection campaign as strong Republican challengers have already emerged, including Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block and businesswoman Karen Bedonie. 


12 thoughts on “After claiming she will not be ‘intimidated,’ Gov. MLG cancels event in fear of ‘lizard people’”

  1. Didn’t she thank protestors back in May/June of 2020? What are the odds she gets state police involved? I didn’t hear anything racist or absurd. The only absurd thing was what was coming out of MLGs mouth. She’s here to protect us? She’s done the exact opposite with her beyond strict lockdown orders.

  2. MLG can’t even get her jargon straight. It is the Anons who call the Luciferian Democrats “lizard people.” This is because they have NO higher order thinking abilities, and only think with their “reptilian” brains. All of the Anons (NOT Qanon, btw) are brilliant, God-loving, patriotic people.

    1. Protect us? She’s done the opposite! And all of her name calling! I live in a rural area and I’d take it any day over a big city. Some good, honest hard working people live here and we are tired of her wasting our tax dollars!

  3. Outlaw Preacher

    MLG could not care less what we the people think because she knows how the system is rigged. Until we can secure election integrity nothing will change. Either get rid of the machines or show up in such huge numbers that we beat the cheat. But in order for that to happen Republicans have to pick viable candidates not a bunch of losers as has been the case.

    1. Impeach the beast

      I second that O.P, and that starts with demanding that Steve Pearce immediately resign as RPNM chairman. He’s the perfect example of “controlled opposition”. Seems he’s only content to keep the scam going, by selectively eliminating real candidates from not only running, but winning in these key races. See recent CD1 blowout as the latest example.

  4. I’d like to know who’s organizing these protests. I commend them and would love to participate. It’s time to push back letting her and her ilks know that she’s failed and we want her out.

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