Earth Day: MLG bashes America, claims U.S. has ‘worst record on greenhouse gas emissions’

On Thursday, embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who was accused and later settled $62,500 for sexual assault, addressed Joe Biden’s “Leaders Summit on Climate” hosted by EPA administrator Michael S. Regan, where she spoke of her extreme actions to cripple the oil and gas industry and set “ambitious” emissions standards for the sake of “climate change.” 

She spoke of her unilateral executive orders to force through extreme environmental rulemaking through a “climate task force,” her work for New Mexico to join in Paris Climate Accord, which the United Nations admitted was a “fraud,” and her ambitions to “look forward” to “this administration’s work on infrastructure,” which could be a signal that Lujan Grisham sees federal dollars coming New Mexico’s way for extreme eco-leftist policies if Biden’s trillion-dollar infrastructure bill becomes law.

But Lujan Grisham specifically took time to bash the United States, claiming, “the U.S.–in the context of this panel–has the worst record on greenhouse gas emissions for every country represented on this panel.” However, the United States has the tenth-cleanest air quality in the world according to the World Health Organization, so it is unclear how Lujan Grisham has arrived at her anti-American stance on the “climate.” 

Other participants at the Climate Summit included leaders from pollutant-heavy nations, such as President Xi Jinping of the communist People’s Republic of China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh, among other polluting nations on the top of the list for the most pollutant nations.

Throughout her time as governor, Lujan Grisham has pushed rabidly anti-energy policies, including the “Green New Deal,” also known as the “Energy Transition Act,” supported extreme emissions standards for oil and gas producers, tapped far-left enviro-Marxists to work in her administration, and has supported harmful 20+ cent gas taxes on the poor, which have luckily failed in the Legislature thus far. 

Read her full remarks in front of the panel below:

Like the… Biden administration, one of my first actions was to execute an executive order that established a framework for three critical components. One, we joined the Paris agreement and we set our greenhouse gas emissions reductions based on that agreement’s targets. 

So, we were very clear about what we wanted to accomplish and we had a climate task force that included every bit of the stakeholders that you identified in your question. So, the industry, consumers, utilities, environmental groups, scientists, other experts, every single economic stakeholder you could think of to make sure we could really move on those targets and we joined the U.S. Climate Alliance.

And I really want to put into perspective that the U.S. Climate Alliance, a bipartisan group of governors that represent more than half the U.S. total population, 60% of the U.S. GDP, and we collectively are responsible for 40% of emissions. And to put that into context, the U.S.–in the context of this panel–has the worst record on greenhouse gas emissions for every country represented on this panel. 

So, we have a long way to go. So we set an ambitious target, and as you know, we now have the leading methane rules in the country that eliminates venting and flaring by the gas industry, and by 2026, requires that we are recapturing 98% of methane emissions and we are on our way to set the very same targets for ozone rules. 

We didn’t let the pandemic interrupt that rulemaking process and our efforts to really bring the industry together with us. And I’ll tell you why that’s really important, although it gets criticized: because if you’re just choosing accountability, then you are chasing that effort all of the time without getting your entire state in a leadership fashion all on the same page, and it becomes politically cyclical. And what we want to establish in both our own state work, given that we’re a leading oil and gas producer in this country, is that we can show innovation, we can set incredibly ambitious standards, we can require accountability, and leadership in making sure that we are addressing climate change in a comprehensive fashion by making sure it’s not just government versus the industry, where the industry with government on one topic, which greenhouse gas emissions are methane, but it’s every single stakeholder and every single policymaker in the state, including the entire cabinet working together to achieve those results.

And I will add one last thing which is given that you’re building that, you’re using young people, everyone is at the table, we also have one of the country’s most ambitious renewable portfolio standards investments, and as we move towards investing in a rescue plan and look forward to this administration’s work on infrastructure, we’re gonna be ready to have a robust platform, as the mayor… in Louisiana talked about… that those infrastructure investments will also allow you to not only meet your current targets but to exceed them as we work as a coalition to address climate change across the globe. 

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  1. Tired of Far Left Nonsense

    MLG needs to go, she does nothing but pander to the outrageous left. This is just another way for the Dem’s to use scare tactics against the world. This governor does nothing for New Mexico only for herself. She is evil! New Mexico is a religious community if people don’t like it get out!

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