Laura Ingraham blasts MLG violating her own edicts to buy jewelry: ‘Rules for thee but not for me’

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham called out New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for breaking her own edict barring “non-essential” businesses from opening by having a high-end Albuquerque jewelry store, Lilly Barrack, sell her expensive jewels.

Later, the Governor’s spokesperson defended Lujan Grisham’s hypocritical conduct, saying, “The store was never ‘opened’ and a good safe process was followed… The governor has, of course in both her personal and professional lives adhered to all of the public health measures the state has enacted for the duration of this pandemic.” 

During Ingraham’s segment, she described Lujan Grisham’s conduct as “fraud,” and blasted her “rules for thee but not for me.” Ingraham also mentioned how the Governor is one of Democrat presumptive nominee for president, Joe Biden’s potential vice presidential picks. 

As well as Fox News’s coverage, national news and political outlets have covered the Governor’s despotic behavior, including the Associated Press, the Daily Wire, the Republican Governors Association, the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, the Daily Caller, Dan Bongino, The Blaze, among others. 


16 thoughts on “Laura Ingraham blasts MLG violating her own edicts to buy jewelry: ‘Rules for thee but not for me’”

  1. Mary Helen Carter

    Oh, New Mexico has a doozie of a governor! She’s every bit as bad or worse as Michigan’s. We call her the Little Dictator!

      1. Online ordering wasn’t stopped. There was no rule that said you couldn’t order online. I ordered from Amazon and had it delivered. I didn’t and don’t understand why someone had to say anything. As long as the business had the capability of online ordering, there wasn’t anything the matter. Come on people. Just trying to keep things stirred up.

        1. This wasn’t an online order. It took at least 2 people to get Gruesome what she wanted. Her Jewelry friend, and a pick-up person, they had to leave home for her. Is that pick up person the State police and that is why they won’t disclose the name? I am glad someone came forward with what our scheming governor is up to.

        2. She DID NOT order online. She asked a friend to go to the store, enter, and exit with the jewelry. This was in violation of her rules. Even the store owner was informed about the transaction.

      1. I call her La Cabrona In honor of the Corona virus she so happily embraced to torture New Mexicans with her version of a lockdown..

  2. Please do not forget, her hair has not grown a bit and her nails are always done, but salons are still closed. This is only the most recent offense found of this nature by the Govenor trying get seat in the White House.

  3. She is at the top of a large pile of self-serving and corrupt New Mexico governors. She may well be even more crooked that Bill Richardson who was so foul that he was cut from the list of potential appointees to Obama’s cabinet because of all his baggage. Her Royal Highness MLG makes him look lclean.

  4. She didn’t adhere to guidelines if she requested someone get out their house for her to purchase some “non-essential” jewelry. I mean after all shelter in place is for thee and me.

  5. Wuhan Lujan showed her NMtrue color when she showed herself special preference over everyone else in NM!! 😡

  6. MLG is a puppet on a String listening to the wrong people doing the wrong things! She has proven that she is very self serving & puts herself above all others. She does not Serve NM. She hasn’t a clue what she’s doing in office. Sad for NM.

  7. MG is only concerned with the leftist agenda and doesn’t care one bit about ANY new Mexican or their struggles to stay alive. So sad she was voted in but I guess that’s what the majority wants. See the light and vote for a republican for governor if we live through her time in office

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