MLG’s Health Department singles out NM GOP for non-compliance with her public health order

On Wednesday, the Republican Party of New Mexico posted a letter received from New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan  Grisham’s Department of Health claiming that the Party was not adhering to the Governor’s public health guidelines, not pointing to a particular instance of compliance, just speaking in generalities. 

The letter, which was sent by General Counsel and Acting Deputy Secretary Billy J. Jimenez reads, “It has come to our attention these requirements have not been adhered to by parties and candidates. Non-compliance with the operative Public Health Order and related directives will result in enforcement actions including fines or citations.” 

The Republican Party blasted the letter, citing leftist demonstrations, including one in front of the Trump Victory Campaign Office, where the Party claims participants were not social distancing or wearing maks. 

The Republican Party’s statement is below:

Below is a letter sent to the Republican Party of New Mexico from the Lujan Grisham Administration that is both wrong and insulting. While RPNM believes peoples’ health and safety are paramount, to warn RPNM about compliance with the Public Health Order is a clear violation of equal treatment under the law. There have been a number of demonstrations and mass gatherings—most recently a BLM event outside a Trump Victory Campaign Office in Rio Rancho this past weekend that clearly show people not wearing masks or social distancing. 

Mass gatherings in Albuquerque that led to destruction of public and private property have been tolerated where people aren’t complying, and the Governor, herself, broke her own Order by wrongfully and deliberately shopping for jewelry when it wasn’t allowed. To single out RPNM is wrong by the Lujan Grisham Administration. Again, the Governor picks and chooses selected groups—with obvious political implications—that continue to violate the Constitution’s principle of equal protection.

The Governor has used her official authority in multiple cases to “pick and choose” enforcement of her public health orders, including the Lea County Sherriff’s Office, multiple restaurants across the state, the people of Española, and others. 

Despite the Governor’s previous “apology” to Españolans for singling them out for supposed non-complicance, her press secretary Nora Sackett blasted the city’s mayor as “self-righteous,” effectively wiping out any believability in the Governor’s apology.


3 thoughts on “MLG’s Health Department singles out NM GOP for non-compliance with her public health order”

  1. Does this come as any surprise. She tried to stop all door to door campaigning which was aimed directly at GOP candidates. Her partisan tactics are not hidden. She is bankrupting our state in order to make the “numbers” low statistically when looked at on the National News. She’s definitely eyeing for a spot in the Biden cabinet.

  2. She is so wicked. She is the one who shut down our economy. Many people Lost everything because of her rediculous rules concerning the China virus. She is the most incompetent and ignorant Governor I have ever seen. Now she is blaming Trump for her bad economy. That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. She needs to go!!!!!

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