MLG locks state down over Thanksgiving, shames mourners for attending funerals

On Friday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held her weekly COVID-19 press conferences, where she locked down the state for two weeks beginning Monday, November 16 and ending on Monday, November 30th. The lockdown coincidentally goes through Thanksgiving weekend.

Only five people can congregate together, and the Governor urged people not to gather whatsoever. The lockdown includes a total ban on in-person dining and a return to “essential” and “non-essential” businesses, with Big Box Stores allowed to stay open, while mom and pop shops will be closed. Houses of Worship can only operate at 25% capacity, and “non-essential” businesses are forced to reduce in-person activity by 100%.

During her presser, she also shamed mourners for attending funerals for loved ones, telling them their attendance of such solemn occasions were a “catastrophe.” She added that they should have said goodbye to dying loved ones over “FaceTime.” 

“The funerals [are] hard. You, know. I had to give a eulogy to someone who was really important to me. They did a 5-person funeral,” said the Governor. “We had a contact potential problem in the residence, which I disclosed…. I had to give a eulogy to someone I love while keeping out a family member over a telephone over a microphone,” she added.

⁩ shames New Mexicans for attending a loved one’s funeral, tells them to say goodbye to them over FaceTime

She acknowledged that the holiday quarantine was a “terrible blow” to the hospitality industry, and also acknowledged that her lockdown was hard to enforce. She says “you really shouldn’t be here” and you should “eat in your hotel room” if you are staying in New Mexico over the holiday weekend. 

“We hate what it does to our economic partners. They did not create this pandemic. They are caught up in a pandemic with very few tools to reduce the spread,” added Lujan Grisham. Future restrictions will be based on county-by-county gating criteria based on COVID-19 cases and counties’ enforcement measures. 

“They aren’t giving states money to support their constituents and residents,” said Gov. Lujan Grisham, bemoaning the Federal government’s inaction to send even more money to the state, despite her squandering the first round of stimulus funds. She said, “Congress failed…. It’s not like they didn’t know.” 

The Governor also noted that she hopes for the Legislature to have a special session soon beginning within “days” to grant state funds for “unemployment support in a specialized state program,” among other things.


19 thoughts on “MLG locks state down over Thanksgiving, shames mourners for attending funerals”

  1. Does anyone believe that MLG follows her own dictatorial edicts? (Definitely not me.)

    So, after a year of no dental care due to the reoccurring restrictions, my long awaited Monday appointment shall now be cancelled due to non-essential status? I will be sending a note directly to MLG requesting that my supplemental insurance payments for such coverage in 2020 now be reimbursed.

    Gawd, I feel my teeth are beginning to pain me now… a dental emergency for sure!?

  2. Typical liberal…economically ignorant, preachy and actually thinks she was voted in to run our lives instead of bringing this state out of the dark ages. And her excuse? The feds didn’t give me the money. I don’t know who thought voting for her was a good idea, because her low brow attitude was written all over her and was as plain as the excessive jewelry she wears.

  3. Controlled lockdowns are the lesser of two evils, economically.
    This would have been a lot more manageable and a lot less painful with a proper response from the WH from day 1 on. But, conscientious citizens of NM generally approve of MLGs handling.
    (fyi, dental offices have been open.)
    Stay safe, all.

  4. First the Governor was responsible for the handling of the plandemic in this state. Emergencies always start with the Governor then go up the chain not from the Feds down. (FEMA) Look it up.
    Now she is wanting to hold a special session – how convenient – another session the citizens cannot attend in person. How deep state of her. What has her administration done with the CARES act funds she already received???? 1,348,194 tests done – 1,198 deaths – 62,006 positives – that leaves 1,284,990 negatives?? What about the people who have lost their business, loved ones to suicide – yes, 1,198 deaths with covid is sad – how many have lost their lives to depression – slowly our Constitutional rights have been taken away for 1,198 for the past 8 or 9 months. What next????

  5. She, and every other commie liberal, needs to be removed from office, by force if necessary and sent to Gitmo. Enough is enough with the God Damn mini-me dictators!

  6. It is harder and harder to listen to liberals as this year progresses. They seem to be brainwashed. Their “facts” don’t make sense. Any one with any intelligence should be able to repute their hateful claims. The Governor must be on psychotropic drugs. She speaks like an idiot and pedants like she is talking to a bunch of morons. When I encounter these liberal robots I see the product of brainwashing via falsified news media, ridiculous digital road sign propaganda, even the fuel pumps spew out scientifically false statements on their unrequested propaganda noise. Are there any intelligent people in this state? If so take off your mask for good so you can be recognized.

  7. I ask one question: Just who is going to enforce this (not a Law) Her Political Mandate? Then too just where is this slime ball Dictator going get the people to check on all the People in the State of New Mexico as to what they are doing and eating. All she has done is totally destroyed peoples life and business just on a desire for total power. Also has she given up her salary??? Personally I am a 91 years old Veteran and for Thanksgiving I will have all my family and any Neighbor in for a feast,, so to Hell and come and get me.

  8. I suspect many hundreds, if not thousands, of New Mexicans will celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday with friends and families despite MLG’s new lockdown. There comes a time when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! New Mexicans are sick and tired of this mini-tyrant ruining our lives, our businesses, and our psychological well being.

  9. You and I know far too well that little piglet will be having Thanksgiving and not missing a meal!!( another one of those “do as I say -not as I do” things she is known for) But by golly- I WILL be having Thanksgiving and enjoying my family and the celebration of Thanksgiving!! The sooner we remove her from the roundhouse and little Benny boy from Washington, the better off New Mexico will be!!
    The Loserjan regime needs to come to a grinding halt!!

  10. It’s time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to take action! This (M)iserable (L)oca (G)rinch and her entire staff needs to realize that WE have “GIVEN” her and them permission to work for us and NOT RULE US!

    Her dictatorial rulings/mandates depict her inhumanity against the citizenry financially, emotionally, morally and psychologically!!

  11. I feel certain that this sanctimonious witch will not be re-elected. I was shocked she was elected in the first place. At least until I heard about Dominion voting systems and how they always glitch in favor of Democraps. She is hoping to gain a position in the Biden administration and if she is a bad enough totalitarian to warrant national attention she has a better shot, I got news for her. Joe Biden isn’t even going to have a position in the next administration, The bad actors manipulating our elections have been COLD BUSTED! and will pay the price. Hang on for the ride. It’s coming!

  12. Debra Rae Steinman

    So speaks the same Governor who in the ‘first’ lockdown shut down all of our Galleries and shops; but got to go out herself to purchase Jewelry from her ‘pet’ store. I knew and know many many many business (who thanks MLG) will never be able to re open for business.

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