MLG refuses to reopen NM despite state meeting benchmarks

On Tuesday, it was reported that New Mexico had finally hit Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s gating criteria to reopen New Mexico. The criteria require there to be an average of 168 new COVID-19 cases in a seven-day period, which the state has met, hitting 155. 

However, despite KOAT 7 crunching the numbers, the State told them “they are using a different number that is based on the date the actual test was taken, and they could not provide the number.”

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s office responded, “We have reached this stage only because of the incredible hard work New Mexicans have undertaken in adhering to the state’s public health guidelines and making the right individual and collective decisions. The gating criteria are not a ‘finish line,’ so to speak, implying that once we reach the gating criteria, we are in the clear.” 

The move by the Governor to dismiss New Mexico hitting the benchmark, while the state refusing to say what numbers they are measuring, shows a lack of transparency and obstruction of critical information New Mexicans deserve to know regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

If the Governor, as she has so often claims, is relying on data and science, then there should be no problem letting the public know what those metrics that she’s measuring are.

Lujan Grisham is set to address the Democrat National Convention tonight, and she is expected to address, at least in part, her “leadership” during the coronavirus pandemic, which has left countless businesses closed and working families devastated.


69 thoughts on “MLG refuses to reopen NM despite state meeting benchmarks”

  1. Obviously MLG is blindly following those who want to take over with the restart. So sad. She was just an innocent little girl at one time but she chose who she would follow. I don’t wish hell on anyone but people make their own choices.

    1. MLG is a Communist!! She makes it impossible to live a normal life. She will be facing the fate of Michigan and Virginia governors or worse!!

      1. Your dog died, and like a little kid you take it out the whole neighborhood. God bless your dog, but you’re facing God for a different reason. I can’t believe you can sleep at night. You keep changing obvious goals, close state offices to protect the State employees and create a tremendous strain on everyone. You are NOT a monarch, you and your overpaid cabinet work for the people , and three resigned so far, I doubt for personal reasons as stated, another lie!! You drive to spy on people, at Rio Grand park, being free to enjoy the outdoors, and yet you make it to a houseboat party!!
        How dare you, following a Communist doctrine is not the U.S. doctrine, speaker Pelosi is no doubt pulling your strings, funny how strings break and when yours do, you will fail.

        1. Debra Rae Steinman

          You are right. It is no longer Republican VS Democrat. It’s Freedom VS Tyranny. And if the Democrats have their way, Tyranny will win.

    2. I agree. I was hoping after the dnc convention she would let it go but now I fear she will wait to see if she can nab a cabinet position. Our poor New Mexico. What a tragedy. Ignoring the riots, murders, BLM terrorists and Antifa is a horrible thing to do to our country. Tragic.

      1. Debra Rae Steinman

        You are partially right.

        In order for her to nab that cabinet position, Trump must be defeated.

        In extending the order over and over again, the Democrats hope to steal what they are incapable of earning via legal and lawful means.

        If they do win, it will be ‘tragic’ for all of us who love Freedom.

  2. Governor is a pile of you know what. She keeps moving the goal posts. I think she needs to step down and go away before she is thrown out on her you know what. She wants to keep us like little pawns while she thinks she’d the dictator. Anyone that doesn’t agree with her gets shutdowns

    1. Debra Fay Thomason

      Thank you Florena Lee, I feel the same way. She is not good for New Mexico, she needs to get back to D.C. with her buddies.

    1. Bridget Harrington

      Hopefully people in this state have learned their lesson and will stop voting Democrats in! In her case, I guess Fort Bayard, Delta Consulting and the fact that she is a Lujan just did not make enough of an impact on people as to what an incompetent, dangerous choice she is. So. The elections are in November. Unless to DOJ steps in, we are stuck with her for another two years. BUT, we can make her life hell in the meantime. 3 out of 5 Supreme Court judges are up for election. Vote in Red conservatives. Ditto with every single lower office that is up….red, red, red! Yank out her support system and her cronies and make it impossible for her to do anything. Learn this acronym – Red = Remove Every Democrat!

    1. That’s what good fascists do! They choose big business and get them to cooperate. It is a foundation of fascism. Small businesses are too hard to keep all in line. It’s like herding cats! Yes, MLG is a fascist.

  3. There is nothing and I mean anything that’s worse than a socialist democrat and MLG you are the lowest of them all to bad you don’t take a drive out somewhere by yourself

    1. she will get her just rewards many friends are taking dancing lessons so when the time comes they can dance on her grave, MLG is the most hated person I have ever known in my lifetime, she makes Charles Manson look like a Honor Eagle Boy Scout

  4. Charles w Cunningham


  5. Vote red in November, if we fill our legislature with conservatives, it will be more difficult for her to do more harm to the business in our wonderful state.

  6. I know everyone wants to rail on the govenor, but as a conservative I recognize the importance of not rushing to open up. Texas and Arizona did and they caused a huge spike that killed thousands of people and maxed out hospitals in Houston, Phoenix, and other cities. We have very few hospitals in NM and they are understaffed because we pay like crap. I know people hate hearing this but leadership means using the resources you have wisely and avoiding cost overruns because we acted in hast. At this point we have the lowest infection rate in the west because we have a good leader and I might not have voted for her the first time but I sure would now.

    1. Sorry your info is wrong. Numbers are wrong and you can’t believe everything they are telling you. Hospitals are not over run.

      1. ya Dominic people believe lies and are too lazy to do good research and find facts .. fake news is the devil
        ..listen to the Mark Kaye show you will like him

    2. You people that dont mind the shut down are either retired or getting a government check. You work for the government and are getting paid to stay at home or you are on welfare and getting paid to do nothing. Those of us that earn our money need to open our businesses. NOW! Gov is just trying to make points with Biddens string masters so she can get a cabinet job AT OUR EXPENSE!!

    3. Travis the info about the hospitals are fake, conservatives in those states went and checked them personally and the hospitals were almost empty MLG is an extreme leftest demorat who wants power and more money which the demorats in washington dc promised her if she would lay waste to our state..

    1. You need to wake up and see what’s going on around you instead of swallowing whatever the fake news throws at you. Children are not at risk from the China virus. It’s the elderly and already health compromised. The fact is, the average age of those who die from COVID is 80 which is 2 years past the life expectancy of 78 in the US. Less people have died so far in the US this year than did last year at this time.
      If you think Grisham and the rest of the Communist are protecting you then you are either too lazy to find out what they are really up to or don’t have adequate reasoning faculty’s. Only a fool would blindly trust that bunch after they have shone themselves for what they really are.
      There is another possibility. You are one of THEM!

  7. How are people so ignorant to not realize that she’s doing a good thing by not rushing into opening!? Just bc the numbers are lower does not mean the virus is gone! Other states rushed to reopen to devastating results. She’s done a great job thats why our numbers are lower than our neighboring states. Just think of how bad it will be after September especially in flu season. Health officials are warning about this. The last time NM reopened ppl suddenly thought it was safe and would gather in groups, not wear masks, etc and our numbers went up again. Yes it extremely hard financially but my children’s lives and loved ones lives are more important to me as they should be to everyone. Praying for us all.

    1. This virus will never go away no matter what but our State will die a different death then from the Covid. Ask all the small business that had to close but shouldn’t have had to close.

      1. Dom and what about the kids not getting to play at the parks .. you are I give up some people just ate not worth renting space in my head

    2. I guess you own your house, grow veggies in the Back yard and have wind powered electricity. Hmm, don’t need money from a JOB.

      1. great reply to a sick puupy
        Youre a smart honorable man…hope you join us in Clovis the 22nd and at the capital the 22nd to Dethrown MLG

    3. Our positive test numbers are far lower than Texas, and yet we have the same death rate percentage as Texas. Both very low percentages by the way. The survival rate for this virus is in the high 90% range. Even in the virus hotbed of NY, it has peaked and fallen just as any other virus has done. I realize this virus can be dangerous if we aren’t careful with it, but maybe it just isn’t the horrible, shut down the state and country virus they all want to scare us into thinking it is.

      1. You are correct. People are dealing in base fear. The death rate has stayed low entire time and I believe this virus is an experiment to see how quickly people comply.

    4. Vengence is mine sayeth the Lord,, I shall repay…you will get just exactly what you deserve now and forever more … you remind me of Polosi with this comment its that shamefull

      1. Im Trying to take this down will you Please delete it, I was replying to an upsetting messege posted by Talia…


    Michelle Wujan Gruesome…..a lying sack of shit who must be voted out. She has done more harm to NM than the Chinese virus!

    1. wayne you speak truth come to the rotuntra santa fe capital round house on the 27th and help us force her OUT now

  9. Houston hospitals were not full, don’t know about the rest you mentioned and New Mexicos death rate per million is comparable to Colorado and Texas and they have been pretty much open, so your data is not accurate, yes Arizona has been pretty bad, but The rest are running pretty close.

  10. Good leader? You’re ridiculously blind! My gosh. What will it take for you to admit that she’s the worse thing that has ever happened to New Mexico! The killer of Jackie Vigil was an illegal immigrant. Michelle’s fault. Buying jewelry while telling us not to. Spending 4th of July on a boat with friends as she tells the rest of us to stay home. Do you think she is styling her own hair or doing her own nails? Shutting down the very businesses that provide our needed tax base. Who do you think is going to have to pay the difference? WE WILL! She is the worse governor of New Mexico, EVER!

    1. Thanks for good reply to polosi junior Talia worst comment I ever read …no one in thier right mind wants her prayers she is in bed with MLG

  11. I can’t help but wonder, what shape our state would be in, if, MLG had not spent the surplus Billions N.M. had. She couldn’t wait to spend it……now tax payers face increased taxes to get that surplus banked again. And where are we gonna get the paychecks to do that?

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  13. Sue the state by filing tort claim for loss of revenue…..especially since she can’t explain the metrics to reopen…….gross negligence ……FOYI all emails and correspondence the potential exist to go after her personally if you can show gross negligence .

  14. Im Trying to take this down will you Please delete it, I was replying to an upsetting messege posted by Talia…

  15. When is the event to Oust this communist? The 22nd or the 27th? I’m so sick of her ruling us like a dictator! As previously mentioned this virus has a high survival rate much like the average flu. But how many people now are in distress trying to feed their families? Suicides are up, domestic violence is up and child abuse is up! Kids are online more and at more risk from online predators and you can’t see their face in these ridiculous masks!

  16. I hope to HELL she reads this! Right on John! I can’t WAIT for the strings to break. If you would like, you could add me to your FB friends. You seem to have a lot to say, and some need to hear. Thank you for your resolve. I’m sorry if you have to live under her government.

  17. Our previous Governor left with a surplus of monies that MLG rushed in to spend it. Her pet projects were at the top of her list when her spending spree began, and look where we are now.
    We are the first to be last, and the last to be first on any issue that is important. Last in education, last on the list to be a safe place to live and or retire. We are at the top of the list for suicides, having your car stolen and many other high crimes. These two lists go on and on and on.
    She set criteria for re-opening New Mexico business, criteria that we have met and yet she won’t even follow her own rules. Of course she didn’t follow them in the beginning either, having a jewelry store open for her purchases, and of course her hair and nail salon.
    She’s following the democratic party’s doctrine, a doctrine that keeps us on the two lists I have mentioned above. She does not care about any of her constituents unless they happen to be mega donors and supporters. She has proven that time and again, and it’s not going to change. We must get out and vote, vote them all out. That is the only way we are going to see changes that actually matter to New Mexicans.

  18. Moocher Loserjan Gruesome– just following the corrupt family footsteps of the Lujans in politics. This fearmongering, pandering of lies, and casting of doubt by the media and big pharma has opened the door for politicians to steal and pillage from the taxpayers. Her thinking she is better than most or God’s gift needs to be listened to or bowed down to.. WRONG ANSWER Clyde!!
    Another prime example of why NM needs to vote RED and clean out dirty politicians!

    I want to be deputized and be part of the team that drags her out of the roundhouse..

  19. I do have a question for everyone? MLG for the last 3 weeks has made two trips out of town. Arizona and the second to DNC party.
    She did not quarantine after either of these trips….WHY NOT???????

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