After ACLU demand letter, Alamogordo school board cancels meeting on CRT, trans athletics

On Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) pressured the Alamogordo Public School (APS) Board of Education into submission with a letter that claimed sanctity of women’s and girls’ sports resolutions are “an act of violence,” writing that such policies violate state and federal law.

The letter was sent to Alamogordo Public Schools Board of Education President Angie Cadwallader, Alamogordo Schools Superintendent Jerrett Perry, Alamogordo Athletics Director, and Title IX Coordinator Johnnie Walker, as well as Republican Party of Otero County Chair Amy Barela and state Rep. Zach Cook, who represents the northern part of Otero County. 

The APS Board was originally set to consider President Angie Caldwaller’s proposal to protect girls by having boys’ and girls’ sports remain exclusive to the biological gender of the athlete. 

After the letter from the ACLU, the school board’s scheduled June 26 work session on the topic, as well as Critical Race Theory in social studies textbooks, was abruptly canceled.

The ACLU letter includes much rhetoric that goes beyond the scope of what the resolution does, claiming, “Beyond the potential legal consequences this proposed policy invites, it also generates an environment of fear that significantly and meaningfully impacts the lives of trans children that live in your district. Although your athletic director admits he is not aware of any trans athletes currently out in the district.”

In the ACLU letter, the group demanded the following:

1. Immediately pull this proposed resolution and make public that this has been done;

2. Make clear in a public form that the resolution was ill-advised and illegal;

3. Publish a document, signed by the School Board, clarifying that the district welcomes, supports, and affirms trans students of all kinds; and

4. Engage in trans-specific sensitivity training as a Board, and make this training available to district staff as well.

Supporters of Superintendent Jerrett Perry, who has been under fire from liberal members of the APS Board of Education, will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, Juneau 25, 2021 in front of the flag pole at Alamogordo High School on 103 Cuba Ave. to pray for him as he fights to protect the children of Alamogordo. 

ACTION ALERT: Contact the Alamogordo Public Schools Board of Education and ask them to not be deterred by the ACLU’s threats and support the sanctity of girls’ sports.

President Angela M. Cadwallader (sponsor of the resolution for sanctity of sports):

Vice-President Ryan Sherwood: 

Secretary Carol Teweleit: 

Member Judy Rabon:

Member Anthony Torres:


5 thoughts on “After ACLU demand letter, Alamogordo school board cancels meeting on CRT, trans athletics”

  1. The ACLU – A Marxist organization. Always has been operating under the disguise of freedom. They are evil. They do not make laws nor do they represent We the People. They are influencers of an agenda that is destroying this nation.


    I sent emails to the Alamogordo School Board, as you requested in your Action Alert. I encouraged them to stand firm against the ACLU, a “woke” leftist organization.

    Parents in Alamogordo need to speak out loudly against this ridiculous marxist agenda, just like so many brave others are doing throughout the country. We have to press forward to save our country.

  3. The ALCU has rarely actually wins lawsuits like this. Everyone just caves to them. Stop being cowards and stand up for our children.

  4. Stand up for our children, stand up for our rights of freedom of speech, and the rights to disagree with the radical left. I don’t care who you want to be, what you want to look like, or how you want to dress. But I will not be forced to live in your mental illness.

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