SF jewelry shop posts pic of MLG with ‘new’ bling — quickly deletes, claiming photo was from 2019

On Wednesday, Tom Taylor Belts, Buckles, Bags shared a photo on Facebook of a maskless Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham at their Santa Fe Plaza store showing off her expensive Zia pendant.

The caption of the photo read, “New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in our Santa Fe store showing off her new B G Mudd Zia pendant.”

According to the retailer’s website, the pendant costs $425. Other items from the downtown boutique range from the hundreds and well into the thousands for artisanal pieces.

Multiple commenters on the post pointed out that the Governor was not wearing a mask, which goes in stark opposition to her massive “Mask Up” and “Protect New Mexico” campaigns urging citizens to wear masks in public.

Lujan Grisham may or may not have been social distancing (6 feet apart) while having her photo taken in the jewelry shop. It is unclear what the jewelry shop’s capacity is, however, Lujan Grisham’s orders allow only for 25% maximum occupancy in any retail setting.

This is not the first time Lujan Grisham has defied her own public health orders, previously buying expensive jewelry from Lilly Barrack in Albuquerque, having the store (which was at the time closed as a non-essential business), reopen just for her so she could make a purchase. 

National figures previously blasted her for the hypocrisy, including leading network television host Laura Ingraham, who described Lujan Grisham as a “fraud,” and ridiculed her “rules for thee but not for me.”

Thousands of New Mexico businesses, including restaurants and hotels, are hurting due to the Governor’s strict regulations, which include a mandatory 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors and no indoor dining allowed at restaurants. The restrictions have prompted the cancellation of hundreds of out-of-state reservations at hotels, and over 210 New Mexico restaurants to go into permanent closure. This week, the Governor won a lawsuit in front of the New Mexico Supreme Court allowing her to fine businesses $5,000 for bucking her orders, with one hotel, Trinity Hotel and Restaurant, racking up fines upwards of $100,000.

Lujan Grisham buying expensive jewelry while small businesses and working families suffer may not be the wisest choice.

UPDATE: The jewelry shop updated the post, claiming the photograph was taken in March of 2019, however, they did not explain why the caption said the Governor’s pendant was “new.” Later, the jewelry shop deleted the post altogether.

Similar jewelry to what was allegedly sold to the Governor can be seen in the below August 13 post from the Governor’s Twitter account. However, it cannot be immediately confirmed if this is the same jewelry allegedly sold to the Governor in March of 2019. If the jewelry was indeed purchased in March, it raises multiple questions including why was the photo just posted now, and why did the Facebook post indicate the jewelry was “new” if it was bought well over a year ago.


11 thoughts on “SF jewelry shop posts pic of MLG with ‘new’ bling — quickly deletes, claiming photo was from 2019”

  1. Yes they changed the caption to say it was from March 2019, however there website lists this item as a new arrival??????????????????????

    1. Your making a huge deal out of something a woman who works 90 hours a week enjoys. We all have our special things. Don’t you?

      1. Janice Henfling do you know for a fact that she works 90 hours a week? I find that hard to believe. Also she says masks will save lives, only if you wear them. What is a rule for everyone except me!

      2. That’s not the point. Her money is hers to spend. But, in light of the fact that she is directly destroying thousands of new Mexicans with her dictatorship. She has NO EXCUSE to not follow her own orders. We shouldn’t be he whipping post for her political agenda…. A lot of people have been nice about this. But, she is more concerned about her personal agenda. She has already done this before with Lilly barrack. She doesn’t represent US… SHE REPRESENTS HER AGENDA.

      3. During a lockdown with stay at home orders?
        People fighting in stores over toilet paper and bottled water???
        No, this is not okay. Leadership by example, not by exerting pressure of her office or position for “special things.”
        People lost their jobs and businesses, their livelihoods. Many won’t recover.
        She is just awful.

  2. Cynthia Sinclair

    Fine with me. As a fellow jewelry addict, I understand. She has a tough job and so what if she needs jewelry to boost her spirits. Better than drugs or alcohol. This made me like her better and I am a Republican, lol.

  3. Wow, yeah because this is what she should be doing right now. Look if I cant get a ride to the store to buy food for my daughter because of social distancing you dont need to have a business reopen just to sell you some over priced pendant. And those saying they like her more now, please stop voting.

    1. Double standards, nothing new with this tyrant. The rules don’t apply to her, that’s been obvious since this scamdemic. She’s only intrested in keeping the testing going because she gets $171,000 for every alleged positive case which in itself is bull poop! One term Governor! Vote Red❤🇺🇸 Elections have consequences.

  4. Jennifer Morrison

    I saw this post in the original form with my own eyes and 10 minutes later my shared post changed to say March 2019 I was so disgusted that someone would try to cover it up, she is truly a disgrace and I for one can’t wait to vote her hypocritical self out.

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