‘I’m staying’: MLG announces 2022 re-election plans during COVID-19 presser

On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced two new public health orders, one rationing health care in the state, and the other banning “non-essential” surgical procedures. The orders take effect on Friday, December 11, and go until at least January 4. During the presser, she also announced her 2022 re-election plans for the governorship.

According to the New Mexico Health Department’s press release on these new orders, “all hospital acute care facilities in the state may not provide non-essential surgical procedures. Non-essential surgeries are defined in the order to include procedures that may be delayed without undue risk to the patient’s health. The order outlines criteria to be considered in distinguishing between essential and non-essential procedural needs.” 

The order clarifies what exactly makes up an “essential” procedure: 

For purposes of this Order, “non-essential surgical procedures” include those services which can be delayed for three (3) months without undue risk to the patient’s health. Examples of criteria to consider in distinguishing between essential and non-essential actions include: (a) threat to a patient’s life; (b) threat of permanent dysfunction of an extremity, including teeth, jaws, and eyes; ( c) risk of metastasis or progression of staging; ( d) prenatal and postnatal care; and ( e) any other factors that will conserve medical resources without creating undue risk of permanent harm to patients.

This Order’s prohibition on non-essential surgical procedures is not meant to apply to: (a) the provision of emergency medical care or any actions necessary to provide treatment to patients with emergency or urgent medical needs; and (b) any surgery that if not performed would result in a serious condition of a patient worsening ( e.g., removing a cancerous tumor or a surgery intended to manage an infection).

The new “Crisis Care” standards implemented in the orders also mean doctors and nurses could be assigned duties outside of their traditional areas of expertise, which are outlined in Gov. Lujan Grisham’s prior executive order. The order states: 

[H]ealthcare professionals will be asked to assist in additional areas outside their scope of practice and to provide support, in any way possible, with the treatment and care of those infected with the COVID-19 virus and to stretch limited resources beyond usual and customary practice.

Providers have raised concerns about their legal protections when asked to address the extraordina1y demands of treating New Mexicans with and without COVID-19 during this heightened medical surge. For these reasons, I find that it is in the public interest to invoke certain provisions of AHEMA and ELA to ensure that physicians will not hesitate to respond and provide necessary assistance as “Contingency Care” standards have been implemented in many hospitals and in the potential event that “Crisis Care” standards are brought into effect.

Also announced during the Governor’s press conference was that all 33 counties are in “red” status, meaning harsh bans on businesses and everyday activities will remain in effect, such as 25% capacity or 75 people per grocery store, no indoor dining at restaurants, restrictions on churches, lodging, “close contact” businesses such as salons and gyms, no indoor recreational facilities, and only 25% capacity at outdoor facilities.

The Governor focused on COVID-19 testing as well, saying that the more people get tested, the more counties will shift from “red” with harsh restrictions to “yellow” or “green,” meaning slight relief for New Mexicans.

She said, “New Mexico small businesses and our local economies, quite frankly, are depending on us. They cannot make it if we do not do all the public health measures. I mean, They are completely, unequivocally dependent on our good public health measures. Without them, we just bring this virus to them.”

“Here’s the best Christmas gift that we can give New Mexico’s economy. All of those families who have family businesses — blood, sweat, and tears, their life savings in these businesses — we need more New Mexicans to get tested,” she added. 

Gov. Lujan Grisham says “the best Christmas gift” New Mexicans can give to small businesses is “to get tested” for COVID-19.

The Governor admitted how her public health orders are “completely unfair” to those grieving after a loved one has passed away, and her mandates have barred them from attending their funeral. “That would impact how many people could say goodbye to a loved one in that grieving process,” she said. “A pandemic knows no fairness boundaries. It just moves–it just wants us to get close and let our guard down. That’s the perfect environment for a virus. Funerals are particularly hard. It’s particularly hard to have a mask on. It’s particularly hard not to hug a grieving family member. It’s particularly hard not to pat someone on the back. It’s just particularly hard.” She added, “these are really high-risk environments.” 

Funerals “are really high-risk environments,” says @GovMLG during COVID-19 presser.

Lastly, the Governor answered a question from a reporter about possibly being tapped for the fictitious presidential cabinet of former Vice President Joe Biden, in which she announced her 2022 re-election as governor. 

She thanked Biden “for his confidence,” while throwing the Trump Administration under the bus as one that “doesn’t care about federal government services.” She said, “I’m staying,” and “New Mexicans should expect that I run for re-election in ‘22, and I will keep my fingers crossed that I can convince all these hard-working New Mexico families that I deserve another four years.” Lujan Grisham was previously snubbed by Biden for Secretary of the Health and Human Services after she turned down his offer to be Secretary of the Department of Interior.

“New Mexicans should expect that I run for re-election in ‘22, and I will keep my fingers crossed that I can convince all these hard-working New Mexico families that I deserve another four years” – @GovMLG during COVID-19 presser.

10 thoughts on “‘I’m staying’: MLG announces 2022 re-election plans during COVID-19 presser”

    1. Grisham is criminally insane and a puppet of Davos and the CCP. Covid is a psy-op. Total covid deaths in USA equal the exact decrease in normal deaths from illnesses averaged over last few years. I am so disappointed in New Mexican citizens for wearing those stupid useless masks. Do your home work, look up real data, quit getting your education from the boob tube cretins and quit letting that two bit dictator in santa fe run you around like lost little puppies. Take off those ridiculous masks and get a reality check. People are dying all the time, just not from covid. New Mexico citizens seem to be living proof that our country has been dumbed down to the canine level. A bunch of obedient little puppies wagging their tails and slobbering dutifully behind those ridiculous masks as they perform for their fat old post menopausal master. I am sick of looking at stupid puppies. Am I the only wolf in the state. If you have the fortitude to be a wolf, take off your mask. I will recognize you because neither of us will cower to the fat old CCP woman in Santa Fe.

  1. She deserves to go to prison. But unless the fraud is fixed and the Dominion machines are removed she will win because the system is rigged.
    As for her unconstitutional health orders, Just ignore them, your compliance is where she derives her power.

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  4. This witch did not stop me from arranging and gathering family for the death of my mother. Only about 30% of attendants wore the mask of slavery.

  5. This idiot communist governor described herself how unfair it is to let old people die alone and not allow people to worship and make a livelihood. All over a fake virus that has a survival rate of 99.7 %. A good leader wouldn’t encourage panic and fear . She along with all the other communist governors must have a stake in the total destruction of their states and this country. I think her only route to re-selection is the Biden Democrat voter fraud that unfortunately us New Mexicans are used to.

  6. The opposition needs to start the campaign against her. People should never forget or forgive her finger pointing, her obnoxious staff comments, and the damage done to the NM people. A dynamic candidate should start now on the campaign. A big enough margin of victory should keep the cheating at bay,

  7. I am so SICK of this woman. She has no business in our medical care. I do not comply with her tyranny and I will never comply. She is very evil and I will campaign against her to my last breath if need be. Lock her up!! She’s nothing but a communist.

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