MLG’s reelection bid goes south as she bizarrely calls protesters drowning her out ‘lizard people’

On Thursday, embattled first-term Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham held her reelection announcement in Albuquerque at the Albuquerque Museum, where she was met with scores of protesters fed up with her extreme agenda, including locking down the state and pushing inoculations upon New Mexicans.

The protest, which was co-hosted by multiple New Mexico activists, included signs reading things like “No Crotch Grabbing Gov,” “MLG is deeply mediocre and dumb,” and “Alexa, new governor please,” among others. 

The protesters drowned out multiple speakers’ speeches, including Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger de Fernandez (CD-3), Democrat Party of New Mexico chair Jessica Velasquez, and Rep-elect Melanie Stansbury (CD-1). 

Once Lujan Grisham took the stage, the protesters with their bull horns got louder and louder, drowning out the scandal-ridden governor’s speech. 

In frustration, Lujan Grisham made a cringe-inducing comment, claiming the protesters were “lizard people.”

She said, “I just have to say I’m sorry that we picked the same location that the QAnon lizard people meeting was at.” 

“We’re going to do what we do best. We’re going to protect New Mexico, and no amount of noise will deter, intimidate or create a vacuum in leadership that makes a difference for every single New Mexican this day and every day,” Lujan Grisham said despite her reign as governor, which has decimated countless New Mexicans 

Lujan Grisham was forced to cut her speech extremely short since the protesters successfully drowned her out. 

Her controversy-driven tenure as governor has been marked with scandal after scandal after scandal. From forcing through the most far-left extreme bills through the Legislature to paying off sexual accusers and her own daughter with campaign cash, and then “misplacing” $250 million in Workforce Solutions money, she has weakened her chance of reelection day after day. 

She repeatedly skirted her pandemic rules to buy luxury jewelry, used taxpayer funds for fine wine and $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, berated local communities for not following her edicts, forced New Mexicans to stand in cold bread lines to get food and basic goods, fined churches and businesses tens of thousands of dollars for alleged non-compliance, removed the National Guard from the border and denied an immigration crisis, fired and hired cabinet secretaries on a dime, gave her staff hefty raises while New Mexicans lost everything, and she is giving away $10 million of New Mexicans’ dollars through a “lottery” to bribe people to take the experimental virus inoculation.

At Lujan Grisham’s next campaign stop at the John Dunn Shop in Taos on Friday at 8:00 a.m., protesters will be there to “greet” the embattled governor as she tries to run for a second term in the Governor’s Mansion. Protesters will also be in Española at the Santa Claran Hotel Casino on 460 N Riverside Dr, at 11:30 to protest the Governor.

For more information about Friday’s protest, contact Leanna Derrick from Call to Action NM at


27 thoughts on “MLG’s reelection bid goes south as she bizarrely calls protesters drowning her out ‘lizard people’”

  1. Patricia Browning

    Thank you lizard patriots of New Mexico so proud of you , wishing I was there to help . We need this cougar out of New Mexico !

      1. Most DEFINITELY. The Dems control every facet of the voting process from top to bottom. At midnight on election night last November, Republican candidates that were leading by substantial numbers suddenly, with a flip of a switch, losing by even greater numbers.

        1. This has gone on for years, they put in who they want , this little Nazi did not win, NM must have an audit for last two elections. They have a lock on Santa Fe, a 100 years , lm sure Trump won !

  2. We’re 13th worst in deaths per capita, yet she constantly wants to pat herself on her back. She has done utterly average. Do dems not look at the charts and only believe what MLG says is true? The facts are out there.

    Our cases per capita align with our population size and density. Doing nothing and having zero economic ruin would have netted the same results. Instead we’re top 3 in unemployment. And to add, we were already in poor shape prior to this.

    I don’t get their love affair. I’m guessing her fan base is everyone who hasn’t missed a paycheck and those continuing to get paid to stay home.

  3. We must not forget
    She had nurseries closed down. We were not able to buy vegetables during prime time growing season.
    She had bicycle shops closed down but Walmart could sell 5500 bikes a week. Many essential workers who bike had many of these bicycle shops offer free services in the shadows of the night. They could not offer bicycle services in normal fashion.
    We were one of only two states to close down booze stores for at least 6 weeks.
    It took us a year plus for beer delivery to exist. Many states changed their laws within days.
    She refused to let bars turn into restaurants. They had to have 2019 sales of less than 50% booze. No iffs ands or buts.
    She was on record as saying it’s easier to keep track of people at big box stores than it is at every little mom and pop. 200 random occurrences is too many to handle, so let the big box places stuff in all the people.
    And lastly, we were the only state in the entire world to shut down grocery stores

    And looking at the nm watch list, UPS whom delivers the actual vaccines is on the current closure list. (They also deliver many other life changing medicines).
    So generic and so utterly average.

  4. Thank you MLG for yet another label worn as a badge of honor. Clearly not interested in any vote except those who dare not speak. BTW, lizards and their baby lizards are not subject to a mask order. #unmaskchikdren

  5. The great Lizard Patriots (all of us) need to show up at every one of her lame, lying campaign circuses!! Make her mad, make her snarl her degrading insults at the people she’s supposed to represent. Keep pressure on her until she cracks and shows her evil self! New Mexicans need to know ALL of her disgusting, selfish scandals and shut her down!!

  6. Impeach the beast!

    The poisonous ponsona sounds like her doppelgänger, twin sister crooked hildebeast, Hilary; what with all her child molesting,QAnon lizard talk coming out of her split tongued clap trap.

  7. Get her out. She only cares about herself, not the hard working people of New Mexico who are the heart and soul of our beautiful state. We need a real leader who lets New Mexicans decide what is best for them and their families. We need a leader who puts the people of NM first. Stop the incentives that are keeping people home. NM needs our small business to bring back the economy, just another way to control people. Get her out she is a terrible selfish leader.

  8. I’m vaccinated and I have MLG to thank for one of the best vaccine rollouts in the nation. With comments here about vote fraud, Dominion and Covid misinformation it appears New Mexico’s extreme right is desperate to bully their lies into political office. Our family is voting for Democracy and the Democrats.

    1. Also New Mexican

      Lol. The vaccine that is far below pace to dispense. Yet here we are all in turquoise. Hmmm. That vaccine seems much less important than the fear you democrats propagate.

  9. Impeach the beast

    Santa FEA; You sound entitled, like you work for the government in some useless position that only takes away from the bottom line? Or are you working from home? Or getting a government stimulus? Vaccinated with the mark of the beast, you’re under strong delusion!

  10. I don’t get the love affair either, perhaps it’s the mainstream media
    brainwashing that’s working on the dems. We have the same COVID case numbers as Texas (10% of the population), yet Texas didn’t treat their citizens like little kids just in order to take control like a psycho path! MLG is a joke and I hope she gets the boot next election.

  11. Grisham is more intimidated by her handlers then anyone else. We are so many that all of us speaking at the same time, at the same volume level and the same message just sounds loud, and that scares them all. This is what they are doing to most people but they are losing their voice. They are using psychology on the people. That is right out of their playbook. We can win this psychological war. Anyone who has been through abuse counseling or read the books knows their tactics are abuse.

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