Gov. Lujan Grisham fearmongers over ‘Delta’ variant: ‘It’s not going to go away’

While touring a military cemetery on Monday, scandal-ridden Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham opined on the new fear tactic created by liberals in the form of the “Delta variant” of the coronavirus, which is now being used to force masking on citizens across the globe.

The discredited World Health Organization (WHO), which claimed at the beginning of the pandemic that there is “no evidence of significant human-to-human transmission and no health care worker infections have been reported,” is now instructing people to put masks on even if they are fully vaccinated.

Lujan Grisham has adopted the fearmongering stance by the WHO, telling the Santa Fe New Mexican, “If you’re not concerned about the variants, you are playing into that ‘COVID is over’ mentality.” 

“It’s a deadly virus, it’s not going to go away. This variant is serious,” she added.

Regarding “We’re not going to require it, but I think wearing masks inside in grocery stores and large gatherings is really important,” she said. “And if you’re not going to get vaccinated, you’ve got to wear a mask.

“The delta variant in particular,” she added, “is of significant concern.”

When asked by a veteran about the vaccination rates not meeting her benchmarks, the governor told him that she wanted the rate to be at 75%, adding, “I’m not sure I can do it in every county.” 

Facing questions regarding her critics who are angered over her continued lockdown in New Mexico, which has decimated 40% of small businesses and resulted in high child suicide rates, and economic catastrophe, she said, “I think it’s an unfair criticism and is politically motivated.” She added, “I feel good. We stayed the course and we’ve been methodical.”

The embattled Governor’s tenure as governor has been marked with scandal after scandal after scandal. From forcing through the most far-left extreme bills through the Legislature to paying off sexual accusers and her own daughter with campaign cash, and then “misplacing” $250 million in Workforce Solutions money, she has weakened her chance of reelection day after day. 

She repeatedly skirted her pandemic rules to buy luxury jewelry, used taxpayer funds for fine wine and $200/lb Wagyu beef steaks, berated local communities for not following her edicts, forced New Mexicans to stand in cold bread lines to get food and basic goods, fined churches and businesses tens of thousands of dollars for alleged non-compliance, removed the National Guard from the border and denied an immigration crisis, fired and hired cabinet secretaries on a dime, gave her staff hefty raises while New Mexicans lost everything, and now is giving away $10 million of New Mexicans’ dollars through a “lottery” to bribe people to take the experimental virus inoculation.

It should be noted that despite her claims that New Mexico is reopening on July 1, mask mandates remain in-place, including for children, among other restrictions.


5 thoughts on “Gov. Lujan Grisham fearmongers over ‘Delta’ variant: ‘It’s not going to go away’”

  1. Outlaw Preacher

    Agreed, voter fraud must be corrected and I haven’t really seen anything from Republicans in this state to address this.

    Second, people must quit complying. I have never worn a mask, never stopped going to church, never stopped having large gatherings in my home. And never got sick.

  2. Voter fraud and just saying NO to immoral, unethical and outright wrong actions by her and the federal regime.

  3. All it would take is approximately 400 – 500 people from each county to show up in person at their Sheriff’s office with a Criminal complaint; preferably business owners who lost everything due to the lies and lack of finding of any virus. Then either demand the Sheriff remove her from office of the Sheriff be removed from his office. It is really that simple. Because now, we got this new lie and there will be another shut-down and forced injections.

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