The Alamogordo Public School Board must act to protect children

Since all but one member of the Alamogordo Public School Board has ignored the many pleas from folks in our city and constantly eroded transparency through a failure to act on critical issues affecting the children in the community, this is the last stand I can think of to make them listen.

The first day of school for students starts in just a few weeks and the Board has failed to consider critical resolutions protecting female students’ safety in sports and failed to hold a meeting on the 2021-2022 learning platform — which integrates principles of the racist Critical Race Theory via the “Kickboard” plan implemented in 2019. 

Just a few weeks ago, the School Board cowered in fear of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a radical out-of-state dark money group that threatened to sue the school district if it considered a proposal by APS Board President Angela Cadwallader to ban biological males from female sports.

The ACLU demanded in its threatening letter that the School Board pull the resolution to protect girls’ sports, publicly state that the resolution was “ill-advised,” publish a document “clarifying that the district welcomes, supports, and affirms trans students of all kinds,” and “engage in trans-specific sensitivity training as a Board.” 

Once the ACLU sent their demand letter, the proposal mysteriously disappeared from the next meeting’s agenda, being replaced with banal contract approvals. In the midst of a threat, the School Board kowtowed to a radical “social justice” group’s threats above the safety of Alamogordo students and the citizens who elected the board members. 

This is just the latest failure of the School Board, following their silence on students being forcibly masked in schools by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham — even having to wear face coverings in 100+ degree heat while competing in sports. 

They have refused to call a meeting, as many communities have, to buck these draconian lockdown mandates, which are forcing teachers, students, and school personnel to face copious amounts of testing if they won’t be forcibly inoculated. Lujan Grisham also instituted segregating children based on vaccination status and quarantining/punishing students who do not comply. 

APS has been limp and actionless, such as previously when Board President Cadwaller was the only member to vote against the further closure of APS. 

Now, the board is refusing to act upon children being taught to hate each other based on race, with the school’s Critical Race Theory curriculum, which according to the Kickboard site, includes a “districtwide culture audit,” staff training on “trauma-informed mindsets,” and a focus on “social and emotional wellbeing.”

But despite the countless pressing issues still afflicting APS students and parents, the School Board has failed time and again to prioritize these issues while parents and students run out of time as the new school year approaches.

The APS Board members know what they have to do: reschedule a board meeting to consider pivotal proposals banning boys from girls’ sports and banning racist Critical Race Theory from the curriculum — issues parents deeply care about.

If the School Board instead bows down to the ACLU and radical outside groups that do not know or care about our community, then we have our final answer as to who owns four out of five of our school board members. Hint: it’s not we, the citizens, who have to deal with the catastrophic results of their inaction — it’s out-of-state extremist groups pushing the transgender and Critical Race Theory agendas. 

John Block is a native New Mexican and Alamogordo resident who serves as the editor of


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