Hours after Judge’s ruling overturning MLG’s restaurant health order, NM Supreme Court kills it

On Monday, it was reported that the New Mexico Restaurant Association had won their lawsuit against Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, which accused the Governor of targeting the restaurant industry. 

According to KRQE News, “The lawsuit requested a temporary restraining order that now stops the governor from carrying on with the recently amended public health order. This means for the next 10 days, restaurants can open for indoor dining at 50% capacity. The reason the judge permitted restaurants to reopen for the next 10 days was because the State failed to file any response by the set deadline of July 20.” 

New Mexico Restaurant Association’s attorney Antonia Roybal-Mack said the Governor “is making decisions without fact and as a result of that, those decisions are void,” also saying that the Judge’s order “is the right decision for restaurants.” 

“After the July 30 hearing hopefully (the injunction) can be extended. I think the evidence is going to be clear to the judge and to everybody else that restaurants are not the cause of COVID-19 spread,” said Roybal Mack.

It’s unclear what will happen after the 10-day mark, however, the public health order in question expires on July 30th.

Previously, New Mexico Restaurant Association CEO Carol Wight estimated that the health order would plunge the state’s restaurant industry into further decline possibly wiping out 20% of all restaurants in the state permanently.

After the Court’s decision, New Mexico House Republican Leader Jim Townsend applauded the injunction, saying, “One person cannot make all the decisions for New Mexico, the Governor was elected to work for the people and unfortunately some of her decisions have really hurt New Mexicans.” He continued, “If the Governor and her staff had not made this political, I believe that our state would have continued to slow the spread as we were just a few weeks ago.”

UPDATE, 5:25 P.M.:

Gov. Lujan Grisham petitioned the New Mexico Supreme Court to grant a “Stay of Temporary Restraining Order” following a lower court judge allowing restaurants to reopen indoor dining.

According to KOB 4, “The state Supreme Court granted the stay, and ordered the governor and the suing parties, which including the New Mexico Restaurant Association, to submit their arguments by next week.”


24 thoughts on “Hours after Judge’s ruling overturning MLG’s restaurant health order, NM Supreme Court kills it”

  1. We stand with local business and hard working Americans. Even if the State goes to hell, MLG still gets her $14k a month. She is a whore for the DEMON-crats and George Soros.

  2. Patricia Papson

    This was ridiculous..Glad she didn’t respond..Did she think she didn’t have..just wished they ruled in our favor.

    Gives us time to regroup..why were restaurants singled out?

    1. She is just shooting for the VP position and she thinks this makes her look good in the democratics eyes. She doesn’t care what she does to New Mexico or its people, as long as she gets to play in the big leagues with all of the other crooks in Washington.People must unite against her she needs to be removed from office

  3. Not only were restaurants unfairly targeted but so were gun stores, churches, and open-carry laws. One-term Timmy Keller needs to be reigned in too in this power grabbing free-for-all.

  4. All you moron dump followers are damn lucky she didnt respond or else you would still be sitting on patio, enjoy your ten days cuz that’s all your gonna get before everything is shut down. Enjoy catching RONA cuz that’s all that’s gonna come out of this. ✌

    1. Why are you happy people’s lives are being destroyed?Why do you hate freedom and your fellow citizens and yourself? Only self deprecating fools like you worship gruesome and communism.
      You are insane just like your master gruesome.
      These mandates are about political power, they are not based in science. The tests are fraudulent, the cdc is having everyone labeled as covid… etc etc
      This whole thing is a hoax. South Dakota is doing better than we are since their governor is a real American and respects the citizens, and allows them to choose. They never shut down. How do you explain that?

      Your leader is a tyrant who think she has the right to control others. She does not. She continues to perjure her oath and commit treason against the people and has activated the self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. The sheriffs can arrest her at any time, along with the corrupt legislature and others.

      You are not capable of rational thought and the people need to stop pandering to your idiocy. Stay home, stop working if you are so afraid. It is no one’s responsibility but your own to take care of you. If you hate our constitutional republic so much, and like dictatorships, you should go to china, you will fit in with the maoists perfectly.

  5. She is punishing all NMexicans by taking away anything that would be good for body and soul meanwhile she is taking all our money to provide free tuition for her commie training camps formerly known as higher education.

  6. The governor is an idiot and does not care about New Mexico….she only cares about her jewelry and her future in politics…..

  7. It-s time she gets what she deserves. She has so much power to keep New Mexico open but opts to keep us under totalitarian control for her potential as a “politician” for the New World Order plot we see unfolding. America will stand proud in light of all the George Soros, Bill Gates, Fauci, to name a few, funding. We will not stand down and let this great country be run to the ground by the dimwitted Democrats who have overrun society with their blatant lies and embellished CONS. Trump will win this election!!

  8. Why is any business closed totally. Why are only residents allowed in parks. Why does she threaten 14 days to out of state people. Everything she is doing is destroying New Mexico. Her mandates are all over the place that it shows it’s all political. I’ll bet after the election this will vanish. And many things will come out in the future. They have also destroyed the outlook on the Democratic party. They are doing very evil things.

  9. I have ZERO respect for MLG. She is on a power trip that will have to wind down eventually.
    Now tim keller is caught up as a wanna be power person.
    It’s good to be retired, because they are quickly destroying any economy the state had left.

  10. The only way to stop this is to vote them out. The next NM legislative session is going to be abysmal nw that MLG has her chicas in. Watch how they will tax the impoverished citizens of NM. Watch the new antigun legislation. Vote them out and let them know they will be voted out.

  11. Make sure you put your comments in against masks and fines for masks with the department of health. They have no legislative authority and continue to violate the constitutions and our God given rights.
    There is no scientific basis for these unenforceable orders. The case numbers are inflated and are lies. The pcr test will come back positive if you have had the cold or a flu or a flu shot in the last ten years. The tests were contaminated, people are being presumed positive. People from out of state have been brought in, and those in care homes have been sacrificed for the money.

    My friend’s brother was dying of cancer and their doctor said DO NOT go to the hospital, for they will diagnose him with covid and intubate him, stick him on a ventilator and kill him for the money. Is that okay with the people? This is murder and this is fraud. Everyone is being labeled covid for the money, no matter what the cause of death, per cdc guidelines.

    I warned everyone before the election that gruesome was crazy. She always has been. She is an evil communist and will never let the people free again. It is time to take back our country, who the people are masters of. Stop letting our public servants rule us and refuse to go along with these insane orders.

    Until Koch’s postulates are fulfilled, there is no proof a virus exists.

    1. Agree.
      Are the large # of Covid cases on the Navajo Reservation real? We know that many Navajos are on kidney dialysis. Seems that could be turned to Covid easily for extra federal funds. Another lie about them not social distancing and washing hands, also. Who’s the racist here?

  12. FYI…There’s an impeachment effort underway to rid us all of MLG.
    Go to website impeachmlg.com to print a form. One form per registered voter.
    Please spread the word. Approx 132,000 signatures needed.
    Then we need a majority of NM legislators to vote her out. Vote Republican.

    1. No, we’re going to stop her and stop the madness in New Mexico. There’s no place to go….this is the stand for our liberties. She plans to launch Carbon Taxes on homes, vehicles, animals and businesses. These will be very high and expensive. Then people won’t own boats, trailers, animals or live a normal life. It’s the DEM plan.

  13. She is nuts and everybody that works for her. Common sense is out the window and gone. Worst thing that ever happened to New Mexico.

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