MLG retaliates against T or C church deputized by Sierra County Sheriff

On Sunday, May 2nd, Sierra County Sheriff Glenn Hamilton deputized New Hope Revival Church in Truth or Consequences, allowing the congregation to have church services, despite Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s strict stay-at-home order.

But this past Sunday, Mother’s Day, the Governor sent her State Police to retaliate against the church and the chief Sierra County law enforcer, serving the church with a cease and desist order.

According to a Facebook post from Pastor Caleb Cooper, Gov. Lujan Grisham sending a state police officer to deliver the order is violating his constitutional rights.

“Here’s a notice that we need to get through, and it’s a cease and desist order,” said the officer serving the order. When Cooper asked why he was being served the order, the officer responded, “for violating the public health order,” citing the May 2nd church service held at the church. 

Cooper provided the officer with the document from Sierra County Sheriff Hamilton showing him where the church was deputized. 

“Our service — we’re live-streamed,” said Cooper. 

The officer responded saying, “If you’re going to meet, it has to be in a law enforcement facility,”

“The Constitution matters. Did you take an oath to uphold the Constitution” asked Cooper. The officer did not respond and repeated that he was just there to serve the Governor’s order.


36 thoughts on “MLG retaliates against T or C church deputized by Sierra County Sheriff”

      1. One Angry Veteran

        I agree that MLG is a hypocrite. TO keep the mosques open, but to send the jack booted thugs of the State police to stand there and say Christians and Jews can not worship at their places of worship. Yep, Hypocrisy is MLG’s Hallmark.. Enough.. Either shut the Mosques down, and say Muslims are to be held to the same standards the rest of us are; or leave us alone.

    1. Frances J Scofield

      These people are an answer to my prayers of getting to make new Christian Cowboy/Cowgirl friends to be able to fellowship with people of like minds. THESE PEOPLE GIVE ME HOPE

  1. Executive order is not a law. The Executive Order
    Violates the public’s constitutional rights. MLG is wrong. She needs to quit the retaliation against those that stand up for themselves. A conversation and compromise is needed in this case. Be a actual leader, not a child having a temper tantrum

  2. In each County the sheriff is the law of the land. So long as he is following the Constitution he can tell all others to piss off including state and federal.

      1. ALL churches need to open their doors and let the Christian’s who want to worship, do it… Let’s stand and show our faith and Belief in God before all rights are taken away…

    1. You are right David. They can also remove Grisham for violating her oath, per self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. They need the people to file complaints and show them we support them.

  3. I am livid! Either this POS 💩 governor is shut down by the AG or we have blood shed. This is CIVIL WAR you stupid idiots!

    1. The pen is mightier than the sword. AG Bill Barr has asked people to file criminal complaints against governors who act outside their lawful authority and jurisdiction. It is very easy to file a complaint.

      The people must contact their sheriffs, their reps and the AG and let them know this is unacceptable. See my response below regarding the removal of the governor per self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment. The sheriffs can take action for the people immediately. Go to national liberty alliance dot org county sheriff and download the pamphlet so we can educate our sheriffs and others so we can restore our Constitutional Republic and exercise our God given rights guaranteed by our constitutions, for life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. Little people with to much power. ONE confirmed case of Covid in the county. Who is she protecting and from what ? !!!!!!!

  5. Ok People, if you didn’t do it previously, now is the time to vote conservative.. lets turn NM RED and end all this Left wing crazyness, we have to get our economy back open and running again before we turn into a total nanny state with a Governor that has no concept of what we need to be independent and self sufficient and not relying on the state for our welfare. Quit taking the handouts and stand on your God given own two feet and lets get NM growing and flourishing again!

    1. So well said.
      The ‘handouts’ are teaching the SheeplePeople that they, (the state government), are going to control YOU. They have made a “stay@home order” so that they know where you are at. You are not ABLE to exercise your 1st amendment right under this order. What I would like to know , WHO decided what or who is “ESSENTIAL Vs NON-ESSENTIAL”??? Are “you” essential?? I sure am, I believe in a Mighty God and not in the government, and their lies to destroy America.
      A true patriot to the end.

    1. Read self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment, they are much more important. Then send this to the governor, with a demand to step down, and file a complaint with this information to AG Barr and your sheriff to remove all of these traitors from office. No need to wait for an election. There is only one law, and that is the Supreme Law of the Land which she has never ever respected nor upheld.

      Anytime public servants violate Rights guaranteed to Citizens in the Constitutions, they act outside the scope of their limited delegated duties and authority, thus, by their own actions, invoke the self-executing Sections 3 and 4 of the 14th Amendment; thereby vacate their offices and forfeit all benefits thereof, including salaries and pensions, as Grisham has. She is accountable and liable to the People for her unconstitutional actions and failures, and the People have the authority to hold her fully responsible and liable for her unlawful actions.

      Nowhere in the Constitution is it stated that those working for the machinery of government for the States or divisions thereof, such as Grisham, are sovereign and exempt, held harmless or exonerated, or can be held so, by the courts, for wrongdoing and crimes committed against American Citizens and State Citizens. No government in America can declare itself to be sovereign and exempt itself from wrongdoing committed against its Citizens, and no court has any Constitutional authority to authorize such actions for any government or division, nor use laws or case precedents opposed to and not in agreement with the Constitution to do so. If this were to be done, then that government and/or that court and/or the officers of the State of New Mexico commit treason. All laws must be in agreement with the Constitution and any law(s) not in agreement with the Constitution are null and void, as is non-compliant case “law”. “An unconstitutional law cannot operate to supersede any existing, valid law; indeed, insofar as a statute runs counter to the fundamental law of the land, it is superseded thereby. No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it.” 16 Am. Jur 2d, 177, late Am Jur 2d, 256.

      This also applies to the thugs in uniform Grisham is sending out, who will not acknowledge they took an oath? That is another gross violation, for all public servants per the national and state constitutions, must have on file a certified copy of their oath, and a bond to ensure lawful action. If you would not allow an electrician to work on your home without a bond, why would you give a public servant, who is to hold the public trust, permission to run a muck without a bond?

      Without an oath, and a bond, they are impersonating an officer, with is a felony and should be immediately arrested.

      As I keep saying, Grisham is just getting started, and has worse things in store for us, while she keeps her supporters on the payroll, as a bribe for their silence, while their fellow citizens are being starved and viciously attacked unlawfully.

  6. The liberals in this state got exactly what they voted for. A Governor that thinks she’s a Queen. The Constitution means nothing to her. We better think long and hard in Nov., so we don’t loose all our Freedoms. Think about how many you’ve already lost.

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  8. You folks are a bunch of uneducated drama queens who worship the Constitution without understanding it. I wonder if you would jump for joy if good old Glenn deputized a number of members of a Muslim mosque rather than this ‘Revivalist’ group.

    1. Deputizing anyone means they swear an oath to uphold our founding documents. You are the one who has no understanding. A sheriff is the highest law enforcement authority in the county and has jurisdiction over everyone, including the state police. MLG has no legislative authority and no constitutional authority to declare any emergencies.

      You are the one who has no understanding of our Constitutional Republic. Leave it to someone with no facts or evidence to imply the usual -isms in order to obfuscate the real issue, which is the governor and her enablers have committed perjury of their oath and are now acting as domestic enemy terrorists against the people.

      I am proud of the sheriffs who are finally standing up against the grifter and her communist plans.

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