Welcome to 2022 — the Year of the Lizard People

We at the Piñon Post are not much into astrology or Zodiac signs for that matter, but what we can sense is that as the clock struck midnight, 2022 already feels different — in a good way. And even though 2022 is technically being called the “Year of the Tiger,” it feels a lot more like the Year of the Lizard People, at least in New Mexico.

In 2021, scandal-ridden alleged sexual predator Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham called conservatives who protested her campaign announcement “lizard people” and it stuck. 

Her controversy-driven tenure as governor has been marked with scandal after scandal after scandal. From forcing through the most far-left extreme bills through the Legislature to paying off sexual accusers and her own daughter with campaign cash, and then “misplacing” $250 million in Workforce Solutions money, she has weakened her chance of reelection day after day. 

She repeatedly skirted her pandemic rules to buy luxury jewelry, used taxpayer funds for fine wine and $200/lb Wagyu beef steaksberated local communities for not following her edicts, forced New Mexicans to stand in cold bread lines to get food and basic goods, fined churches and businesses tens of thousands of dollars for alleged non-compliance, removed the National Guard from the border and denied an immigration crisis, fired and hired cabinet secretaries on a dime, gave her staff hefty raises while New Mexicans lost everything, and she is giving away $10 million of New Mexicans’ dollars through a “lottery” to bribe people to take the experimental virus inoculation. Her pandemic lockdowns killed 40% of New Mexico’s small businesses.

But 2022 is the year she will be forced to face We The People at the ballot box. It is making Lujan Grisham, her Democrat allies, and weak “moderate” Republicans run scared of the massive Red Wave that will take over at the June 7 primary elections and November 8 general election. New Mexico already has so many new “lizard people” jumping in the ring to not only take out Lujan Grisham but to deliver change in our communities through legislative, judicial, county-level, and statewide seats. 

A referendum is coming…

People have had just about enough of Democrat radicalism in New Mexico and they are prepared to win against it through hard-fought political activism and through talking about the issues that matter most to voters. 

Republicans have seven options to choose from to take out MLG, they will finally have options in many primary elections against establishment “Republicans,” and have a true shot to bring fighters into power who will work to return as much of that power back to We The People. 

So, the one message we “lizard people” have for Lujan Grisham and the New Mexico Swamp is this: Watch out because THE PEOPLE are coming for you and we will win. 

Welcome to 2022 — the Year of the Lizard Person.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2022 — the Year of the Lizard People”

  1. So what happens if you cannot vote yourself a new governor? Or a new legislature? Then what are you going to do? Relying on the same insane principal of voting when you very well know the ballot box has been rigged for over 50 years is INSANITY and does not generally bring in a Constitutional Compliant government. It never has. It is only when the People come together with their Sheriff’s and affidavit/complaints that there has ever been change or will be change. You cannot put your faith into the system that continues to rape you.

    1. Tactical Civics is a group you may want to look into: “Making the Militia and the Grand Jury Great Again” tacticalcivics.com
      Aside from that, voting may seem pointless (I call the parties Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum), but it at least allows the opportunity to push the ball a little further down the field. Not voting is surrender to the globalist elite. Voting 3rd party is pointless. Waiting for Q is stupid. Hoping in the courts is foolish.
      We do need our own lawful process to eliminate the enemies that have infiltrated every crack and crevice of America.

    2. I have sent handwritten letters to each of the Republican candidates, begging them to lead the way to forensic audits of the 2020 election. I have begged them to be loud and public about defending the rights of New Mexico citizens. NOT ONE has responded to me. NOT ONE!!!

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