Gov. MLG forcing masks on toddlers, jabs for teens to attend campaign event

Embattled Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is poised to formally launch her 2022 campaign for governor on June 3rd at the Albuquerque Museum on Mountain Road in Albuquerque.

However, for fans of the scandal-ridden governor to get through the door, attendees must both be fully vaccinated and wear masks, which goes against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. 

“This will be a limited capacity event due to COVID-19 restrictions. You must register in order to join us in person. Registrations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and general admission tickets are sold out for now. By registering for a waitlist ticket, you will be notified as soon as spots become available. Vaccinations are required for attendees over the age of 12. Masks are requested for those older than two,” reads the invitation.

In the invite for the event, Lujan Grisham’s campaign writes, “New Mexico has accomplished so much — but we’re not done yet.” 

The Governor also tweeted out an invitation video to the 2022 campaign launch, saying, “You’re not gonna want to miss this.” 

One concerned New Mexican who lives in the Albuquerque area recently wrote a letter to the Albuquerque Museum concerned over the event’s requirements, which go against the CDC guidelines. 

“It is particularly concerning that anyone over the age of 12 needs to mask and be vaccinated to enter. Children are considered at low risk for covid, both in terms of transmission, contraction and long-term effects. As a parent myself, I would not sign my child up for an experimental, non-FDA approved shot for a virus that likely would not affect them. I may reconsider once it is FDA-approved and/or research shows that it is risk-warranted. The governor has been recommending masking and vaccinating children against the advice of national experts, and by hosting her event, your organization is complicit in replicating this unethical recommendation,” they wrote. 

“I have long been a patron of the museum and am shocked and disappointed that you would tarnish your otherwise upstanding reputation by hosting this event under the present conditions. I urge you to either reconsider hosting this or revising the guidelines for it. As a taxpayer, patron and one who hosts visiting guests in my business work, I will not be visiting or recommending the museum to others any longer, should this go forward. Medical discrimination in a public facility, perpetrated by a political figure that should be acting in the best interests of her constituents is not something I wish to support,” the letter continued.

Lujan Grisham already has two Republican challengers, including Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block and businesswoman Karen Bedonie.


5 thoughts on “Gov. MLG forcing masks on toddlers, jabs for teens to attend campaign event”

  1. Outlaw Preacher

    New Mexico is a dumpster fire. Her supporters deserve every restriction she lays on them. Also sounds like a good way to explain lack of attendance. I cannot imagine very many people actually supporting this idiot, but then again there are a lot of stupid people in this world as the last year has shown us.

    1. Totally agree with you 100%. They will just put in a different clown who will happen to be a different color. All the same unconstitutional BS will continue unless the People enforce the law upon their public servants through the Sheriff.

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