MLG hits a wall—bipartisan panel to investigate her for abusing emergency spending powers

On Tuesday, a bipartisan panel of state legislators on the Legislative Council unanimously voted in favor of a probe into Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s spending during the COVID-19 pandemic, where she reportedly spent $40 million in state money on New Mexico’s response to the virus.

The panel included Democrat Speaker of the House Brian Egolf and Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth, both from Santa Fe, as well as dozens of lawmakers from across the state. 

According to the Albuquerque Journal, “At issue is whether the governor is limited to $750,000 when she authorizes emergency spending in an executive order. Most of her orders are set for that amount, and it’s consistent with what previous executives have done, legislative staff said.” 

By spending 53 times what the state allows, the Governor’s predicament is serious, even in a health crisis, as the panel affirmed on Tuesday. 

Lujan Grisham’s office brushed off the critical issue, saying, “If Legislative Council would prefer a different mechanism for responding to life-and-death emergencies under the laws they write,” the Governor’s Spokeswoman Nora Sackett continued, “they are empowered to make one.”

Democrat Sen. John Arthur Smith, Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, said, “Quite frankly, we need to be drawing a line in the sand on this.”

According to Democrat Rep. Patricia Lundstrom, the Chairwoman of the House Appropriations and Finance Committee, “I have a lot of heartburn… that we have to do research to get information as opposed to it being shared with LFC.”

House Republican Leader Jim Townsend said, “This has been a concern — whether the Legislature is going to protect and provide the appropriate checks and balances to appropriations that occur,”


29 thoughts on “MLG hits a wall—bipartisan panel to investigate her for abusing emergency spending powers”

  1. MLG has no morals or scruples.
    Dhe has no idea how to run a State except for her own ego. Now finally has proven it through her actions.

    1. I am surprised they are even looking into this. The Dem legislators must be angry they didnt get their fingers in the pot. Hopefully they are protecting tax payers and not just marking their turf.

      1. She has almost Destroy a beautiful state NM If y’all let her Continue you’re gonna be broke for sure. She must be removed.

  2. Ms Grissom is a typical Democrat. Spending money like a drunken sailor and behaving as though the rules she made up don’t apply to her

    1. Agree, she had Navajo lake completely shut down although she was on a houseboat for a week while her husband fished the quality waters by himself. Rules dont apply to her or any democrats

  3. I would like to see something done about the governor. MLG has spent and spent and done whatever she wants, she has messed up NM. and the people are tired of it. MLG is supposed to be a servant to the people and she has not done that. Please work hard on making a change. Thank you

  4. Isn’t the governor required to work with the legislature and the courts? If this isn’t abuse of power (also an impeachable offense if I’m not mistaken). But none of her minions will vote to remove her. Last place in the nation in everything here we come!!

  5. She is destroying NM, all these requirements are making me shop online and not support local store…I refuse to wear a mask….if the concerned people want to wear a mask feel free they will be protected from anyone not wear a mask…. CDC says either so ial distancing or mask…..not both…she is pathetic and if the republicans want to stay in office they better step up..or get voted out

    1. Plus when outside, if you are hiking and enjoying the outdoors, science say you don’t need a mask. Only in close proximity. We hike and have only seen a few people on the trails we use, I’m not wearing a mask while outside. , unless in close proximity of others.

    2. What can we do?? I refuse to wear a mask as well. but now she says even to exercise outside. What can we do to defend ourselves?

  6. I’m with you on that one. I don’t want to wear a mask, I hardly go out anymore. This is all about Government overreach and not what is good for the people! We have to ask ourselves when did we consent from “we created the government to serve us to us serving the government ruling over us.

  7. So many local businesses have closed because her lack of stupidity. I get she is trying to protect New Mexicans. These poor people now have had to shut down with no help from our city

    1. I think you meant “because of her stupidity” (she isn’t really lacking). I don’t think she’s stupid but I do believe she’s using politics to inflate the coronavirus issue to try and affect the upcoming election. Politics over her constituents. It’s really sad.

  8. It’s about time we hold her accountable. In just a few short months she has created and cultivated a state of fear and animosity far beyond what rational science and math calls for.

  9. We can be rid of her by 2021 please print this off from the pdf and sign and follow instructions at bottom of petition.

  10. If she is allowed to continue her reign of destruction, most New Mexicans will be broke, jobless, and homeless by the end of the year. San Juan County (Farmington especially) was already suffering great economic losses due to oil field losses. Now, we’re losing millions because River Fest, Party In The Park, Connie Mack, and the San Juan County Fair were all cancelled. How much is ABQ losing from not having the Balloon Fiesta? This stopped being about protecting citizens a long time ago. Something must be done to stop MLG!

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