Our Lady of Guadalupe, ‘Patroness of the Unborn,’ does not belong on pro-abortion MLG’s face

On Thursday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (MLG) started off her coronavirus press briefing by showing off her new face mask, which featured had an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The choice of clothing is surprising, as Our Lady of Guadalupe is a sacred image known as the “Patroness of the Americas” and the “Patroness of the Unborn,” who, since her apparition in 1531 to St. Juan Diego, brought cruel human sacrifice to an end all over the Americas.

In the 1400s and 1500s, babies were ripped out of their mothers’ wombs, their hearts ripped out while still beating, and their skulls thrown down temple pyramid steps. According to the early Mexican historian Ixtlilxochitl, it was estimated that one out of every five Mexican child was sacrificed to the Aztec “gods.” 

Throughout centuries, Our Lady has been the Patroness of the Unborn for her apparition and creation of a culture of Life in the Americas, spreading that message of peace across the world.

But according to the National Right to Life Educational Foundation, over 61,628,584 babies have been killed by abortion. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is an outspoken advocate for killing babies through abortion and has been lauded by multiple abortion up-to-birth groups, such as Planned Parenthood, which have given her endorsements for her gubernatorial and congressional runs. 

In 2019, Lujan Grisham unsuccessfully tried to ram through an extreme anti-life bill, HB-51, which would have legalized abortion up-to-birth for any reason and stripped away protections for women, including underage girls who would not need permission to get the procedure. 

Given Lujan Grisham’s unabashedly pro-abortion stance to end the lives of unborn children through her policy proposals and advocacy, she has no business using a religious figure as sacred as the Patroness of the Unborn Our Lady of Guadalupe, much less place her likeness and image on her face in the form of a mask. 

Pew Research reports that 34% of Christian adults in New Mexico are Catholic, and the Catholic Church’s 2014 numbers show over 1.4 million church members in New Mexico. 

Lujan Grisham, who claims to be a Catholic herself, appears to be once again shooting herself in the foot with her desecration of Our Lady. This week, it was also reported that she broke her own lockdown orders by purchasing high-end jewelry from an Albuquerque jeweler, Lilly Barrack, a non-essential business. 

Voters head to the polls on June 2nd, and her latest stunt may irk Catholic voters, pro-lifers, and people of faith into participating in the electoral process to elect pro-life leaders. Lujan Grisham has endorsed multiple Democrat candidates for the 2020 election, all of whom are pro-abortion extremists. Some candidates she has endorsed are challenging pro-life Democrats who voted against her 2019 abortion up-to-birth bill. 

Lujan Grisham’s latest stunt seems to be a sick way to spit in the eye of pro-lifers and desecrate a sacred image, which has continually given people hope for the unborn for generations. Our Lady of Guadalupe does not belong on pro-abortion extremist MLG’s face, but unfortunately, her past disregard for rules and norms of respect makes her foul gimmick predictable.

John Block is the editor of the Piñon Post and a longtime New Mexico political activist. With the Piñon Post, John looks to bring true representation to conservatives in the Land of Enchantment and cut through the mainstream media red tape by providing independent, fair, and conservative journalism to New Mexico. Follow John on Twitter @JohnforNM or send him an email at John@PinonPost.com.


3 thoughts on “Our Lady of Guadalupe, ‘Patroness of the Unborn,’ does not belong on pro-abortion MLG’s face”

  1. We can add blasphemer to the list of adjectives to describe the harpy in the governors mansion. It should already be clear she is a hypocrite and liar.

    Any whistleblowers out there to determine if Gruesome also deliberately killed our elders in care homes like her buddies in MN NY and CA to bulk up deaths and receive more money? Anyone have access to any paperwork?

    Who paid for the jewelry is another question. Is anyone upset they gave up their business or their job for her yet, when they did not need to, for her EO’s are unconstitutional and null and void. Only the legislature can make laws, and they must be constitutional and uphold our God given rights.

    I pray the people finally wake up and see what a liar and a grifter she is, as are the rest of the dems in our state. It is truly sad and unbelievable there are people who support her and think she is great. Her condescending attitude and threats against the people, as well as inciting violence against those who know their God given rights and understand science and how dangerous masks and tanking the economy is, is unacceptable and has destroyed more lives and joy that can never be repaired. This whole scamdemic is so outrageous, they have out done themselves this time. There are so many holes in the whole premise that defy all logic.

    Our Lady loves the children, and I also pray for the children, who have been traumatized for life. You must speak for them, and demand the playgrounds open, as well as the zoo and aquarium. Especially the poor children, who depend on thrift stores for shoes, clothes and toys. The thrift stores are more than essential, people’s lives depend on them.

    For anyone struggling with home schooling, watching videos and propaganda from the schools is not home schooling. Look up unschooling and self directed learning and free yourself and your children from the chains of slavery and ignorance the communism based school system has created. A good website is natural child . org for info about why public school was created in the first place, and why natural parenting is the only thing that will save us from the damage a hundred years of government indoctrination has caused.

    I also pray the repubs take this all this info and run with it to finish her off politically and her ilk for good. So many implications can be applied for the obvious scorn she has for the people, and her obvious lack of belief in the scamdemic she is selling to destroy Trump. She did say they would do anything to destroy Trump, and they need this scamdemic and are holding the people hostage in order to get more money that does not belong to them, to fund their bloated, ridiculous budget that is not even lawful or constitutional.

    Thank you John, for continuing to report on these important stories. More people need to comment and get involved.

  2. Lawrence Salazar

    I’m sitting in my living room and I literally feel like wherever “that woman” is she is SPITTING in my face this very minute. The gaul.

  3. I was all for her with the way she was handling the Pandemic. However, to say she is Catholic and then back abortion up to birth…..nope, sorry. A true Catholic doesn’t bend when it comes to abortion!

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