Lujan Grisham not sorry after she belittled protesters as ‘lizard people’

In an extremely rare turn of events, embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, who has had a scandal-ridden tenure in the Governor’s Mansion had a “virtual” interview with a reporter, Tommy Lopez of KOB 4, where she discussed many topics, including the pandemic, political divisiveness, and calling protesters at her campaign announcement “QAnon lizard people.”

When asked about inoculations and how she has not hit the benchmarks she set forth, despite $10 million lotteries and giving out $100 incentives to get the jab, the Governor said, “Oh, I am not thinking about that. What I’m thinking about is vaccines, vaccines, vaccines…. We’re going to keep getting vaccinated, (giving) kiddos the opportunity not to wear masks when they’re competing and move towards that environment in a classroom when you get a baseline of immunity.” 

The answer was focused on kids, which means she is looking to push the unapproved inoculation for children despite the Food and Drug Administration not clearing them for use other than in an “emergency use authorization” phase. Also, children are at the lowest risk of contracting the virus. She added that she wants 75% of New Mexicans fully jabbed by August and 80% jabbed with their first shots.  

When the Governor was asked about her extreme lockdown and very late reopening of the state on July 1, although it will not be 100% open, she said, “You know, I think it’s largely, Tommy, some of the same voices, and I’m not saying that these differences of opinion, you know — they should be part of the conversation — but they weren’t based in public health.” 

Then, Lujan Grisham was asked why she was dodging the press over the past few months. She dodged the question, saying, “Well, a couple of reasons, and I’m glad that you missed me, Tommy, so I will work hard to be more engaged. But we were pivoting. As long as we were marching forward in the way that I expected the state to do following the science, what you need for baseline immunity and keep moving forward. You know, we’ve been shifting to our economic successes, and we’ve launched new policies for child’s wellbeing and education.” 

As for protesters drowning out her out during her campaign re-election announcement, she said, “[W]hat happened for our reelection announcement was painful in a couple of ways. One, it showed me up close and personal, not just in a Facebook feed, or a media presentation, the anger and vitriol, and that it was aimed at everyone, wasn’t even aimed just directly at me. It was everyone. I mean, [they] attacked members of the press.” This is an untrue claim, as no protesters attacked members of the press her supporters, or Lujan Grisham herself. 

Lopez asked Lujan Grisham, “You did make the comments about ‘QAnon lizard people.’ Do you regret that in any way? How do you feel now about having said that, because now a lot of the people who share the views of those who were there, say, ‘Hey, I mean, you’re adding fuel to this divisiveness, this fire that we have in our state.’” 

Lujan Grisham showed no regret whatsoever over her nasty comment, telling Lopez, “I don’t because I didn’t say it in a mean way. We know that that’s happened in campaigns. The tension in that moment when I came on stage was really ugly. And I wanted to make a light-hearted moment about a conspiracy theorist. I didn’t call a person a name. I didn’t call the protesters a name. I said, you know, this might have been the same time as a meeting of QAnon conspiracists. Nobody got arrested. We didn’t create more conflict, and I ended it, which is the responsible thing to do.” 

Despite her claim that there is too much divisiveness in New Mexico politics, Lujan Grisham stood by her divisive comments, in an act of defiance.


30 thoughts on “Lujan Grisham not sorry after she belittled protesters as ‘lizard people’”

    1. She is not a Doctor! Zero respect for this idiot! tell s all about the tax money you spent on partying….!! Freedom of choice for medical is part of freedom! I wouldn’t trust her to clean a kitty liter box! Protect the children from this poison jab! Karma to you!

  1. Rosalie Bennett

    She works for the Council on Foreign Relations and the CCP and the UN. There’s nothing more to say than why vote for Communistic tyranny!

  2. We MUST elect a Republican Governor in NM. We can no longer tolerate the unilateral stance of Democrats in this country. The Dems are demonstrating their evil every single day. A new day is dawning for New Mexico–full of care, understanding, and fairness for all.

    1. Bridget Harrington

      We have two great Republican candidates that are running so far: Jay Block and Karen Bedonie. Both of them are generating enough heat and public interest to beat MLG. My personal choice is Jay Block, but I would be happy to see Karen win, too. And it’s early…there are some Independent candidates coming up, too. I am also waiting to see the outcome of Ana Garner’s lawsuit. Tracie Collins made a fool of herself in the deposition, where she said that none of the health decisions that MLG made were based on “science.” You can see the status of those lawsuits here:

    2. No Barbara, we MUST elect a WHOLE state government of Conservatives…NOT Republicans and Demonrats. The office of the Governor is useless with a “Republican” there as the last administration showed…she got sued for her veto of the Demonrat bills and the State “Supreme” Court ruled (like all the lawsuits surrounding this “pandemic”) for the Demonrats. Most the “Republicans” are a bunch of RINO’s. There are few people in the World like Trey Gowdy and Tom Cotton who uphold true Conservative values. I highly doubt NM has even 1 “Republican” politician of that ilk. I know Ole Pete was nothing but a RINO, out for his own interests, but NM loved him…It is time to end the 80 years of Demonrat control and always being last in everything good and first in all the bad shit.

    3. Sandra Creighton

      We probably did elect a Republican, but our machines are the problem, it’s ALL RIGGED! We will never have a fair, honest election with this method. And I Turely believe Trump won this state and many others, but they, as per usual, CHEATED!

  3. Little Miss Ego and all her POWER. The picture above makes her look like a mad little sixth grader not getting her way. She has Got To Go! 2022 can not get here quick enough!!!!!!!

  4. I think the communistic Pig On Roller Skates should keep her hate and discrimination to herself and do what she is being paid to do. That would be something she has not even attempted since she was elected.
    Insanity=Doing the same things you have always done and expecting a different result!
    We need some sanity checks here in NM!.

  5. I am hoping a well-known Democrat might challenge her in the primary election. State Sen. Joseph Cervantes of Dona Ana County comes to mind. As for a Republican challenger, I would love to see Elisa Martinez enter the GOP primary. She is a Latina Republican and member of the Navajo Nation and a devout pro-life activist.

  6. I always knew there was a reason ‘why’, this woman was called the Conquesta (besides her ancestry). This article shows the reason in black and white, from her own mouth.

  7. Debra Rae Steinman

    Because of this woman’s poor decisions; I had to put off major medical procedures. Many more people lost everything because of her.

    And, she truly thinks that we’ll vote for her? Disgusting, and delusional beyond belief.

  8. The tyrannical Lizard Lady Michelle Wuhan Grisham has got to go. Typical dem tactics. “Call others what you yourself are”.

  9. Kimberly W Duran

    It is imperative to clean up the voting process to ensure a fair vote. Call legislators to remove Dominion voting machines from NM. Put the spot light on the corrupt voting system in NM. Investigate MLG’s involvement with CYFD and bring to light her true agenda concerning children. Early education equates to early indoctrination. The D’s have a long history in NM of child trafficking and pedo activities. MLG plays a big part in this ongoing sickness.

    1. Exactly. People keep saying vote her out….but there is no vote her out using these machines. Unless we AUDITNM2020 we will never accomplish this. The Dems will never agree to it.

      We need her out NOW, not next year.

  10. Such softball questions. How can other states have been open for months or nearly a year, and they aren’t following the same Science that keeps NM locked down? She threw Colorado under the bus. We have no room to talk. NM is 13th worst in deaths per capita. The science they are looking at is killing folks at higher levels than other states. Let that sink in

    Why no mention of all of her mishandlings?
    Jewelry shop opens for her
    Wagyu beef and parties for her staff
    Her giving out $100,000 in raises to staff
    Closing down grocery stores (we were the only state to do this)
    Mismanaging unemployment funds

    And did you know she tried to get UPS shut down? They were on the closure list. They are the ones delivering and distributing vaccines since the beginning. How tone deaf do you have to be to generically close places down?

    The list goes on, and here we have most on the left thanking her for her handling of the virus. I believe she’s telling nbcnews and Washington post that she’s done a great job, while providing no facts. She’s telling people we’ve done great. But the facts pivot away from that instantly. Utterly average. She’s vile and vindictive. I’ll never forget being talked down to like a child as she took away livelihoods.

  11. Of course she’ll “ OPEN” up NM In July because she getting married and is going to have a big shing ding. But as for me and my family we will NOT comply.. NO VACCINES. And if she really believes in “the science” you can still get COVID-19 even if vaccinated!!! She’s just likes being a DICTATOR plain and simple. Turn NM RED=VOTE KAREN BEDONIE !!!!!!!

    1. Your Exactly right. We are open as much as we are for one thing….her nuptials. And that is why she has been laying low, she is working on her wedding.

  12. Went to vote and was told I just voted.What is wrong with this picture?We need picture ID. Nothing but fraud in NM.

  13. I am so glad to read comments that express my sediments exactly. I also think we need to scrutinize those who contribute to her and campaign. Another power grab diva that needs to go is the Secretary of State.

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