MLG shakes down O’Reilly Auto Parts store for $80k after it allegedly defied COVID mandates

On Tuesday, it was announced by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) that the Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham Administration had “settled” a dispute with an O’Reilly Auto Parts store on Airport Road in Santa Fe for allegedly not forcing employees to wear masks or display government-mandated COVID-19 signage. 

According to the release, in July, the store was cited after they were snitched-out by “several citizen complaints.” The Department “observed that management did not require employees to wear face coverings– a violation of state law, public health orders and COVIDSafe Practices.” NMED claimed that the alleged non-compliance by the store exposed “staff and customers to the imminent danger of COVID-19.” 

“The store was also cited for failing to post signage requiring customers to wear face coverings while inside the store, further endangering employees. During subsequent inspections, NMED observed store management corrected the violations,” wrote the NMED release. 

“Failure by employers to protect staff from COVID-19– a known workplace hazard – is unacceptable,” said Lujan Grisham’s NMED Cabinet Secretary James Kenney. “Employers must take their worker protection responsibility seriously or they will face robust enforcement action by the State of New Mexico.”

O’Reilly Auto Parts will pay $79,200 in penalties, says the release. The penalties will go to the state general fund, meaning the Governor and the Legislature will have access to these funds at the upcoming Legislative Session in January. Gov. Lujan Grisham’s giant $7.6 budget passed the last Legislature in 2020, which included the creation of a new state department, among other pork-filled measures.

O’Reilly being a national franchise most likely can afford to expend nearly $80,000 in fines, however, a mom and pop shop would likely be forced to close for good if faced with such steep demands.


10 thoughts on “MLG shakes down O’Reilly Auto Parts store for $80k after it allegedly defied COVID mandates”

  1. Hello John, another on point article. I was wondering if we catch a rat fink-snitch-Karen bragging over ratting out a business, can we publish their names here? These snitches are Wuhan-Gruesome’s useful idiots, who would sell their own family down the river. They offer no use to society whatsoever and if we can publish their names, then they’ll get a taste of their own medicine. Also, can you put a wrestling mask on that nasty looking beast so that I don’t have to suppress my gag reflex every time that look at her ugly face?

    1. Wuhan lujan is the only “unacceptable “ thing mentioned in this article! She is insane with power and control. She is an evil thing pretending to be a human

  2. There is no imminent danger to or from Corona-virus. Yes its a real virus but 99% that actually get it recover. Further more, stores cannot legally enforce customers to wear masks. That would be giving them medical advice which is against federal law. Per federal law, a person is not required to divulge their health information to anyone. Therefore, how can a business enforce such a mandate. Here are some things that need to happen.
    People need to withdraw from these communist government snitches, they are cowards and traitors. Find out who the snitches are and out them to the public. People need to not patronize stores that comply with Grisham’s orders, let your money be your voice. Do patronize businesses that do not comply, Support those who support the constitution and freedom. Finally, businesses just need to stand up to these godless, power-drunk bullies. When enough people resist it will stop because when enough people resist it becomes totally unenforcable.
    In other words when they lose the consent of the governed they lose. Someone ask me, “when will this all end?” This will all end when enough people get sick and tired of it, wake up, and stop complying. Overcome the fear and you overcome the evil.

  3. The masks were never about health issues anyway but are about obedience to the communist state. In March 2019 the CDC said that masks were not useful in preventing viruses then suddenly flip flopped and said the opposite. The science didn’t change , the politics did. They found it a useful tool to psychologically subject us to their demonic new world order .

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  6. This is no longer about health. It’s about oppression, suppression. It’s about “you will think as I tell you to think, do as I tell you to do,” even when what MLG and the D party tell us to do is demonstrably bad for our health and well being. The ones denying this fraud are the one’s perpetuating it.

  7. Intimidation is the first sign of a communistic Government and the squatter in the roundhouse likes to think she is better than the rest of New Mexicans and we should bow to her.. WRONG ANSWER!! The sooner she is removed from the roundhouse the better off New Mexico will be!

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