MLG slams 29 out of 33 NM sheriffs — says they’re peddling ‘false information’ about gun control

During an online Facebook interview called “Demanding Women” with Shannon Watts, founder of Michael Bloomberg’s dark money gun control group “Moms Demand Action,” Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham hit the NRA and the law enforcers pushing back against unconstitutional gun laws, claiming they are putting out “false information.”

During the interview, Lujan Grisham said, “We all have a constitutional right to be safe in our homes and communities,” in her opening statement. She also bashed groups championing the Second Amendment, namely, the National Rifle Association (NRA), which she claimed took massive resources to fight their “scare tactics.” 

“If you’re going up — and we are — against the NRA, then it means that incredible resources and a false, right, effort at not fighting facts, and using social media in a way to do that, which is disappointing to me as an advocate and a politician, and an elected leader. But we know that that exists — and scare tactics that we are ‘taking everybody’s guns away,’ that ‘we are creating a registry to somehow punish you,’ and that we don’t believe in whether you are a constitutional scholar about the Second Amendment that this is a hidden agenda not to deal with gun violence, but just to reduce and restrict peoples’ individual rights. And that’s not true,” Lujan Grisham said. 

When asked about tips she had for elected leaders, Lujan Grisham claimed that they are “intimidated” by the NRA and law enforcers upholding their right to keep and bear arms. She claimed they are peddling “false information,” and using their uniforms to intimidate lawmakers.

“Elected leaders need to be not intimidated by the NRA and by efforts with some law enforcement folks. And they have free speech, every right to talk about their issues. But when you’ve got elected leaders, some sheriffs, some law enforcement folks who also put out false information — I think there’s some trepidation that if it is somebody in a uniform, that they can’t be putting out false information. And I’m not suggesting that that’s purposeful, but the groups that they’re working with — I think leverage them in ways that are completely inappropriate. And as a result, elected leaders have to have confidence that that’s what’s going on and they can maintain their relationships with their firsts responders, that they can also set an agenda that protects everybody else,” said Lujan Grisham.

Lujan Grisham was asked about her statements encouraging sheriffs to resign if they do not enforce her unconstitutional gun control laws, Grisham said, “You got to stand your ground, right? Again from the political side, if a sheriff on his or her own time says ‘I really disagree, I’m disappointed. But of course, on my professional arm, I will enforce every law,’ I can respect that, and am completely fine with the First Amendment, right? Free speech. But when you have a first responder or law enforcement individual who says they are not going to enforce the laws, I’ve made clear three things: 1) You should resign because you can’t do your job, and I’ve been unafraid and unabashed about that. 2) You’re creating a liability for your community, and that means that creates liabilities for government in general, including the state, which provides liability protections to local government, and 3) If you’re not going to invest in your required public safety agenda, then I’ll do it using other first responders.”

Lujan Grisham continued to bash gun ownership, claiming, “Gun violence, in fact, is a public emergency, and is an epidemic in this state.” 

In 2019, during the fight against the unconstitutional gun control legislation, Senate Bill 8, 29 out of New Mexico’s 33 sheriffs united against the law, which Lujan Grisham railed against on Twitter. She claimed they were defending domestic abusers and were throwing a “childish pity party” for refusing to enforce the law.


23 thoughts on “MLG slams 29 out of 33 NM sheriffs — says they’re peddling ‘false information’ about gun control”

  1. MLG says “you should resign if you can’t do your job “.
    Sounds like she should take her own advice.

  2. Russell Berryman

    DemocRATS just can’t understand that people just do not trust them. DemocRATs will lie, cheat, steal, and murder for power. People like that just can not under any circumstances be trusted with our freedom. MAGA 2020

  3. The Sheriffs have no obligation to uphold unconstitutional laws nor put their deputies in harms way. This Governor is a disgrace to the oath of office and the Sheriff in SF should grow a pair and arrest her for tyranny!

    1. You know all i can say is would someone kindle goo take a drug test on here clearly shes on crack arrest her wjen she goes to court i will show up and and make sure she is found guilty as hell and then they can send her to prison just look at her its plain as day she is a drug dealer thats why she wants your guns so she can sell her drug without worring and get away with it

      1. John,
        I think I like your comments but you look like you got your English lessons in Common Core.
        Sharpen up, guy. Being articulate and coherent counts.

  4. These groups need to stop their funding of a useless Politican because she a one and done term. But then again these Libatard groups are about as worthless as she is…

  5. She wants sheriffs that cannot or will not carry out her unconstitutional orders let go…huh? Thought LEO were there to ….enforce laws? Right?

    RESIGN NOW and let a real straight thinking GOVERNOR take over…

  7. Must Demonize the NRA? The NRA takes part in upholding the 2nd Amendment. In fact there is a large contingency that believes they NRA has not done enough against the false propaganda groups like MLG are pushing. In Truth the MLG is pushing a false narrative to take away more Rights from gun owners. If anyone is using scare tactics it’s the MLG. It’s strange when Politicians bandwagon taking away your Constitutional Rights Pandering for Votes . Who Votes to have their own rights taken away? Brainwashed Voters I guess, not me.

  8. Like many Democrat Socialist New Mexico Governors before her, MLG is sucking the life out of New Mexico. The Socialist Governors nationwide, have banded together to ruin our prosperous economy to make Trump look bad. And all the small businesses are in the way, so they must go ! The evil Socialists are and have been working with globalist interests to destroy America. CCP bio-weapons lab released this upon the world, intentionally. This is GENOCIDE ON A GLOBAL SCALE ! This has been less than optimally lethal, but effective none the less. Another version will be forthcoming, I’m sure of it.

  9. Legal gun owner are not the source of much gun trouble unless it’s defending themself of their home. It’s the stolen and illegal guns pouring across the boarders that great gun violence problems.
    Officers of the law are supposed to support the constitution. They aren’t responsible for unconstitutional thinking governors. MLG needs to go.

  10. Grisham thinks she is above our God given rights and the Supreme Law of the Land. The sheriffs took an oath to uphold our founding documents, they did not take an oath to obey you. The state police have committed treason by obeying her unlawful orders. They can be sued personally for stepping outside of their limited delegated authority per self executing sections 3 and 4 of the 14th amendment and have already vacated their office.

    Lets look at history such as the nuremberg trials. Those like the state police and the obedient harpy’s sycophants were hung for crimes against humanity and “just following orders”. All public servants better think long and hard about what side of history they plan on being on. Let’s also remember contact tracing hr 6666 is nothing but creating the new Stasi and is unconstitutional. How did the human species fall so far to create generations of Karens who love destroying other people? Stop electing them, stop supporting them, stop virtue signaling and pandering to this false narrative that has no basis in reality.

    Marbury vs Madison is clear, as are dozens of other U S supreme court case law compliant with the state and national constitutions. Any law or action that is in conflict with the constitution, is null, void and without effect. This means these lockdown orders are unenforceable.

    Write to your sheriffs and file criminal complaints. Tell them they have a lawful obligation per their oaths to arrest Grisham for warring on the Constitution by her economic tyranny and unlawful unconstitutional e o’s, which is sedition and insurrection.

    It is a disgrace that all other states are suing their governors and their courts are ruling against the governors. Where are the law suits here challenging her and her false authority?

    Where is the lame republican party who have yet to challenge her lack of jurisdiction and authority? Through their silence, they support unlawfulness and are committing misprision. Why should we vote for any of them? They show no leadership and are allowing a gaggle of harpies to run over them.

    Do not comply with unlawful orders. Demand that your rights be restored, and get out and continue to live your lives. Stop wearing those stupid masks that are cutting off your oxygen supply and do nothing except show the world what a pathetic follower you are.

    1. In case you missed it the RPNM has sued the Nazi dictator bully that has ruined this state! A lot of what you have to say is spot on but don’t think we’re going to voting for any libturds we are voting RED here in SE NM and we are not listening to the unlawful orders and are living our lives as usual. I think you should do the same. Just a thought!

  11. As Americans we need to say it with our vote, send all the career politician Lujans home; socialist agendas and all. Thank you sheriffs for understanding and supporting the US Constitution. Grisham enjoy your seat while you have it, you’ve damaged this state quite enough with your garbage leftist/socialist beliefs!

  12. Alina, you are spot on with your comments.

    Wuhan-Lujan and cousin Ben Ray need to be sent packing.

    Hats off to the NM sheriffs who refuse to enforce her unconstitutional legislation.

  13. The Republican Party of NM along with several business owners have filed suits against the governor. I believe you can find information on the Republican Party of NM website.

  14. Let’s see if MLG and whoever reads this post can follow this simple logic:
    Article VI of the U.S. Constitution clearly dictates: “This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof;… shall be the supreme Law of the Land;…”. New Mexico’s Constitution (Article II, Sec.1) dictates that: “The state of New Mexico is an inseparable part of the federal union, and the constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.”
    Does not the language of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution clearly prohibit government(s), New Mexico’s in in this case, which is bound by the supreme law, from ‘infringing’ upon ‘the right to keep (own) and bear (carry) arm’ which is a fundamental right (re: Heller v. District of Columbia) that binds the states (McDonald v. Chicago) including New Mexico.
    Did MLG along with New Mexico’s Sherriffs swear an oath to defend the U.S. Constitution? All New Mexicans can clearly see just who’s in violation of their oaths by enacting and enforcing statutes that are unconstitutional and therefore “null and void” from their inception (Marbury v. Madison).
    New Mexicans do have recourse against MLG in the form of Title 18, United States Code, Sec. 242 which makes it a federal felony for ANYONE to deprive an American of a right that is secured by the U.S. Constitution. MLG, along with breaking her constitutional oath, is without a doubt, guilty of that federal felony for the act(s) of conspiring to and depriving us of a right that is secured by the U.S. Constitution.

  15. funny thing—–seems like most crime involving firearms takes place in cities with democrat mayors and state governors, and the most stringent gun laws–taking firearms from law abiding citizens doesn’t work to curb crime–check the stats

  16. geez … what a loose cannon. This moron that I did NOT vote for needs to be recalled. 100% LOSER

  17. In 2019, during the fight against the unconstitutional gun control legislation, Senate Bill 8,
    “SB8: Bill Title: Relating to “certain prohibited abortions” and the “treatment and disposition” of a human fetus, human fetal tissue, and embryonic and fetal tissue remains; creating a civil cause of action; imposing a civil penalty; creating criminal offenses.”

    29 out of New Mexico’s 33 sheriffs united against the law, which Lujan Grisham railed against on Twitter. She claimed they were defending domestic abusers and were throwing a “childish pity party” for refusing to enforce the law.

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