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MLG promised New Mexico would be ‘open for business’ in 2018 campaign ad — she lied

During the 2018 campaign for governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham made a lot of promises to the people of New Mexico, and some of those promises are coming back to bite her regarding her response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an August 2018 campaign ad, Lujan Grisham vowed to “promote small businesses and entrepreneurs,” and said “When I’m governor, we’ll be open for business.” 

Lujan Grisham repeated this line in her campaign policy proposals, writing, “we will let industry leaders know that New Mexico is open for business.”

But with the state shut down, 14-day mandatory quarantine for anyone traveling out-of-state, and hundreds of small businesses closing for good, New Mexico does not look anything like the utopia Lujan Grisham promised. New Mexico not only is not “open for business,” it is bleeding for cash, as seen during the 2020 special session, where the Governor’s unsustainable budget was cut due to her irresponsible lack of fiscal responsibility. New Mexico’s largest tourism event, the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, is also cancelled, as well as countless revenue-generating events and opportunities.

Lujan Grisham also fined small businesses, which she supposedly supports according to her campaign ad, with up to $60,000 fines for non-compliance with her strict health orders, in stark opposition to her previous claims of support for such businesses.

Now, New Mexico, the most dependent state on federal dollars, could be being intentionally closed — not because of COVID-19, but because of the huge federal aide being offered for each COVID-19 patient. According to a study from Kaiser Health News, New Mexico is receiving $171,000 per coronavirus patient, which may be a reason Lujan Grisham is locking down the state — a stark violation of her campaign promise. New Mexico remains closed for business thanks to Gov. Lujan Grisham.

Luján uses his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run

On Tuesday, Democrat Rep. Ben Ray Luján (NM-03) revealed a new ad using the narrative of his late father’s cancer battle to promote his U.S. Senate run.

Lujan, who is a supporter of the socialist “Medicare for All” proposal backed by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, used his father, who was an ironworker, to promote his health care plans.

“When my dad was diagnosed with cancer, mom and dad were fortunate to have insurance and good care for him during those trying days for our family,” Luján said in the ad. “That’s why I’ve worked in Congress to expand access to affordable, quality healthcare, and why I’ll bring that fight to the Senate to ensure every New Mexican can receive the affordable medical care they need.”

“I’m Ben Ray Luján. Mom and Dad were lucky to have insurance. To many, a cancer diagnosis means bankruptcy or losing your home,” the ad says.

According to, Luján has not passed a single bill with his name on it into law despite over 11 years serving in the House of Representatives. Now, it appears he is using the image of his well-known late father to boost his image on television commercials for his U.S. Senate run. 

Luján’s father served as the Speaker of the New Mexico House of Representatives from 2002 to 2012. Ben Ray Luján is running against Republican longtime television weatherman Mark Ronchetti for the U.S. Senate seat.

NM Supreme Court once again sides with MLG, allows her to fine businesses $5k

On Tuesday, the far-left New Mexico Supreme Court once again sided against the will of small businesses and restaurants and in favor of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s harsh sanctions on businesses violating her public health orders. The Court ruled that the Governor is allowed to issue costly $5,000 fines to businesses  

The businesses suing, which included some restaurants argued that the $5,000 fines don’t apply to them and that “Public Health Response Act allows for those pricey civil penalties to be issued against hospitals and other healthcare facilities but not for them.” They also argued that the State of New Mexico should owe them compensation for the time they are shut down.

Lujan Grisham has so far fined 16 businesses with $5,000 sanctions. 

Gov. Lujan Grisham’s attorney from her office, Matthew Garcia, argued that “The only tool we have currently to stem transmission of COVID-19 is social distancing, and so we need compliance, we need immediate compliance we can’t say ‘well hopefully you’ll comply eight months down the road’ we need compliance now.” 

The Supreme Court sided with Lujan Grisham on the case, arguing that the New Mexico Legislature meant for $5,000 fines to apply to all businesses and that the State is not liable for compensating businesses while the State has shut them down.

Lujan Grisham responded on Twitter to the Court’s decision, writing, “The state shouldn’t have to fine anybody. Doing the right thing in a crisis shouldn’t be something we have to argue about. But anyone endangering the lives of New Mexicans will face the consequences. My thanks to everyone doing their part every day.”

Dem former Congressman Harry Teague endorses GOP’s Yvette Herrell over fellow Dem Torres Small

On Tuesday, in a crippling blow to Democrat Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, former Rep. Harry Teague (D-NM), who used to represent the 2nd District, endorsed Republican challenger and former state Rep. Yvette Herrell for the race.

“Ultimately, it is time to vote for candidates that will protect and lead New Mexico no matter what their party tells them to do,” Teague said in a statement. “We must vote for candidates that have the interests of New Mexicans first, who will stand up to their party and put their personal ambitions aside for the best interests of New Mexico.”

“New Mexico must have a Congresswoman represent the 2nd Congressional district that knows and appreciates the impact the energy industry has on all New Mexicans,” Teague added.

Teague represented the District from 2009 to 2011, the only Democrat to do so in nearly 30 years. 

Herrell commented on the influential endorsement, saying, “It’s a true honor to have Congressman Teague’s support – I am dedicated to bridging the gaps that divide us!” 

Richard Grenell calls out MLG for being a political hack

On Monday, former acting National Intelligence Director and Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell roasted New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Twitter for her prohibition on in-person campaigning, while applauding Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters and rioters.

Lujan Grisham in her press conference commented on in-person campaigning, saying, “don’t want it, don’t need it. It’s problematic. We are not going to use COVID or anything else to prevent a peaceful protest. But we are not going to allow them to be excuses for political organizing for the sake of a political party or individual getting ready for the election.” 

Grenell characterized Lujan Grisham’s comment as hyper-partisan, writing on Twitter, “They aren’t trying to hide their politicization anymore.”

Ben Ray distances himself from MLG, denies that they are related

On Friday, after U.S. Senate candidate Mark Ronchetti blasted Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and her cousin, Ben Ray Luján for their actions banning in-person campaigning, Ben Ray distances himself from Lujan Grisham, claiming they two are not related.

Luján tweeted, “While I respect my friend, our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham, we’re not cousins. This may come as a surprise to you, but not all Hispanic people with the same last name are related.”

It appears Luján was trying to claim Ronchetti thinks every Hispanic with the last name “Luján” is related for linking the two together. Lujan Grisham also commented from her personal account, writing, “c’mon. do better.”

However, far-left reports claim Luján and Lujan Grisham are related, and Ronchetti hit back at Luján for correcting him but not correcting leftist members of the mainstream media.

Ronchetti wrote, “Do better? Then why didn’t you correct the AP and Washington Post, and multiple NM stories stating same?”

Ben Ray Luján’s move could be him trying to distance himself from Luján Grisham after her unpopular leadership during COVID-19 appears to be tanking, from 64% approval of her response in April, to a 53% approval rating now.

Leftists weaponizing conservative ‘Respect NM’ branding to spread left-wing propaganda

Recently, a new account has appeared on Twitter called “Respect NM Fans,” which is weaponizing the conservative “Respect NM” branding to spread left-wing propaganda. 

The account, which says it was created in July, is utilizing the “Respect NM” campaign’s images, logo and fonts to nefariously trick people into thinking the account is the real thing, but it isn’t. Instead of “Respect New Mexico,” the logo has been slightly changed to “Respect New Mexicans,” and other slight changes. 

Some of the messages promote the use of solar energy, all mail-in elections, expanding welfare, and mandated mask-wearing. 

So, before you share that “Respect NM” meme, make sure it came from the genuine Respect NM account (@RespectNM), and not the leftist campaign Respect NM Fans (@RespectNMFans). Also, it is encouraged to report the account for impersonation.

This is what a genuine Respect New Mexico meme looks like:

AG Balderas sues Lea Sheriff for defying MLG’s mandates

On Thursday, it was reported by the Hobbs News-Sun that Lea County Sheriff Corey Helton and the Lea County Sheriff’s Department had a Writ of Mandamus filed against them by Attorney General Hector Balderas for violating Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s strict public health orders.

The move came after the Sheriff and his deputies had eaten indoors at a local restaurant, which the Governor took issue with, as only outdoor dining at 50% capacity is allowed under her new orders. 

During last week’s COVID-19 press briefing, Lujan Grisham lambasted the Law Enforcers for sticking it to her by eating at a local restaurant. In a post, the Sheriff’s Office wrote, “#heyleacounty ! Do not be alarmed when you see LCSO Deputies enter local restaurants. We’re not there to enforce the Governor’s mandate. We’re there to grab and support our local businesses!”

saying, “For local law enforcement: where you are also — it’s bad enough that you won’t help us cite folks who aren’t wearing masks and organizations and businesses and restaurants following public health orders — if you are violating a public health order, there are civil and criminal tools at our disposal. And local law enforcement — including the sheriffs who have been posting photos of themselves eating returns — should expect to be cited as such and to be held accountable.” 

Balderas’ lawsuit reads, “Despite the spike in new cases, Respondent Corey Helton, the Sheriff of Lea County, and his deputies have requested that restaurants open their facilities in violation of the State’s public health emergency orders. According to television reports, the Sheriff’s Office patronized local restaurants that have opened despite public health orders, and that are operating without a valid food service permit.”

“Therefore, the State, through its Attorney General, petitions the Court for a writ of mandamus, directing Sheriff Helton and LCSO to cease violating the State’s executive and public health emergency orders, including by issuing orders to city businesses that countermand state law,” it continues. 

The suit also lists two local restaurants that have had their food license suspended, and the coordinated effort between the Governor and the Attorney General appears to be a targeted campaign against the people of rural New Mexico — specifically Hobbs. Lujan Grisham berated a Hobbs business in her weekly presser, even going after the workers at the restaurant, claiming they were not wearing masks. “Those workers” in the photo “are not wearing masks. You cannot tell, but I can tell,” she said in a paranoid tone.

Xochitl Torres Small’s radical record cannot hide behind her ‘moderate’ façade

This article originally appeared in the Alamogordo Daily News.

It’s no secret that during her entire time in public life, Xochitl Torres Small rarely, if ever, has answered a question with a straightforward answer, consistently pivoting, deceiving, and even lying to the voters of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

I spoke to Torres Small at one of her carefully-orchestrated events in Deming in August 2019. I posed a straightforward question regarding her refusal to sign onto the bipartisan Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which gives an infant born alive after a failed abortion basic medical care.

I asked her, “if [a] baby survives an abortion, don’t you think it deserves the same standard of medical care [as] any other baby?” Torres Small answered, “That already exists. If a child is born, they have the right to – that exists.”

I pushed back, explaining to her how “in Albuquerque, there was a case that showed that this baby… did survive an abortion, and it was left to die on the table there, and it didn’t get that standard of care that we need to have.” She responded, “The law already exists to protect them. So, I deeply appreciate your advocacy on this issue, and we are in more agreement than we realize.”

But she did not tell me how infants who survive abortions are already protected. Despite being given examples of infanticide in our state where babies have succumbed to the horror of a botched abortion without proper medical care, she refused to acknowledge it.

To make matters worse, Torres Small used to work for Planned Parenthood, which takes the lives of thousands of babies every day and spoke at fundraisers for the organization while in Congress. She called abortion a “life-saving procedure,” and is a member of the “pro-choice caucus,” as well as a co-sponsor of extreme pro-abortion bills.

But Torres Small often says, “let’s work together,” or some iteration of that phrase intended to push difficult issues under the rug. However, Torres Small has proven to us that she says one thing and does another.

For example, despite her gun-toting 2018 campaign ad implying she supports the Second Amendment, she voted for H.R. 8, also known as the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019, the partisan anti-gun “universal background check” bill. Now, Emily Caccamo, an ex-lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s dark money anti-gun group “Everytown” is her new campaign manager.

Torres Small also voted to impeach our duly-elected President, despite President Donald Trump winning the Second District by 10 points in 2016. She supports New Mexico’s version of far-left New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal,” which would eliminate all oil and gas production by 2050 in New Mexico, annihilating lucrative industry in the Second District. Torres Small helped strip away religious liberty by supporting H.R. 5, also known as the Equality Act, which would put men in women’s sports, disadvantaging biological females, enabling sexual assault, and violate First Amendment rights of businesses, charities, and other organizations.

New Mexico’s Second Congressional District has so much potential, from the sprawling forests of the Gila and the Sacramento Mountains to the blinding beauty of White Sands, the towering spires of the Organ Mountains, and the desert prairies alive with diverse wildlife and fertile farmland. However, Torres Small’s corrosive leadership, which has taken the path of partisanship (voting with Nancy Pelosi over 94.5% of the time), is proof that she has no interest in “working together” to solve issues that affect us all. We must take back the Second Congressional District and elect someone who has the people in mind – not Washington, D.C. bureaucrats.

Pro-Trump Congressman Paul Gosar endorses Alexis Martinez Johnson for Congress

On Tuesday, U.S. House of Representatives candidate, Alexis Martinez Johnson, who is running in the Third Congressional District, announced that conservative Republican Representative and Freedom Caucus member Paul Gosar of Arizona has endorsed her run for Congress. 

“Alexis Martinez Johnson is conservative, hardworking, and a patriot. My decision to endorse Alexis Martinez Johnson was an easy one. I know Alexis will be the right person for the job and will work tirelessly for New Mexico and will be an ally for conservatives in the House and President Trump,” wrote Gosar.

Gosar continued, “Elites from the east and west coast want to determine the fate of New Mexico’s elections. I want you to know that Alexis will bring true conservative representation to New Mexico’s 3rd District. Choosing to support Alexis in the General Election will help fight off the elites from the east and west coast.”

“I know a lot of people have said that New Mexico’s 3rd district is too much of a battleground seat. I have personally reviewed Alexis’s strategy for winning and met with her campaign strategists, and she can win…with your help,” wrote Gosar, giving some hope for Republicans to reclaim the District after years of Democrat rule.

Martinez Johnson will face Democrat Teresa Leger de Fernandez, a longtime leftist attorney who worked alongside the Obama Administration. Martinez Johnson is an environmental engineer and mother who says on her website, “I do not come from wealth or privilege, but through hard work I have built a life to be proud of.”

Democrat Teresa Leger de Fernandez’s donations include those of Johnathan Soros, former New MExico Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, former U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman, as well as dark money abortion up-to-birth groups NARAL and EMILY’s List. Over half of Leger De Fernandez’s campaign donations come from out-of-state. 

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