MLG quits munching on taxpayer-funded $200/lb Wagyu steaks just in time for reelection

According to Tripp Stelnicki, scandal-ridden Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s communications director, the Governor is allegedly no longer spending thousands of taxpayer dollars on $200/lb Wagyu beef, fine wine, or imported tuna steaks — just in time for election season.

Stelnicki told the Santa Fe New Mexican, “We don’t need an unnecessary headache and to give Republicans any more bull—- to talk about that they can exaggerate and run ads about and get people on Facebook screaming and making death threats and everything.” 

It is unclear what Stelnicki is referring to with people “making death threats,” which is something never disclosed to the press, but he proved that the Governor is only clamping down on her out-of-touch spending because of election season. If she didn’t get caught in the first place trying to live like royalty in the governor’s mansion, then she would be sipping imported spirits and munching on luxurious Japanese steaks. 

During the time she was feasting on these luxurious items from the comfort of the governor’s mansion, she forced New Mexicans to stand in breadlines in cold weather and wait for hours to buy food and basic goods.

“The last fiscal year spending from the [$96,000] contingency fund represents 0.00002 percent of the state budget,” Stelnicki wrote in a text message to the New Mexican. “It’s for readers to decide whether the scrutiny of this 0.00002 percent of the state budget is proportionate.”

“The Republican pushback was so aggressive and their messaging about it so, I would say, out of step with the context of this amount of money and what it is allowed to be used for, we said, ‘Spending should be significantly reduced,’ ” Stelnicki said.

 “Forget doing the right things for the right reasons, Gov. Lujan Grisham will only halt her misdeeds if voters take notice,” Republican Governor’s Association spokesman Will Reinert said. “New Mexicans deserve a governor who doesn’t direct expletive-filled rants ridiculing the legitimate outrage citizens have about the misuse of taxpayer money to fund her bougie lifestyle.”

The most recent items purchased by Lujan Grisham with taxpayer funds included $50.78 for the two slabs of ribs and $134.56 for a dozen bottles of New Mexico wine. The purported purpose for these was a series of dinners “with former and current office holders … to celebrate the state’s progress towards ending the pandemic and discuss other official business with respect to the state’s recovery,” Stelnicki said. 

The Santa Fe New Mexican further reported:

The bottles of wine weren’t “fancy,” he said.

“These were $11 bottles of wine,” he said. “If you’re drinking a cheaper wine, you’re probably in college.”

One Piñon Post reader responded to the comment, saying that Stelnicki was “Calling NM wine cheap and if you are buying any cheaper wine you are re probably in college. These are local, hard-working New Mexicans and [the Governor] is insulting their product!”

This is definitely not the first time Lujan Grisham has made expensive payments from taxpayer funds or her campaign account. She previously paid $62,500 in hush money to an ex-staffer who alleges she poured water on his crotch area and then groped him. She also spent upwards of $6,000 on hair and makeup payments to her daughter, Erin Grisham, a cosmetologist.


3 thoughts on “MLG quits munching on taxpayer-funded $200/lb Wagyu steaks just in time for reelection”

  1. Didn’t Tripp say the bread lines were a Republican talking point? And then all walks of life were getting injured/sick waiting in line, so she quickly changed the rules? I think it finally hit Msm and she had to change.

    This isn’t a blue or red issue. Dems should be appalled at bad spending too. Why is Tripp always making it seem like the ones who voted for her won’t be ashamed at this spending too?

  2. Well, judging by Gov. Ponsona’s kankles and ever-expanding waistline, she appears to be munching on something and guzzling something…..wheat thins and Miller-lite perhaps?

  3. Tell Tripp he can keep thoughs to himself his time is limited. By the way instead of give away 5000000 million in a lottery give the money to belen to fix its ditching so the flood stop .belen is under water. Mlg won’t do that she didn’t even want us to have a hospital.

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