Liberal paper uses Independence Day to bash the GOP, spread fringe conspiracy theories

In an unAmerican move of division and radicalism, the far-left Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board took the Independence Day holiday (meant to celebrate our Nation’s independence from a tyrannical monarchy) to bash the Republican Party and to sew further division into the political waters.

The board, which is still fixated on the January 6 incursion of the U.S. Capitol (which has now proven to be spearheaded by ANTIFA/Black Lives Matter terrorists and others leading patriots astray), claims the protesters who made it into the Capitol were “fueled by lies alleging a stolen election” and that they “desecrated” the building. 

However, crickets could be heard from the elitist New Mexican editorial board during the disgraceful George Floyd riots of 2020, where domestic terrorists burned down minority communities and caused billions — YES  BILLIONS — worth of damage to already struggling neighborhoods. 

The editorial board writes, “A republic demands the rule of law,” but they ignored the damage done by these violent ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter terrorists ravaging communities. However, somehow, the only people who could ever be at fault are supporters of President Donald J. Trump, a president who rebuilt our nation from the ground up after decades of warmongers and socialists occupying the White House and destroying our nation’s standing in the world. 

“The actions of GOP leaders in failing to confront the dangers of Trumpism have been and remain shameful,” wrote the New Mexican. They also erroneously claim the Republican Party seeks to “restrict the right to vote” while blatantly ignoring the massive election fraud that happened across the country and happened right here in New Mexico.

Because election integrity in any form (even purging dead voters from the rolls and ensuring one person, one vote) is somehow now labeled “voter suppression” from the ivory towers of the Santa Fe New Mexican. And God forbid if someone dares support President Trump — they must be “shameful.”

The board lamented the fact that Joe Biden’s radical anti-election integrity bill (H.R.1) has not been rammed through Congress, and it whined about the Supreme Court upholding Arizona election integrity laws that ban ballot harvesters — such as New Mexico’s very own Democrat Pamelya Herndon (who was appointed to the Legislature last month) — from stealing citizens’ votes. 

On the Fourth of July — a day to celebrate our country’s unity and majesty, it is a desecration of our great nation that the Santa Fe New Mexican is taking this shining opportunity not to bring people together — but to tear s further apart by spreading lies and debunked conspiracy theories.

God bless our beautiful country and the state we are proud to call home. Happy Fourth of July from the Piñon Post!


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