Third Republican, financier Greg Zanetti, jumps into NM governor’s race

On Monday, Republican Greg Zanetti of Albuquerque announced his candidacy for governor of New Mexico, being the third to throw his hat in the ring after Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block and businesswoman Karen Bedonie.

According to an interview with Bob Clark of KKOB, Greg Zanetti, an Army National Guard veteran, announced his candidacy for the governorship of New Mexico. Zanetti previously announced his intention to run for the 2010 governor’s race but ended up leaving the race to take a job with Bill Gates in Washington state.

According to his business, Zanetti Financial, “Greg was offered a job managing assets for Bill Gates. Thus, Greg and his family moved to Washington State in 2009. Greg managed money for both Bill Gates and Randy Talbot (the former CEO of Symetra) until 2016.”

On Zanetti’s campaign website, he claims to be a “pragmatic conservative” and veteran who graduated from West Point and Boston College, and his wife, Teresa, graduated from Harvard University. 

Zanetti has focused his campaign against current embattled Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s harsh COVID-19 lockdowns, cutting the tax burden for New Mexicans, and creating what he calls a “kids first mentality.” 

On crime, Zanetti’s position is vague, however, he says “We must also get the crisis on our southern border under control. New Mexico was built by immigrants, and we all love our rich culture.  But it is too easy for those wanting to hurt New Mexicans to illegally cross our borders.   The result is people don’t feel safe in our cities.  And the damage done to our farmers and ranchers in rural New Mexico has been ignored for far too long.”


17 thoughts on “Third Republican, financier Greg Zanetti, jumps into NM governor’s race”

  1. Another win for MLG!! Does he even live in NM? He’s worked in Washington state, so he can bring more Communism to NM! Way to GO GOP!

    1. Hold on there two cents….. Greg is actually a native of NM and graduated from Valley HS……. He loves NM.
      You can give your “win” to MLG, or do your own research

      1. I think you better do your research and what he did in 2020 to Trump. America First is Trumps saying! Make America Great Again and Again!

    2. Wrong. Zanetti is a true conservative who can turn this state around. I have known him personally and can attest to his integrity. MLG has been a wreck for NM.

  2. Zanetti is a great candidate. Conservative, financially responsible, and was a great leader in the National Guard.

  3. RP
    Greg is an exceptional candidate for governor of New Mexico. A West Point graduate, he achieved the rank of General while serving in the military. He knows a great deal about “borders’, and the need and method(s) to secure our southern borders. He is super smart, a kind man of good will, and frankly, would be a huge improvement over the current governor. He would also be a fabulous steward of our state’s resources, given his extensive knowledge of financial matters. Frankly, we are unbelievably lucky to have a person of Greg’s experience, encyclopedic knowledge, caliber and kindness to lead our state.

    1. Thank you for your great report. I only hope that Steve Pierce stays out of the race. I can’t believe that the old Republican quard can possibly consider anyone other than Zanetti

    1. I’m a conservative and I will definitely vote for him. Greg is orders of magnitude better than any other candidate out there. I have listened to him many times on radio 1600 am and am very impressed with his views. competency, and fiscal conservatism. Actually working for Gates to manage his money is a big plus., i.e. he knows how to manage a large investment portfolio.

  4. Be sure to add Greg’s candidacy to all of MLG’s FB posts since Google (I understand) has removed Greg’s postings.. In her face NM!
    DP Albuq. NM

  5. Worked for Gates? No way – buy the way Dec 8, 2020New Mexico: Dominion received $52 million from the state government.

    Dominion’s Democracy Suite system was chosen for statewide implementation in New Mexico in 2013, the first year it was rejected by the state of Texas.

    When I voted this month the manager at the voting center on Coors confirmed they were connected to the Internet.

    1. Yep. When I voted in Rio Rancho, I asked them if they were Dom inion machines and was met with silence. That says it all. When I expressed my concern that my vote might just be changed, I got the pat answer: Nothings been proven. Yea right. Also, I wouldn’t trust anyone that worked for Bill Gates Mr. Woke himself. My vote will be going to another Republican candidate as I figure this guy is a RINO.

  6. he claims to be a “pragmatic conservative”. I am looking for a principled conservative. Pragmatism got us into the mess that this state and country are in. I will be voting in the general election for whoever the republican is, even if I have to hold my nose while doing it. In the primary, I will be voting for a republican with conservative and constitutional principles that they live by and don’t merely give lip service to.

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