Fourth Republican, ex-Gary Johnson staffer Tim Walsh, running for governor

On Wednesday, Tim Walsh of Albuquerque announced his candidacy for governor, making him the fourth Republican candidate after Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block of Rio Rancho, businesswoman Karen Bedonie of Mexican Springs, and financier Greg Zanetti of Albuquerque to declare his candidacy.

According to the Albuquerque Journal, Walsh “previously worked as an education adviser to former Gov. Gary Johnson and described himself as cut from the same political cloth as the ex-governor.” 

Gary Johnson is a Republican-turned Libertarian who believes in policies like unregulated abortions on-demand and opposing the free speech Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC

Walsh says he wants to dismantle the State’s pension system and replace it with a 401(k) model, as well as decommission the Rail Runner commuter train. 

The Journal reports, “A North Dakota native, Walsh has worked for the Mayo Clinic’s business office and as a city councilor in Minnesota.” 

“‘I’d like to see this state grow in a positive manner,’ said Walsh, who added his Cabinet would include a mix of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and independents.” 

“I’m not an insider,” Walsh said. “I’m not a (political) party individual.”

Incumbent scandal-ridden Democrat Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is seeking a second term after a rocky tenure, where she repeatedly skirted her own rules and forced the Legislature to ram through extremist legislation, paid off $62,500 to an ex-staffer who she was accused of groping, among countless other controversies.


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