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Teresa Leger Fernandez added to NRCC’s 2022 target list

On Wednesday, following sweeping Republican victories nationwide, everywhere from Buffalo, New York, to Virginia, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has listed 13 new names on its target list for 2022, including New Mexico’s Third District, represented by first-term Democrat Rep. Teresa Leger Fernandez.

“In a cycle like this, no Democrat is safe,” said NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer (R-Minn.). “Voters are rejecting Democrat policies that have caused massive price increases, opened our borders and spurred a nationwide crime wave.”

Due to redistricting, which may result in Leger Fernandez’s district shifting from solid blue to light blue, with the right candidate, she could be kicked out of office in the midterms, especially with help from the NRCC and national figures.

Also included on the target list are Reps. Greg Stanton, (D-AZ), Ed Perlmutter (D-CO), Joe Courtney (D-CT), Darren Soto (D-FL), Sanford Bishop (D-GA), Frank Mrvan (D-IN), David Trone (D-MD), G.K. Butterfield (D-NC), Annie Kuster (D-NH), Madeleine Dean (D-PA), Jim Cooper (D-TN), and Jennifer Wexton (D-VA).

“Democrats should immediately abandon their $3.5 trillion reckless tax and spending spree. Last night made it crystal clear that the American people are rejecting Democrats’ radical socialist agenda,” said NRCC spokesman Mike Berg

.The red wave in the 2021 elections, including in New Mexico with many GOP pickups, Republicans are likely to score many more victories in New Mexico and nationwide, including in the 3rd Congressional District, which covers northern New Mexico.

The news comes also as Leger Fernandez has been raising cash to help Texas women get abortions in New Mexico. Many New Mexicans are pro-life, especially in the Third District, which has many pro-life Catholic communities.

GOP makes sweeping gains in local NM elections, MLG-endorsed candidates crushed

On Tuesday, voters of New Mexico came out to the polls as a referendum on the far-left, taking control of local school board, city council and commission, mayoral, judicial, and other offices, while defeating extreme bond issues.

In Albuquerque, massive gains were made at the current 6-3 Democrat City Council and APS Board, with leftist Michelle Lujan Grisham-endorsed Councilor Lan Sena being defeated by conservative Democrat Louie Sanchez. (not the same Louie Sanchez running as a Republican for governor). Lujan Grisham-endorsed Cynthia Borrego, who currently is the councilor for District 5 was defeated by Dan Lewis, a former city councilor, flipping that seat conservative. Two conservatives are facing runoff elections in Districts 7 and 9, with Lori Robertson and Renee Grout giving citizens an opportunity for a change of power on the City Council.

Conservative Chrystal Tapia-Romero crushed her opponents to become the new school board member for District 5 with 53% of the vote. Conservative Courtney Jackson led her opponents in District 7 with 48% of the vote. Conservative Danielle Marie Gonzales led Planned Parenthood-endorsed Jinx Baskerville 42% to 39%. 

Embattled Democrat Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller won a sizeable victory, which will not require a runoff election, as his two challengers from the right split up the conservative vote — handing a win to Keller. 

The gross receipts tax bond in Albuquerque for a $50,000,000 taxpayer-funded soccer stadium crashed and burned, with 65% of voters resoundingly rejecting the measure, another win in the city.  

Michelle Lujan Grisham’s endorsed candidate for mayor of Aztec, Victor Snover, was soundly defeated, with Colby King defeating Snover 68% to 21%, and another candidate, Joe Hubbard garnering 11%. 

In Alamogordo, extreme far-left mayoral candidate Nadia Sikes was defeated by conservative Susan Payne by a margin of 64% to Sikes’ 36%. Alamogordo School Board Member Angie Cadwallader won a decisive reelection victory, with 74% of the vote share. 

In deep-blue Santa Fe, conservative Lee Garcia won a shocking victory, ousting incumbent liberal City Councilor Roman Abeyta, taking a commanding 53% lead over the incumbent. 

In Lovington, conservatives won both school board races by a landslide, with conservative Andrea Lynn Gonzales winning 79% of the vote in District 4 and Bradley Bishop winning 81% of the vote in District 5.

These along with other wins across the state are showing a growing conservative momentum on the horizon for the 2022 election, with scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on the ballot and the New Mexico House of Representatives ripe for Republicans to flip. On Wednesday, Lujan Grisham sent out a fundraising ask on her social media, admitting the defeat of many of her candidates. She wrote, “Last night taught us one thing. We can’t take anything for granted and the road to 2022 starts now.”

Nationwide, places like Virginia saw a red wave, with Republican Glenn Youngkin clinching the governorship in the state, with Republican Winsom Sears winning the lieutenant governorship, and Jason Miyares winning the attorney general race. Republicans also took back Virginia’s House of Delegates. In deep-blue New Jersey, Republican Jack Ciattarelli could win the governorship from incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy, with the race still close to call.

Dems ram through near-total firearm ban at the Roundhouse during closed-door meeting

On Monday, the Legislative Council, made up of majority Democrat members of the New Mexico House and the Senate, voted for a near-total ban of guns at the Roundhouse.

According to the Legislative Council’s Raúl Burciaga, the new policy will take effect on December 6, the opening of the special session to approve redistricting maps.

During the meeting, Republicans’ questions went unanswered about the policy while Democrats attempted to ram it through without debate. 

That led Republicans to ask each other questions about the proposed policy and attempt to add amendments to it.

On only one of their amendments regarding “permittees” to have an ability to carry concealed in the Roundhouse, for bipartisan support from Sen. George Muñoz (D-Gallup), although the amendment still died on a vote of 7-6.

“I think your idea of capitol security is valid and we should address it, but we should not address it in this matter,” Rep. James Townsend said. “We should do it with forethought and it should be for capitol security, not for someone to take a shot at the Second Amendment.”

“The New Mexico State Capitol is the people’s building and we should have the right to bear arms and have weapons to protect ourselves,” Rep. Rebecca Dow said. “It’s just another example of the people in power having no understanding of the Constitution, no regard to our process, or any understanding of what the everyday New Mexican does and lives and believes.”

At one point, Speaker Brian Egolf (D-Santa Fe) attempted to claim he supports Second Amendment rights, while Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe) agreed, although they supported the radical anti-gun measure to strip most guns from law-abiding citizens and legislators. 

Then, Egolf claimed “no rights are absolute,” in a strange tangent. 

The policy will also add metal detectors and other measures to the Capitol’s security plan, in the apparent attempt at quelling First Amendment rights and keeping conservatives from the premises of the Roundhouse, despite New Mexico not having gun issues whatsoever in previous sessions.

After the Legislative Council service rammed the policy through in the closed-door process with absolutely no public comment, anti-police Rep. Liz Thomson (D-Bernalillo), who does not sit on the committee, retweeted a post about police officers retiring in New York, which read, “Something good came out of” the pandemic.

Rep Stefani Lord (R-Tijeras) wrote following the vote, “And just like that…. You just lost your Second Amendment right to carry a firearm in the roundhouse, even with a concealed carry permit.”

Read more about the policy here.

Leftist editorial board blasts NM parents’ concerns over CRT as ‘fake outrage’

On Monday, the Santa Fe New Mexican editorial board blasted New Mexico parents seeking to have a seat at the table regarding their children’s education, invoking the nail-biter gubernatorial election in Virginia, which has kept parental rights at the forefront.

The editorial board noted how the Republican nominee, Glenn Youngkin, featured a mother in his television ad who did not want her son to be forced to read a graphic book called “Beloved.” But the New Mexican board defended the book, writing, “It is a challenging book that describes the realities of slavery, but nothing beyond what an AP class can handle.” 

According to parents who read the book, it “contains incest, rape, pedophilia, graphic sex, extreme violence, sexual abuse, physical/emotional abuse, infanticide, and an extensive amount of profanity including lots of the F word.” 

But the New Mexican board claims Youngkin’s focus on parents after his Democrat opponent, Terry McAuliffe said parents should not tell schools what to teach, is just the GOP using education as a “wedge issue.” 

“From mobs opposing mask mandates in schools to irate crowds demanding ‘critical race theory’ not be taught, the goal is to make and keep parents angry. There is not a critical race theory curriculum in K-12 education. There is, however, a greater willingness to tackle tough subjects and teach fact instead of myth,” claims the board.

“In New Mexico, where we thankfully have been spared much of this fake outrage, the proposed new social studies standards are being attacked as part of a so-called liberal indoctrination of students. One victim of a concerted campaign against the standards is an in-person hearing,” added the editorial board. 

“Fake outrage” is now apparently what liberals are calling pleas from truly concerned parents, guardians, and community members who want to have a seat at the table regarding their child’s education. 

Regarding New Mexico’s proposed updated standards to the social studies curriculum released by embattled alleged sexual predator Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s administration, Critical Race Theory and other extreme anti-American measures are being proposed. A hearing will take place on November 12, but concerned community members are encouraged to reach out to the New Mexico Public Education Department (NMPED). Find out more on the NMPED website.

Read more about what specifically is being proposed in the NMPED curriculum here

Lujan Grisham, admin. officials jet off to Scotland while NM suffers through multiple crises

On Monday, scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted from Scotland of her participation in the globalist “climate change” summit being held in Glasgow, which is features elites from other countries who no doubt flew there in CO2-consuming jets, just like the embattled Governor.

Lujan Grisham wrote on Twitter, “I’m honored to be at @COP26 this week, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, representing New Mexico and the work we’ve done to achieve climate solutions on the world stage.”

“I am so proud of the work we have done in under three years, including nationally leading emissions reductions rules for the oil and gas industry, requiring 100% clean electricity by 2045, implementing new energy-efficient building codes, and so much more.” This is referring to Lujan Grisham’s Green New Deal, also known as the“Energy Transition Act,” which aims to completely wipe out the oil and gas industry by 2045.

Lujan Grisham added, “But I know that we – as a state, as a nation, as a planet – must go further by pursuing bold, equitable and just climate solutions. I am looking forward to this significant opportunity for collaboration and action at the global level.”

The Governor then wrote that she would be having talks with billionaire Mike Bloomberg, a failed Democrat presidential candidate, and Joe Biden’s “climate advisor” Gina McCarthy. 

It is unclear why the Governor must travel thousands of miles on the taxpayers’ dime to wine and dine with other elitists over a supposed “climate crisis,” while many Americans are still forced to communicate with their global colleagues over Zoom meetings in the supposed attempt to “stop the spread” of the Chinese-born virus.

New Mexico Environment Department Sec. James Kenney also joined Lujan Grisham, writing on Twitter that he had “just landed” in Glasgow for the event.

But many New Mexicans were not exactly thrilled with the Governor’s climate excursion, or with the purpose of the event. 

Lujan Grisham’s attendance at the elite event comes as multiple crises are exploding in New Mexico, including a crime epidemic in Albuquerque, one of the highest positive virus testing rates in the nation, one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, and a pivotal November 2 municipal election right around the corner. The Governor’s extreme pandemic orders still remain in place, including forcibly masking children at school and requiring masks at all times indoors, except when eating or drinking.

She joins other far-left elected leaders at the summit, including her campaign donor, Democrat Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who gave $20,800 to her reelection campaign.

It now appears that Lt. Gov. Howie Morales is in charge as Lujan Grisham has fled the country.

Poll that interviewed 536 people says most ABQ voters back authoritarian ‘vaccine’ mandates

According to an Albuquerque Journal poll done by pollster Brian Sanderoff, most Albuquerque voters support authoritarian“vaccine” mandates. “Do you support or oppose a mandate that requires employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19 or be tested weekly if not vaccinated?” the poll asked.

“Overall, 63% of voters surveyed said they support COVID-19 vaccine mandates, while 32% expressed opposition. The remaining respondents were unsure or had mixed feelings,” the Journal writes. The “unsure” category was about 1%, while those that answered “it depends” made up 4%. 

“By party affiliation, 85% of registered Democrats said they supported requiring employees to be vaccinated, while just 10% said they were opposed. In contrast, 29% of registered Republican voters said they supported the vaccine requirements and 69% expressed opposition,” the report noted.

In another question, the poll asked on a five-point scale how safe Albuquerque voters felt doing activities. Over 60% responded they felt very safe or safe going to large outdoor events, 61% said they feel very safe or safe dining at indoor restaurants, with 45% saying they felt very safe or safe at indoor entertainment venues, with 21% saying it felt moderate, and 32% saying it felt unsafe or very unsafe.

The poll, which was conducted from October 15 through the 21st “is based on a scientific, citywide sample of 536 likely regular local election voters, including those who voted in the 2017 and/or 2019 local elections, and a small sample of newly registered voters likely to vote in 2021.”

The poll comes out ahead of the Nov. 2 election, where the control of the Albuquerque City Council and mayorship will be in the hands of voters. Incumbent Mayor Tim Keller is a proponent of extreme mask and vaccine mandates, while both of his challengers are not. 

Lujan Grisham admin. to begin jabbing kids with COVID injection as early as next week

On Saturday, it was reported that once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives the state the go-ahead, New Mexico will begin jabbing kids 5-11 with the COVID-19 injection, despite it having multiple serious side effects, some leading to death. 

“The state Department of Health expects to have 60,000 doses for kids ready to go out to pharmacies and doctors as soon as the authorization process is complete. Kids would need to wait 21 days after a first dose to receive the second shot,” according to the Santa Fe New Mexican.

“There are still multiple steps involved here,” Department of Health spokesman David Morgan said. “We expect to be able to start vaccinating kids next week sometime. … Once we get the CDC go-ahead, it’s historically a quick turnaround.”

Leftist Santa Fe Public Schools superintendent Hilario “Larry” Chavez said, “I think, first and foremost, this has the potential to save additional lives.” He added, “Not just for the age group of 12 and under but also adults.”

State Public Education Department spokeswoman Judy Robinson called the jab for kids as young as 5 a “game-changer.”

Despite children 5-11 only being 6% of positive COVID-19 cases, only 1% of kids with the virus requiring hospitalization, and a 99.997% survival rate, the state is pushing inoculation of kids. 

There have been more deaths reported in VAERS after COVID-19 vaccination than there have been deaths reported from all other vaccines combined for a period of 15 years, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

According to the National Vaccine Information Center, many previously healthy 13-year-olds died after taking the jab due to heart problems. “Two fifteen-year-olds who died after COVID-19 vaccination both died of heart failure (VAERS ID 1187918 and 1242573) [6, 7]. A 16-year-old who died after COVID-19 vaccination (VAERS ID 1225942) had a pulmonary embolism (blot clots in the lungs),” reports Asking Healthy Questions.

As for children 5-11, the negative effects of the COVID-19 inoculation are not yet known.

Dems propose near-total firearm ban at NM Capitol, including for public, legislators

The New Mexico Legislative Council Service’s draft policy seeks for a total ban on all firearms at the New Mexico Capitol for the upcoming legislative sessions, according to draft policies obtained by the Piñon Post.

The draft policies read, “All firearms, including concealed handguns, explosives or other dangerous weapons, are prohibited inside of the capitol, capitol north and Walter K. Martinez memorial walkway, with the exception of firearms carried by: (1) certified law enforcement officers engaged in the normal discharge of their duties; (2) uniformed armed services or military personnel engaged in the normal discharge of their duties; and (3) individuals with written permission from the speaker of the house of representatives or president pro tempore of the senate.”

Also written in the policy is that “All entrants to the capitol, capitol north and Walter K. Martinez memorial walkway are subject to screening for prohibited items. C. Anyone in violation of this policy is subject to removal from the capitol complex.”

The new policy appears to be a direct attack on New Mexicans who are utilizing their Second Amendment rights for self-defense. It bans citizens and legislators from protecting themselves while subjecting them to extreme screenings. It is unclear what expense the taxpayers will be forced to shell out for these increased “security” measures. 

According to sources close to the situation, the policy was discussed with the “Facilities Management Committee” on Thursday, which is composed of majority and minority leaders of both houses. 

One source contends that Senate Democrat Leader Peter Wirth claims the new policy is due to “the trauma people have lived through” because of the January 6 incursion of the U.S. Capitol.

The same pretext was used to keep the public out of the 2021 Legislative Session, where many radical bills were rammed through, with the public unable to get into the then-“People’s House.” At the time, an abortion up-to-birth bill was passed, a bill lining civil rights attorneys’ pockets while stripping qualified immunity for law enforcement, assisted suicide via lethal drugs, among other extreme left-wing measures. 

According to the National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA):

Executive session means this decision about your ability to protect yourself at the people’s state capitol building would take place behind closed doors without public input, participation or legislation. The next legislative session hasn’t even started and your Second Amendment rights are already under attack!

Executive session means this decision about your ability to protect yourself at the people’s state capitol building would take place behind closed doors without public input, participation or legislation. The next legislative session hasn’t even started and your Second Amendment rights are already under attack!

Please contact these legislative leaders and state lawmakers who serve on Legislative Council and tell them you strongly oppose this move!

Speaker Brian Egolf (D-HD 47)

Senate President Pro Tempore Mimi Stewart (D-SD 17)
Contact Sen. Mimi Stewart

Senate Majority Leader Peter Wirth (D-SD 25)

Committee members (click on names for contact information):
Interim Committee – New Mexico Legislature (

Republican House Leader Jim Townsend released the following statement:

It is unacceptable for an interim committee such as Legislative Council to make a decision that affects not just every legislator, but every resident of this state. This body has already given up its authority when it comes to the Legislature appropriating funds, now it is potentially going to infringe on the constitutional rights of every New Mexican, and bypassing duly elected legislators to do so.

GOP governor candidate Zanetti launches new digital campaign: ‘General or Weatherman?’

On Thursday, it was announced that retired U.S. Army Brigadier Gen. Greg Zanetti, who is running as a Republican for New Mexico governor, was launching a new digital campaign about his experience for the job compared to rival candidate Mark Ronchetti, a former weatherman, who just jumped into the race.

The campaign is focused on a newly launched video called “General or Weatherman?” The ad states that “These are serious times that need serious conservative leadership.” The ad goes on, with a narrator saying, “General Zanetti served our country and kept us safe, then he built a successful business right here in New Mexico.”

The ad continues, “Mark Ronchetti spent his career as a weatherman. He has no executive or business experience. In these serious times, who can New Mexicans really trust to move our state forward?”


“There is a clear contrast between Republican candidates for governor of New Mexico and our new digital campaign highlights that fact,” said Greg Zanetti. 

“I like Mark Ronchetti and I voted for him for U.S. Senate in 2020, but this is an executive job that requires executive experience. With a crisis at the border, a struggling economy, rising crime and a failing education system, New Mexicans cannot afford to elect a governor without any business, financial or executive understanding who would need on-the-job training, much like our current governor. Experience matters and voters ought to ask themselves, ‘Who can New Mexico Republicans really trust to move our state forward, a weatherman or a general?’”

Whoever becomes the nominee will face off against scandal-ridden incumbent Democrat Gov. Lujan Grisham in the general election. Other Republican candidates in the race include businesswoman Karen Bedonie, Sandoval County Commissioner Jay Block, state Rep. Rebecca Dow, Right to Life of New Mexico executive director Ethel Maharg, businessman Louie Sanchez, and former Gary Johnson staffer Tim Walsh Note: These candidates have been listed in alphabetical order.

As Cuomo gets charged for groping aide, NM AG silent on MLG groping claims

On Thursday, disgraced former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) was charged with groping his staffer, according to reports by The Daily Mail

According to the report, Cuomo is being charged with a Class A misdemeanor for “forcible touching.” 

“The charges were filed on Thursday in Albany City Court, before sheriffs had received the permission of the victim – Brittany Commisso – to do so,” wrote The Daily Mail

“As this is a sex crime, a redacted complaint will be available shortly,” Lucian Chalfen, a spokesman for New York State courts, told The Washington Post.   

Now, as action is being taken against Cuomo for his alleged groping of staffers, there is silence emanating from the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office regarding scandal-ridden alleged serial groper Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham. Attorney General Balderas — a Michelle Lujan Grisham ally — has not filed charges or sought an investigation.

Grisham not only is accused of groping multiple men, but she also paid off $150,000 in hush money to alleged groping victim James Hallinan following his claims that she poured a bottle of water over his crotch and then she grabbed his penis through his jeans. 

Another man, Eddie Dehart, spoke out about an eerily similar incident in 2018 that happened to him in 2005, where Lujan Grisham allegedly groped his crotch and said to Dehart’s girlfriend,  “you have a man here.”

The Piñon Post has called for Lujan Grisham to resign in disgrace, as her incidents not only have allegations — they have a paper trail showing an apparent covering-up of abuse.

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